Make a Woman Cry – E36

Eunseo gets kicked out of the Kang residence; Jinhan’s wife is found; and, Jinwoo breaks up with his girlfriend.


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The episode opens with Eunseo being dragged out of the house barefoot and crying for Hyunseo. Not able to watch the scene, Hyunseo yells that he will take his mother and steps up.

The grandmother runs off to grab Hyunseo’s hand and cry that he can’t leave. Hyunseo continues to say his goodbyes and Hong-Ran jumps in before Jin-Myung can say anything.

Eunseo glares at everyone and screams that Hyunseo should not leave. But Daddy Kang maintains his position that Hyunseo and Eunseo can leave. So the secretary and driver drag Eunseo out with Hyunseo following with her heels. They get into CEO Kang’s car and get driven to their new prison – a nice house in a nice neighborhood… Not too shabby if you ask me.


Left alone, Jin-Myung drinks himself into a stupor. Hong-Ran goes in to discuss the incident as she still feels shocked at the scene. But Jin-Myung yells at her that she won; shouldn’t it be enough?

Meanwhile, Hyunseo asks Eunseo to live comfortably now that everything is over. But it’s too late. Eunseo declares that the game isn’t over and she will make CEO Kang pay.


Jin-Myung also asks his father to bring Hyunseo back. His father responds that you have to throw away even what you don’t want to sometimes…


The Hwang family is having a better time with Kyung-Ah doing well with her date and Hasoon fluttering nearby. Bok-Rye sighs that she’s still feels so bad when she thinks about Kyung-Ah… Kyung-Ah did not deserve to live with a limp; she just made the mistake of being born to ignorant parents.

Hasoon consoles Bok-Rye that a parent’s heart is the same. She wonders about her own parents. Bok-Rye asks her if she was born in the summer and Hasoon agrees, though she doesn’t know her birthday as she doesn’t celebrate it.


Jin-Myung goes to Eunseo’s house to demand to know where Jinhan’s wife is. He tells Eunseo that if she returns Jinhan’s wife, his father would accept Hyunseo back. This doesn’t get the reaction that he wanted. Eunseo snaps back that she won’t return Hyunseo now.


Next, Jin-Myung goes to console his brother and ask him to return home since Eunseo has left. Jinhan continues to worry so much that Jin-Myung tells Jinhan nothing will happen to his wife; Eunseo has her.

Hyunseo also tries to ask about the woman’s whereabouts. Eunseo doesn’t relent even if it’s for her son and they get interrupted by Jinhan and Jin-Myung.

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Jinhan gets straight to asking her about his wife. Eunseo answers that he doesn’t even care about how she and Hyunseo were kicked out of the house…

So, Jinhan kneels in front of Eunseo to beg her to return his wife. Seeing her ex-fiance kneel in front of her, Eunseo snaps that he can promise to leave his wife in this house and bring her and Hyunseo home… Only then will she let him know.

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Hyunseo tries asking one more time after his father leaves. When Eunseo doesn’t answer, Hyunseo goes to the medicine cabinet and grabs the sleeping pills. Taking a handful, he almost gets swallows them by the time that Eunseo breaks down and promises to tell everyone as long as Hyunseo stops.

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Jinhan’s wife comes home and gets welcomed by the Kang family. Hong-Ran then takes the woman shopping. Always scheming to a lesser degree, Hong-Ran asks the woman to think of Minseo as her son since they don’t have children. After clothes, it’s hair and makeup!


By the time that Jinhan comes home, his wife is all dolled up and waiting for him in his childhood home. With heavy steps, Jinhan walks back into his memory and hugs his wife.

Hong-Ran does her signature gloating by stopping by Eunseo’s place. (I’m starting to think that none of the women in this drama have friends!) Hong-Ran continues to sigh that Eunseo’s fate is pitiful since she ended up getting kicked out just because she doesn’t have a single legal document to back her claim. But Eunseo insists that she didn’t lose the game, CEO Kang did.


Jinhan’s wife integrates easily into the family and even gets praise for preparing dinner. Jinwoo stops by to see his older brother and we get another emotion filled reunion that lacks much emotions… As we didn’t see how Jinhan suffered. But the actors try their best.


The next day, luckily for Hasoon Deok-In has prepared seaweed soup. (Seaweed soup is what Korean people eat for birthdays.) Hasoon starts thinking about her own mother and starts to cry believing that no one knows it’s her birthday.


What Hasoon doesn’t know is that the Hwang family and Deok-In all prepared to give Hasoon a surprise party. Bok-Rye cooked a bunch of delicious dishes, Deok-In bought a present, and even the Hwang siblings went shopping for Hasoon.

Hasoon walks in thinking that she will just get another meal from Bok-Rye and walks into the surprise celebration. Kyung-Cheol hands over a ring that he prepared for Hasoon and even calls her mother-in-law. The siblings bring out a hundred roses and perfume, which Hasoon gleefully accepts.


Jin-Myung goes to discuss his role in the company now that Jinhan is back. His father tells him that Jinwoo will take over the company and marry Yaejung. She’s young enough that she can still have a child after they get married, which is why he doesn’t need Hyunseo anymore.


