Everything Will Be OK – E06

Before Hyunjoon’s and Kayoon’s relationship has a chance to blossom, Kayoon finds out about Heejung and breaks it off.


Kayoon finally gets in touch with Ki-Chan who tells her to park in a public parking lot. He goes running up to tell Heejung that he has a guest.

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Kayoon sees Hyunjoon’s car and begins to walk toward Ki-Chan’s house. As she walks by, she sees Heejung and Hyunjoon talking and pauses.

Heejung also spots Kayoon and declares loudly for her benefit that she’s pregnant… It’s his kid. Hyunjoon asks if she’s positive that the child is his and Heejung offers to get tested with him. They leave together while Kayoon hides in her car.


Half in a daze, Kayoon tries to give the money to Ki-Chan. Ki-Chan refuses it saying he did not think it through earlier because he needed money for his sister’s tuition.


Meanwhile, Hyunjoon takes Heejung to his mother’s ward. He explains to her that his mother has dementia and her memories ended 28 years ago… In front of them, Hyunjoon’s mom excitedly tells Hyunjoon (whom she thinks is his father) that Hyunjoon is his child. When Hyunjoon refuses, his mother goes crazy and threatens media play in revenge. Hyunjoon walks Heejung out and adds that the family never accepted him but his mother would periodically go back for money… She’d use the money on alcohol or gambling and then go back for more money…

Heejung tells him that she understands what he’s trying to say and walks off in shock.


Jung-Eun and Jingook come home to find Kayoon doing deep cleaning. They ask her if she’s okay and Kayoon laughs it off.


Heejung also comes home and tells a worried Ki-Chan that her relationship ended. She walks into her room for some privacy.

Ki-Chan tries to call Hyunjoon but Hyunjoon answers that he doesn’t know Heejung. Heejung comes running out and grabs her brother’s phone.

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Hyunjoon takes the time to call his father and ask for money as he’s created a situation like his father…

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Then he calls Kayoon out to meet at a cafe. Smiling, Hyunjoon apologizes for blowing her off and asks for another chance the next day. Kayoon apologizes but notes that she thinks they should break up…before they go any further. She refuses to explain why and leaves.


Mansoo comes home to find the kitchen spotless. Jingook and Jung-Eun tell Mansoo that it might be because Hyunjoon is an illegitimate child. So, he tells Kayoon to break up. Kayoon smiles happily and answers that she’s already broken up. She then offers to cook noodles. The family bands together with Jung-Eun and Mansoo happily getting ready for noodles.

After dinner, Mansoo tells Kayoon that she did the right thing. Kayoon wouldn’t be able to handle such a household.

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Jung-Eun waits for Kayoon in her room and asks what happened. Kayoon asks her in return what she would do if some woman showed up and declared that she’s pregnant with Jingook’s child. Jung-Eun stands up angrily and answers that she would kill Jingook and die herself. Taken aback, Kayoon calms her sister down and laughs that it’s just something she heard; it’s not about Jingook or Hyunjoon.


The next day, Kayoon ignores a call from Hyunjoon while Ki-Chan visits his father in prison. He tells his father that his sister is having a hard time and wants to know where his mother is… His sister might have an easier time if they find their mother. Dae-Ho refuses on the grounds that a woman who throws away her child is no mother.


Ki-Chan goes to meet the photographer’s aid for lunch. He turns out to be slightly useful as he’s found work for Ki-Chan even if it’s just modeling for brochures.

Ki-Chan agrees to take it because he needs money for surgery. The aid assumes that it is for plastic surgery and Ki-Chan doesn’t correct him.

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Meanwhile, Heejung meets with Hyunjoon’s father’s lawyer. The lawyer hands over a contract that states that she would receive $500,000 if she brings a medical certification stating that she’s not pregnant.


Cheers to daily drama! Kayoon doesn’t go around for months not knowing about Heejung in the background. Nope, she finds out from day one!

Hyunjoon’s treatment of Heejung makes me think that Kayoon’s decision to break up was correct. Even if he doesn’t love Heejung, he has responsibility for this situation as well. The girl didn’t go off and take his semen through in vitro fertilization. The way that he and Jingook basically used Heejung deserves some comeuppance in both cases. (Notably, both guys liked another girl when they slept with Heejung…both deserve some repenting.) Additionally, Mansoo is correct, if Kayoon ends up with Hyunjoon, she has to deal with his family which seems like a hive of angry bees as well.

Turning to Kayoon’s character, I like her! She gets new information which changes the circumstances surrounding her budding relationship and she makes a decision about it. While the drama doesn’t spell out her reasons, one can assume that it was partially out if self preservation and partially due to pity for the other woman. Kayoon seems like a decent character to root for.

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