The Virtual Bride – E08

Inyoung and Myungsuk start their lovey dovey dating away from Choonja’s suspicions.  Meanwhile, Choonja and Soonhee begin a powerplay at home.



When we return, Inyoung happily looks through fake family pictures from her past. She gets too embarrassed to acknowledge how happy this makes her but she does give Myungsuk a peck on the lips. Our resident scholar doesn’t need much encouragement before he leans in for a followup kiss.

Our resident stalker (Haji) sees all this and runs back into her room in fury. She throws a pillow against Inyoung’s poster and starts to brood about what she can do in revenge.


Meanwhile, Dongsuk angrily watches his wife walk up to her apartment with the academy head. He loses it and follows them in, pushes his wife aside and punches the head in the face. When he takes the time to look up, he realizes that there’s a bunch of students in Se-Mi’s apartment for some extra studying.


Se-Mi pulls Dongsuk out and reams into him for resorting to violence. She also demands to know why he would doubt her.


Things are going much better for the Inyoung and Myungsuk lovebirds as they take couple pictures in the morning…with Haji glaring in the background. She decides that Myungsuk doesn’t deserve his milk and drinks it up herself.

Then when Choonja wonders about how Myungsuk has changed lately, Haji notes that guys change after they start dating. Choonja gets worried and goes into Myungsuk’s room to pick up the milk glass. She finds a book on the ground and picks it up to find the picture of Inyoung that Haji planted.


So, Choonja goes back out to find Inyoung making kimchi. She asks Inyoung about her boyfriend and asks to speak with him. Inyoung calls her manager and puts Choonja on the phone. He goes along with it and Choonja goes away satisfied.


Poor Choonja, Soonhee comes over and tells Choonja that it’s her lunar birthday the next day. She asks Choonja to prepare a feast. Choonja angrily tells Soonhee to prepare her own feast. So, Soonhee goes fake crying to her husband who tells Choonja to do as Soonhee asks.

Meanwhile, a bunch of fans come crowding Young-Ah for her signature. Mi-Hee angrily runs out and runs into her husband. He asks her to accept him back.

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Mi-Hee drags her husband to a park and tells him to go back to the young wench he left her and Junsu for. Her husband answers that she left for another man. Mi-Hee tells him that she doesn’t care and he deserves to suffer before leaving.


Se-Mi apologizes to the academy head on behalf of her husband. He answers good-naturedly that he only suffered because be couldn’t stop his instinctual reaction to hit back. Se-Mi suddenly sees that the head is bleeding and picks up a napkin to blot it out. The two pause realizing the awkward atmosphere.

Dongsuk arrives at just that moment and drags Se-Mi out. He tells her that she can choose either the academy or him, because if she continues to work, he might ask for a divorce.


Meanwhile, Young-Ah gets the cold treatment from Mi-Hee and her husband. However, Junsu does ask his mother whether or not she could just give up on developing the land that Young-Ah’s house is on. Mi-Hee tells Junsu that she only wants to help Young-Ah’s family; they would pay her family three times the asking price so Young-Ah’s family could move someplace else and start a business with the money.


Back at home, Inyoung and Myungsuk are filming another episode. This one is about outdoor cold baths. Myungsuk takes off his shirt and Inyoung starts pouring cold water on him. They pause when Myungsuk seems cold and the episode turns to a romantic moment between Inyoung and Myungsuk.

Choonja sees this when she walks by. She runs over and throws a fit causing the filming to stop.


Inyoung and Myungsuk meet up at night. Inyoung asks what Myungsuk what Choonja wants in a daughter-in-law. Myungsuk answers that Choonja wants a busy, cute daughter-in-law who is wise. Inyoung answers confidently about the first two but deflates and gives up on the wise category.

Myungsuk puts his arm around Inyoung and consoles her that his mother will one day see her charm.

Choonja interrupts their secret date looking for Inyoung. She asks Myungsuk if he likes Inyoung. When Myungsuk looks like he might confess, Inyoung throws a rock at Myungsuk.

So, Myungsuk backs off.

The next day is another power play between Soonhee and Choonja. The grandfather reminds Choonja to prepare the breakfast feast for Soonhee. Soonhee notes that she wants to eat japchae but she doesn’t have to since she knows how difficult it is to make the dish. Inyoung js the only member of the family who backs Choonja up noting that it is much more difficult to make japchae.

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Afterwards, Myungsuk and Inyoung exchange lovey dovey looks which Choonja catches. Unaware that Choonja is suspicious the two go off to continue their dates on the phone exchanging pictures.

Meanwhile, Junsu runs to tell Young-Ah that she’s misunderstanding Mi-Hee. However, Mi-Hee catches her and Junsu pretends to be there to give Young-Ah the dry cleaning fee.


When Young-Ah refuses to drop out of the election, Mi-Hee turns to other methods. She goes to visit Choonja. She tells Choonja that Young-Ah needs support and suggests that Choonja pay for a neighborhood feast for the elders. She even offers to reserve space at a nearby restaurant.


Afterwards, Choonja prepares the food for Soonhee’s birthday feast with Soonhee taking issue with Choonja’s cooking. When the guests arrive, Soonhee even orders Choonja around to show everyone who’s in charge.