Afterwards, Eunseo comes to organize her affairs with Jinhan and his wife awkwardly standing in the living room. Hong-Ran arrives in the knick of time and comforting pulls Jinhan’s wife away. Left alone, Jinhan asks Eunseo to meet with him for a couple minutes after she organizes her affairs.

Eunseo isn’t dead as she goes to snarl at her rival in the kitchen. She tells Jinhan’s wife that the kitchen is her territory and Jinhan’s wife is the trespasser.


In the garden, Jinhan asks about Hyunseo. Eunseo doesn’t answer and just asks whether Jinhan remembers his son now that his beloved wife is home. She even adds that he’s going to regret his naive decision; it’s not easy being the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family. While the family might be welcoming right now, when time passes his wife’s faults will be more apparent to both the family and everyone else in the chaebol circle.

With a last sigh about how she was involved in every part of the garden to Jin-Myung, Eunseo leaves.


Jinwoo comes home to be told to set a wedding date with Yaejung. Jinwoo tells his father that he only came into the family to save it from bankruptcy and will leave after the new product line launches.


Jinwoo then calls Yaejung out and tells her that she has no interest in marrying her. Yaejung asks if he has another woman. Jinwoo answers that he loves someone else even though it has come to a point where they cannot be together.

Yaejung accepts Jinwoo’s sincerity and tells her father. The word quickly gets to CEO Kang who calls Jinwoo over to ask if he cannot get over Deok-In. Jinwoo confirms that he isn’t over her. So, CEO Kang reminds him that Deok-In’s child died because of Yunseo and Yunseo us currently lost because of Deok-In. Jinwoo answers that Deok-In will be the last woman in his life.


CEO Kang goes to ask Deok-In to let Jinwoo go. He tells her that she must have done something that gave Jinwoo hope; isn’t it enough that Yunseo is lost?

Deok-In answers that CEO Kang has no right to talk to her like this. She noted that CEO Kang is the reason that Yunseo turned out the way he did and so many children had to suffer at his hands. CEO Kang replies that if Deok-In feels frustrated, she should work harder, make more money and give her children a leg up.


It’s in this atmosphere that Eunseo calls Deok-In out. She tells Deok-In that she is only here to give Deok-In a chance to get CEO Kang to apologize; he caused someone else’s death but none of the police have an incentive to investigate the case thoroughly. So, she came to Deok-In.


Somewhere along the way, this drama lost its self. It went from being about Deok-In’s journey in finding herself and finding love again to be a Royal Family-esq drama about the Kang family. I’m not complaining as I find the development and the focus on the family drama completely fascinating. However, when I take a step back (like a busy week of work), I realize that the drama has come far from the theme that it started with.

Returning to the specifics. Hyunseo’s threat with the medicine was cliche and an anticlimactic end to the Eunseo kidnapping Jinhan’s wife arc. Additionally, I think that by cutting the arc short, the writer shortchanged what could have been a deeper delve into Jinhan’s character. Jinhan really didn’t do anything.

Instead, the writer should have taken the opportunity to have Jinhan look in his hometown (the hometown after his accident) and shown us the life that he led outside the Kang family house. Is his accident just a plot device to provide conflict between Jin-Myung and Eunseo? Currently, it serves no more purpose than that with Eunseo’s quick capitulation.

Eunseo. Eunseo. Eunseo. What an interesting character. She continues to crawl on the bottom in this episode. She currently has a fully paid lovely and spacious house compliments of the Kang family. Instead of leveraging the fact that her son is now healthy and she could possibly turn to building her own business empire, she has no costs after all, she focuses on this revenge aspect against the father-in-law. While, I had been feeling a bit sympathetic to her plight in the last episode, that sympathy disappeared in this episode. The type of house that the Kang’s put Eunseo in would cost a note insignificant amount. Even though the Kangs did play Eunseo’s hope for Hyunseo, it was a risk that she was willing to take that she would lose… And it’s not like she left with nothing; she has the house and her family received a building.

Finally, I turn to Jin-Myung, whose character definitely received the short stick. Yet, his character maintains its continuity even if it doesn’t get any development. He started off as a naive child who lost his love to his older brother. He was naive enough to believe that living a shadow forbidden love life with his sister-in-law at the expense of a peaceful marriage and family life with his son is worth it. In the last two episodes, he has to face the truth since he sees that for all that Eunseo said that she would think of Jin-Myung when she dies, she can throw him away in a heartbeat when she believes that her real husband is alive…that Eunseo is the type of woman who would easily suggest that they kick Jin-Myung out so that Jinhan can come home.

I would be more sympathetic but he partially did it to himself. He had the choice to make the best of his life when he married Hong-Ran and had a son. However, even Hyunseo said it; Jin-Myung was especially hard on Minseo so that Hyunseo did not fall into the shadow. Jin-Myung chose his not-family of Eunseo and Hyunseo. His character deserves the heartache it must feel when he realizes that all he was doing was building a shadow.

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