Everything Will Be Ok – E05

Hyunjoon starts to date Kayoon but Heejung finds out that she’s pregnant.


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Ki-Chan goes to see Mansoo and introduces himself as Kang Dae-Ho’s son.  He explains that Dae-Ho is currently in prison and seemed happy to hear that Ki-Chan found Dae-Ho’s friend.  He also notes that his father told him that Dae-Ho would give them some money if he went to Mansoo.

Mansoo cuts Ki-Chan off and tells him that he has no interest in giving Ki-Chan money.  Mansoo even angrily notes that a healthy young man should not be begging for $3,000; he should be able to make that kind of money himself.  Mansoo even notes pettily that you introduce an adult’s name by identifying each character in one’s name instead of just saying the name…as if questioning how Mansoo raised his son.  Ki-Chan takes affront at this and answers that it was not his father’s raising of him but his own fault for being stupid.  Standing up he leaves.

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In the interim, Heejung sees that the pregnancy test comes positive and starts crying.

While Hyunjoon calls Kayoon and plans their date, Dongsook goes to gossip with Kayoon about Ki-Chan.  She sighs that it’s hard for someone to ask money – especially if it’s such a small amount.  She wonders how Mansoo could be so mean to someone asking for such a small amount.

As Ki-Chan heartily works at his part time job, Jingook yells at his mother who plans on asking Jung-Eun to pay for Jingook’s studying abroad fees. Jingook asks his mother why she’s being so cheap when she has money and she answers that whatever she saves will be his.

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After Jingook leaves for school, his mother calls Jung-Eun to invite her over.  Nervously, Jung-Eun and Kayoon go to the mall to look for gifts to bring on their visit.  Kayoon loses track of time and apologizes to Hyunjoon that she’s not ready as she’s off trying to buy a present for Jingook’s mother.

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Hyunjoon answers good-naturedly and lies that he has not left as well. Then, he pulls up at the mall to give the two girls a ride to Jingook’s mother’s place.


Jingook’s mother invites Jung-Eun in and clucks her tongue about the presents.  She tells Jung-Eun to think of her as her mother and advises that Jung-Eun ask her about these things in the future.  She states that she hates puffery and hands over a list of products that one of her clients had bought…Jung-Eun looks in surprise that it costs over $200,000 to prepare.

Jingook’s mother smiles and notes that she doesn’t need any bride gift…Instead, why don’t they just cover Jingook’s studying abroad fees?  Jingook calls at that moment and Jung-Eun answers at Jingook’s mother’s suggestion. The visit ends with Jingook running home worried about his fiancee.


Jung-Eun goes to meet with Kayoon and Hyunjoon afterwards.  Unfortunately for Jingook’s mother, Jung-Eun was so nervous that she did not understand what the lady was saying between the lines.  Jung-Eun wonders how it was weird and she did not understand what Jingook’s mother was saying…Other than Jingook’s mother does not like puffery and did not want flashy gifts.

Kayoon tells her father in Dongsook’s presence.  Dongsook clucks her own tongue noting that Jingook’s mother seemed extremely materialistic.  She asks Mansoo if they really don’t have a female relative who could do the wedding negotiations with Jingook’s mother.  Mansoo angrily yells at her for getting involved and she leaves.


At the same time, the photographer’s aid shows up at the restaurant and begins to flirt with Dongsook’s daughter thinking that she’s Mansoo’s daughter (a/k/a the heir to the restaurant).  Kayoon recognizes him and asks about Ki-Chan.  He tells her about how she ruined his chances in the modeling world and Ki-Chan had to turn to part time jobs in the fish market…

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Meanwhile, Heejung walks by the library at her college and sees Jingook taking lovey-dovey pictures with Jung-Eun.  She doesn’t seem affected and goes to talk to her professor about the tuition.  When the camera returns to the library, Jingook hugs Jung-Eun close.  Jung-Eun pulls away and tells him that she believes in keeping her chastity prior to marriage and asks him if he believes the same.


