Everything Will Be OK – E04

Jingook and Jung-Eun try their best to get Kayoon’s approval for their relation. Kayoon approves in the knick of time since Jingook’s mother approves as soon as she sees Mansoo’s restaurant. Meanwhile, Hyunjoon does not lose any time and asks Kayoon to officially date him.



Kayoon runs into Ki-Chan who brushes her off as he’s busy. He curses that Hyunjoon is not picking up and then orders the recipient to come out. Jingook comes out and gets punched in Hyunjoon’s stead before Jingook can explain that it’s not his phone.

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Jingook quickly deflates and apologizes. He goes back in time to see Heejung get into a cab.

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Meanwhile, Kayoon returns to see Jung-Eun and Jingook together. Jung-Eun announces that she would give up if Kayoon refuses to approve of the relationship… And then breaks down crying. Kayoon awkwardly tells her sister that they can continue the discussion later unable to continue in the face of her sister crying. After a couple of pointed glares from Jingook, Kayoon relents and let’s Jingook walk her sister home.

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She runs into Ki-Chan again and asks how the problem with the photographer went. Ki-Chan gruffly answers that it worked out and Kayoon pulls him to a pojang macha for a drink.

They talk about their dreams and Kayoon declares that she lives for her sister. Then food arrives and Ki-Chan again sighs that he can’t eat because he’s building his body for the one moment when he’s on a runway with everyone’s eyes on him.

Kayoon wonders in amazement as she still hasn’t found her dream. Ki-Chan warns her that she has to find the right dream; one that makes her heart pound. After more drinking, Ki-Chan hails a cab for her and Kayoon leaves with the final offer of being his manager.

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The next day, Ki-Chan wakes his sister up with soup for her hangover, which he seasons with ramen powder. Hah! As Heejung slurps, Ki-Chan turns to his steamed chicken breast with sarcastic joy…


Heejung returns to school to find Hyunjoon waiting for her. Hyunjoon tells her that he’s only here to show her that he can retaliate as well; if she continues, he will tell the professor so that she loses her scholarship. He adds that he’s his father’s son; he can easily turn into a jerk who’s sole purpose is to make her life miserable.

Meanwhile, Kayoon walks out hungover to find her sister on a silent strike. Jung-Eun leaves with the announcement that she’s going off with Jingook.

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Left alone, Mansoo threatens to tell Jung-Eun how Kayoon thought Jingook liked her if Kayoon doesn’t come work for him. Kayoon responds with the declaration that what’s embarrassing for her embarrasses him as well. She dares him to tell.

The cute father daughter bickering continues until Kayoon snaps that she will just get married because she can! Mansoo pokes back that Kayoon doesn’t have a man… But, Hyunjoon shows up with flowers. He humors the father/daughter duo by offering to propose with the bouquet until Kayoon runs into the kitchen in embarrassment.


Afterwards, Hyunjoon tells Kayoon that he wants to start a business with her idea. Kayoon volunteers to help. Hyunjoon declines saying he will compensate her for her idea but he doesn’t want to work with her.

Just as Kayoon accuses Hyunjoon of being a chauvinist, Hyunjoon pulls out his bouquet and tells her that he doesn’t want to mix love and work; he likes her.

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At the same time, Ki-Chan walks the runway for an audition. The photographer holds a grudge and kicks out Ki-Chan’s whole team. Ki-Chan goes into damage control mode and treats the photographer’s aid to meat and beer!


Jingook’s mother gets a friend to look into Mansoo’s background and then goes to check out Mansoo’s restaurant for herself. Luckily for Jung-Eun, Mansoo has called Jingook in for grilling. Jingook asks Mansoo’s permission to go study about with Jung-Eun and Mansoo answers that he won’t approve if Kayoon does not approve. Jingook tries to reason with Mansoo that Kayoon is just jealous but Mansoo cuts him off. He tells Jingook that Kayoon is like a mother to Jung-Eun.

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Hearing Jingook’s mother awkwardly brag to her friend about Jung-Eun, Jung-Eun gets up and introduces herself. Jingook runs out with Mansoo as well thanks to a text from Jung-Eun. Jingook’s mom hands over her card and starts to brag about all of her accomplishments so Jingook summarizes that his mother runs a hanbok shop. She has a meal with Mansoo and Jung-Eun.


After the meal, the Geum family seeks Jingook and his mother out. At the door, the mother smoothly notes that they need to meet up for the official parental meeting next since the kids have to get married before going to study abroad. Mansoo, Jung-Eun and even Jingook look up in surprise.

Jung-Eun tells her sister and home and Kayoon sighs her acquiescence.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan successfully achieved his goal. After five servings of meat and some beer, the assistant agrees to let Ki-Chan’s team audition without Ki-Chan…with the added condition that Ki-Chan introduces him to the daughter of Chef Geum (thinking that it’s the daughter of the Manager).

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As Ki-Chan walks off, he gets a call from his father. Dae-Ho tells his son to go to Mansoo and ask for $50,000 stating his name. When Ki-Chan answers that the two are living well of enough without the help of other people, Dae-Ho warns his son that people might visit the house for money as he lost a bet in prison.

Just as he says it, loan sharks attack the house and take the account books that Heejung and Ki-Chan have been saving up. By the time that Ki-Chan gets home, the loan sharks have taken off with the account books and Heejung is unconscious on the ground.

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Ki-Chan takes Heejung to the hospital where she gets some IV fluid and then leaves. The doctor suggests that she gets some tests just in case but Heejung declines as she always has stomach problems. She gets up and then pauses…falling back down.


This episode really painted Heejung in a good light as well.  While I can’t excuse her gold-digging actions, she is obviously trying her best.  (The loan sharks managed to find like four different account books!)  It was horrible to find out that even though Heejung was working so hard to save up money for tuition as she lost her scholarship that her father would ruin her chances from prison!  Plus, is it me or is Heejung prettier than Kayoon?

Jingook’s mother’s surprisingly increased role makes me think that we’re going to see some mother-in-law/daughter-in-law dynamics in this show as well.  I think this subplot could be pretty hilarious because Jung-Eun has been raised as a princess by her father and sister due to her health.  She’s sweet but a bit slow on picking up nuances.  On the other hand, Jingook’s mother looks like the type who beats around the bush instead of saying things directly.  For some reason, I don’t think that tactic is going to work with Jung-Eun ^^;;;

Finally, OMG, is Heejung pregnant?  In episode 4/5?! Woa, there where is this drama rushing off to?

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