Inyoung looks at the situation and suggests that Choonja offer up delivered ja jang myun (black bean noodles), which would imply that Soonhee cannot order Choonja around. Choonja does so and Soonhee fumes.


Inyoung also takes this opportunity to go see Myungsuk. They decide to go roller blading where Myungsuk pretends not to know how to skate so that he can fall all over Inyoung and keep on hugging her. ^^ now that was a cute scene!


Choonja continues cooking when she feels nervous about Inyoung not being home. She calls Myungsuk to ask whether she should bring him food. Myungsuk answers that he’s off giving an outside lecture. She accepts the explanation and then calls Inyoung to confirm that she’s at the airport.

Feeling relieved again, Choonja returns to cooking food to bring to the feast that night for Young-Ah. Her husband comes along and Choonja tells him to help out. However, since Young-Ah’s father has been defrauded so many times, he calls Young-Ah to confirm.


Young-Ah runs home and tells them not to continue with the feast as it would violate bribery laws.

Next, the grandfather calls Choonja over to his room as Soonhee sobs. She cried that she’s nothing in the house since Choonja has all of the power. So, the grandfather agrees to let Soonhee do whatever she wants. Soonhee’s revenge is to order Choonja to bring the accounting books so that Soonhee can oversee the household spending.


To add oil to the fire, Se-Mi comes home with divorce papers. She gives them to Dongsuk and tells him to contact her after he’s reviewed the papers.

Dongsuk grabs her and asks if she’s only doing this to teach her a lesson. Se-Mi answers that she’s tired of living with his family and his inability to provide for the family; she’s actually thankful that he brought up divorce first.

Dongsuk asks his mother to apologize to Se-Mi since she’s threatening to divorce. Choonja angrily responds that she doesn’t need to apologize when Se-Mi is the audacious daughter-in-law who left her own child. She tells Dongsuk not to worry as Se-Mi wouldn’t really divorce him. Like an idiot, Dongsuk lets his mother convince him.


Young-Ah also deals with her problems. She goes to ask Mi-Hee what she did with Choonja. Mi-Hee answers that all she wants is for Young-Ah to drop out of the election. Young-Ah pulls out a voice recorder and replays the recording of Mi-Hee demanding that Young-Ah drop out. She reminds Mi-Hee that it’s illegal to order another candidate to drop out.

Mi-Hee pretends to fall backwards in shock and Junsu runs over to ask Young-Ah why she’s doing this. Young-Ah clearly tells him that as much as his mother is important to him, her family is important to her; she will not drop out of the election or let Mi-Hee manipulate her family members. She adds that she will delete the recording because she’s different from Mi-Hee and leaves.


Back at home, Myungsuk brings home a box with couple shirts which the two wear in the storage room. Haji notes what they are doing and calls Choonja over with the worry that something seems off with the lettuce.


Choonja walks over to the storage room where Myungsuk is telling Inyoung that the formula symbolizes that a complicated person like himself met a simple person like Inyoung and everything sorted itself out. Inyoung pecks Myungsuk and he pulls her on for a kiss just as Choonja walks in.


I take my complaints back.  This episode fully developed the relationship between Myungsuk and Inyoung.  It’s cute even if the chemistry is not there.  If I were to compare the relationship to anything, I would compare the chemistry to a more awkward version of Sweet 18, which starred Han Ji-Hye and Lee Dong-Gun.  There’s an awkward cuteness about the romance.

There is one thing though…Ryu Soo-Young is too old and too big for Dasom.  Even with the awkward cutesy character, it’s still awkward…The 14 year difference shows up whenever the focus is on the two main character’s relationship.  Don’t get me wrong, Ryu Soo-Young is a good-looking guy;  there was a time when I had a crush on him in the past.  It’s just that he does not match well aesthetically with Dasom.  Rather a more gangly physique like Chun Jung-Myung might have matched her better.

Jumping from one topic to another, I don’t like the way that the writer is writing about Myungsuk’s supposed nerdy cuteness.  Specifically, I don’t like the formula on the couple shirt and his explanation.  The fact that he decided that he’s the more complex number and Inyoung is the simple component that makes his life more simple was a bit insulting.  Understandably, Myungsuk is supposed to be a talented mathematician.  However, that does not mean that Inyoung is an idiot.  Rather, she’s been groomed and invested her time in a different area… Instead of impressing me, it irritated me that Myungsuk would put himself on a pedestal at Inyoung’s sake.  Speaks volumes of a man if he cannot lower himself to lift up the woman he supposedly loves.

Finally, I was happy to see Young-Ah continue to stand up for herself against Mi-Hee.  It makes me happy because dramas are an exaggerated reflection of current society.  The fact that two of the daughters-in-laws would challenge the unreasonable behavior of their mother-in-laws imply that the culture is slowly changing.  In Young-Ah’s case, Mi-Hee is continuing to be unbearable.  While, it’s clearer that she’s turned out to be unsufferable because of her husband’s betrayal, it does not mean that Mi-Hee is stupid.  She knows exactly what she’s doing to her son’s marriage and Young-Ah.  What we need is for Junsu to act instead of pampering to his mother.

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