Everything Will Be OK – E07

Heejung refuses the settlement and Jingook’s mother strikes preemptively in the in-law power struggle, unaware that the Geum family has no idea about what’s about to come.


Heejung shows us some ability to work and think under pressure. She doesn’t cry or go crazy. She just calmly tells the secretary that she will abort the baby but she doesn’t need the money; she has some spousal support she is giving to Hyunjoon.

Meanwhile, Dongsook tells Nari to go home instead of playing at the restaurant all the time. Nari jokes back that they need an air conditioner. So, Dongsook backs off. However, she’s still in the back room when the photographer aid shows up and tells Nari that he found a job for Ki-Chan even though it’s a hard one.


Dongsook feels bad for Ki-Chan and goes to yell at Mansoo for being heartless as she heard Ki-Chan isn’t doing well. Mansoo calls Kayoon and yells at her for not being able to do a simple errand.

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When Kayoon whines that he should have just given Ki-Chan the money when Ki-Chan came the first time as the money is for his sister’s tuition, Mansoo snaps that Kayoon needs to call Ki-Chan over now.


I’m tough; I punched a cement wall!


Not impressed

At the same time, Hyunjoon goes over to the school to see what Heejung is talking about with the spousal support. Heejung tells him about Kayoon hearing everything when she confessed about her pregnancy. Hyunjoon does the cliché hut the wall business but the director didn’t position the actors well so it comes off limp… Why punch a cement wall? You’re supposed to put them near a wooden wall so there’s oomph with the punch!


Hyunjoon arrives at the restaurant at the same time that Ki-Chan arrives. Kayoon tells Hyunjoon that she will see him later and goes to the side to give Ki-Chan the envelope. Ki-Chan again refuses to accept the envelope and tells Kayoon to tell Mansoo as he doesn’t want to see Mansoo… He explains that his own father goes crazy when he mentions Mansoo’s name but Mansoo doesn’t bat an eyelash; it’s insulting.

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After he leaves, Kayoon goes to Hyunjoon who lies that Heejung’s pregnancy has nothing to do with him. Kayoon answers that it wasn’t anything that she has a right to confront him about. She also adds that while overhearing the confession was a catalyst, it wasn’t everything; she thinks a relationship with him would be complicated and she doesn’t want her family to feel belittled by his family.

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As for Heejung, she holds a glass of soju up as she berates herself for choosing revenge over the money she needs. She ends up throwing away the soju and Ki-Chan comforts her that he found a job so he should be able to get the money for the surgery.

Heejung goes to her room and Ki-Chan follows. He carefully asks her if she wouldn’t consider changing her decision. Heejung snaps back that they already suffered so much that the decision is easy.

Ki-Chan then asks about their mother… He whimpers that if their mother was there, Heejung might make a different decision. However with Heejung yelling at him, Ki-Chan has to run out.

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A flashback takes us to Heejung’s past. She finds her mother who is with another small child. The woman recognizes Heejung who asks her mother if she truly left them. Her mother tries to explain that it was the only way that she could get Heejung and Ki-Chan on their father’s family register. Heejung doesn’t understand and yells at her mother to never show up in front of her face again.


Jingook has a drink with Hyunjoon. After which, Hyunjoon goes home to find his father there. He tells his father that Heejung will likely not give birth to the child as he showed her his mother. His father asks about what Heejung meant with spousal support.

Hyunjoon answers that Heejung declared her pregnancy in front of the woman he likes. The father snarls that a Heejung us just like Hyunjoon’s mother, always appearing right as he was planning to do something. He warns Hyunjoon that a woman like that won’t fall away lightly and orders that Hyunjoon clean up his mess.

The next day, Kayoon and Jung-Eun go to visit Jingook’s mother at her invitation. She starts off the visit with a subtle slight saying that they can give the food that Kayoon’s father prepared to someone else…

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Then Jingook’s mother starts sighing about how sad Jung-Eun doesn’t have a mother to help in the wedding preparations. Kayoon mistakenly refers to Jingook’s mother as “Mother,” which Koreans do to their friend’s mother. But in this case, Jingook’s mother snaps that she should be called “Sa-jang Auryeun” so show that she’s the in-law as well as a family tree branch higher. She sighs that Kayoon was not educated well.

Then Jingook’s mother starts talking about whether the Geum family is preparing any gifts. When Kayoon answers that she heard Jingook’s mother didn’t like puffery, the mother replies that they should at least do the basics. She then goes to accuse Kayoon’s family of fobbing off their bum (the girl hasn’t worked in her life) and invalid daughter on Jingook so that she can go study abroad.

Kayoon tries to defend her sister by answering that they had been planning to send Jung-Eun abroad for a while. Jingook’s mother then begins to yell at Kayoon for talking back.

Meanwhile, Jung-Eun gets nervous in Jingook’s room and opens the door to overhear the yelling. She runs out angrily to find Jingook’s mother calm again.

The mother then calls Mansoo to complain about Kayoon and threaten to end the wedding. Dongsook tells Mansoo to hang up since it’s clearly bs, and Kayoon comes in.


As for the young’uns, Jingook brings Jung-Eun home and she cries that she doesn’t want to get married anymore. The idiot Jingook answers that the answer is simple, Kayoon can apologize to his mother. Thus angers Jung-Eun even more and she yells back that her sister didn’t do anything wrong and doesn’t need to apologize.


This episode seemed to focus more on Jung-Eun/Jingook’s marriage preparations. I have to say, I’m starting to get highly disappointed in Jingook’s character. If he knows that his mother is a bit whack, he should do more than just hide in the room with Jung-Eun. It’s also pretty ironic that his mother is acting so proper when two episodes back, we found out from Kayoon that Jingook’s own father left the family for another woman…

As for Jung-Eun, the judgment is still out. She is clearly sweet and protective of her family. I was happy to see her take her sister’s side in the face of her future mother-in-law’s anger. However, it is true that Jung-Eun has been so sheltered that she basically has no survival skills or economic skills. For a proud mother, it would be difficult to accept Jung-Eun with open arms. I hope that the writers also develop Jung-Eun’s character so that we can see her stand on her own two feet instead of going from relying on her father and sister to relying on her husband.

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