Jingook pauses as he remembers the night where he pulled Heejung to their table…implying that he slept with her.  He runs through the halls and sees Heejung where he awkwardly notes her presence.  Heejung coldly tells him that she saw him with a woman and hopes that everything goes well.  Jingook awkwardly thanks her and then yells out that Hyunjoon is dating Kayoon.

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When Ki-Chan comes home, he finds the pregnancy test.  Heejung comes out of the bathroom and tells him angrily that he knows the truth…she got dumped and is now pregnant.  Ki-Chan walks out of his house like a zombie and cries out that they already suffered enough because of their parents…Since Heejung even went to school, she’s supposed to live well now.  He falls on the steps and begins to sob out of frustration.

While Jingook seemed nervous because of Jung-Eun’s declaration that she would not sleep with him prior to marriage, Hyunjoon seems oblivious.  He calls Kayoon happily and confesses to her that he’s so happy these days that he’s nervous.

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Heejung broods all night long before making a decision.  She takes a picture of the pregnancy test and emails it to Hyunjoon.  Remember, she slept with him a month ago when he chose Kayoon over her for the competition?  Having set things into motion, Heejung returns to normal and even cooks breakfast.

In contrast, Hyunjoon starts to go crazy as he calls Heejung to demand to meet.  He throws a small tantrum and then calls Kayoon to postpone their own date.  Kayoon answers that she had errands to run anyways and looks up Ki-Chan’s modeling agency for his contact information; Mansoo had given her an envelope with money to give to Ki-Chan.

So, both Hyunjoon and Kayoon drive toward the Kang house.


Woa, that escalated fast!  It’s a bit surprising considering the light and fluffy  tone of the teasers.  It’s like the drama is almost bi-polar with a light rom-com whenever the story focuses on Ki-Chan/Kayoon/Hyunjoon and a melodrama when the drama focuses on Heejung.  In a way, it’s great writing because the writer is showing us that there are two parallel storylines (and themes) playing in the lives of two women who are approximately the same age and have some kind of past connection.

Considering the fact that this is a daily drama, and, usually daily dramas follow the Korean proverb of “Punish evil, reward good” which is a loose translation, I feel like I can continue to watch this drama even with the unusual writing that includes this parallel storyline/theme situation.  Of course, this presumes that no matter how far Heejung’s character falls, it will still be salvageable.  In other words, I think the whole parallel storyline/themes would be genius if the drama’s writing plays out where Heejung and Kayoon are not only each other’s foils in the beginning of the story but until the end; if Heejung is almost a main character in her own right.  In that case, it would be interesting to see how two women of different circumstances find their paths and happiness even if life throws them different curve-balls.  A wise friend once told me that suffering is like gas in a room; you cannot compare it.  This drama reminds me of her words because, on the surface, Heejung’s circumstances would be considered worse suffering.  Yet, the drama has hinted more than once that Kayoon has had her share of suffering from the loss of her mother and brother to her little sister’s illness…In that sense, I would very well be on-board to seeing both Kayoon and Heejung finding happiness by the end of this series.

On a side note, who is Heejung’s baby daddy?! What  I hope does not happen is that Heejung goes and ruin things for Hyunjoon…then turns to Jingook out of spite…either to get revenge on Hyunjoon or on Kayoon by ruining Jingook and Jung-Eun’s perfect marriage.

A quick search from the internet answers that there are ways to find out a baby’s biological father prior to the birth.  Two methods are invasive and one method only needs a blood sample from the pregnant mother.  However, I have no idea if this type of operation would be covered by Korea’s national health insurance program, or, if Heejung would have an incentive to take this test.  For her, she would probably prefer that her baby’s father is Hyunjoon.  Even if the baby’s father was not Hyunjoon, she would probably try to manipulate the situation as long as she can.  Let’s hope that the writer does not let the series fall into total makjang world within the first two weeks with this subarc.

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