Make a Woman Cry – E37

Kyung-Ah’s relationship blossoms as Eunseo begins to sow seeds of doubt into everyone’s mind that Daddy Kang killed Do-Hyun.



The story opens with Deok-In asking why Eunseo is telling her this.  Eunseo answers flippantly that she wants something from their father-in-law as well…before she can tell Deok-In any more information, she wants Deok-In to promise that Deok-In will give her a chance to face their father-in-law before Deok-In hands him over to the police.

Deok-In considers this for a moment and remembers Daddy Kang’s words to live earnestly and well on behalf of her son.  She stops Eunseo and tells her that Eunseo should go to the police if she really believes Daddy Kang is guilty.  If she only wants revenge, then Deok-In cannot help her.

Meanwhile, the Kang family males go off to test out the latest golf balls, which seem no different other than the fact that they have some flowers on them.  They agree that the product is amazing and begin to discuss marketing.


After the golf outing, Jinwoo goes to Deok-In’s restaurant because she called him over.  She tells Jinwoo about how Eunseo visited and told her about Daddy Kang being likely involved in the accident.  Deok-In explains that if it is true, Eunseo will get to the bottom of it.


Jinwoo goes running to Eunseo to demand to know what she’s after. Eunseo answers that she wants Jinwoo and the family to call her and Hyunseo back to the house.  She notes matter-of-fact that Daddy Kang likely killed Do-Hyun Baek…She goes off to voice her theory: A long time ago, the three young men went on the boat.  Jinhan almost died and everything thought that he had died…Daddy Kang wanted revenge and now that there was a chance that the Baek family was not going to help out the Kang company, Daddy Kang had no reason to hold back.

Jinwoo interrupts to note that it was Jin-Myung who killed Jinhan.  Eunseo smiles that Jin-Myung was only guilty of not saving his brother…he was not the one who pushed Jinhan into the water in the first place.  Jinwoo asks Eunseo if she is trying to ruin their family.

Rising up from her chair, Eunseo angrily answers that she only wants her rightful place.


Jinwoo realizes that he needs more information.  So, he goes to ask Jin-Myung about the incident.  Jin-Myung confirms that Do-Hyun was playing with a knife, which caused Jinhan to fall off the boat.  Jin-Myung had come out on the deck in time to see Jinhan fall and rushed to the side of the boat where he did not save his older brother…When Daddy Kang found that out, he settled with Do-Hyun’s father for corporate cooperation instead of going to the police.


At the same time, Daddy Kang confesses to Jinhan that he thought Jinhan was dead…So, he took the Baek’s money to save their company instead.  Daddy Kang asks Jinhan if he is disappointed.  Jinhan answers calmly that it was the practical choice and he would have done the same.  He sighs that it is a pity that he was alive and Do-Hyun had to die in the end.  Surprising him, Daddy Kang vehemently snaps that Do-Hyun deserved to die.


Unlike all of the scheming at the Kang household, the Hwang household is still finding some good tidings.  Kyung-Ah tells her family that her boyfriend’s mother asked her over.  Her family agrees that she should go over but Bok-Rye worries about Kyung-Ah going and getting rebuked at the other family’s house.

When Hasoon tells Deok-In about the news, she gets all teary that Kyung-Ah is all grown up.  She tells her mother that Kyung-Ah had only been 7 years old when she first got married to Kyung-Cheol…


Jinwoo tries to reason with Eunseo again.  He asks her how she could have thought that Jinhan and the family would accept her back after kidnapping Jinhan’s wife.  Eunseo answers that she doesn’t need either Jinhan or Jin-Myung. All she needs is to become Jinhan’s legal wife.  She then goes on to wonder about how the person who got into the car accident with Do-Hyun is suddenly living in a $300,000 apartment…It’s quite suspicious that the woman got money all of a sudden.

Jin-Myung brings the new information to his brothers and they wonder together about what they should do.  Afterwards, when Jinhan goes into the house, his mother is complimenting Jinhan’s wife’s cooking skills.  She then sighs that she misses Hyunseo and decides to go back into her room and brood.


Jinhan and his wife go into their room as well.  He tells his wife to stop dusting the furniture and asks her if she’s happy.  She nods that she is and he pulls her into a hug but his expression is somber.

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Unable to leave his wife, Jinhan goes to beg Eunseo instead.  He notes that he also feels bad about what happened to Eunseo and Hyunseo.  He promises to bring Hyunseo back into the house but Eunseo needs to stop now.  Eunseo hears this and laughs at her ex-fiance’s naivete.  She tells him that she’s challenged her father-in-law; one of them needs to fall.


Jinwoo is not a schemer.  He goes straight to his father to ask if he was involved in Do-Hyun’s accident.  Daddy Kang answers that he was not involved but Do-Hyun deserved to die.  Because Daddy Kang answers to vehemently about both his hatred of Do-Hyun as well as innocence, we are all left feeling less than convinced.


A sad/funny reprieve is given with Hong-Ran dresses up beautifully to spend some time with her husband.  She flutters her nightgown and asks him how she looks.  However, Jin-Myung leaves without even answering.  Hong-Ran feels insulted and runs after her husband into his study.  She orders him to fix his horrible habit of ignoring her and asks what is going on when the family should be settling.

Jin-Myung does not answer and Hong-Ran guesses correctly that Eunseo has started her revenge.  Meanwhile, downstairs is much quieter.  Jinhan’s wife asks him what he’s brooding about and he answers that it’s nothing.  So, his wife suggests that Jinhan ask his father and she volunteers to plead with Eunseo.


Jinhan suddenly changes the topic and asks her if she’s happy.  He notes that sometimes he misses their old life, when they made enough to get by and live each day…They would then spend a lot of their time just relaxing together.  His wife answers that she agrees with him; she has only been pretending to be happy.  She even adds that she would be happy to return to their life together.


The next day, Hasoon takes Kyung-Ah to prepare for the meetign with the family.  She’s fussier than the average mother and makes the hair stylist redo Kyung-Ah’s hair several times until she’s satisfied.  She even battles Bok-Rye to give Kyung-Ah advice such as not to tell the family that her brother is divorced yet… Honest Bok-Rye tells her daughter not to lie and to show herself as she is; if the family is right, they will accept her.  But the more practical Hasoon insists that an omission is not the same as a lie.

At the same time Kyung-Tae meets with Hyojung again.  He awkwardly invites her on a trip for old time sake but Hyojung apologizes that she’s not the same.  She’s moved on.


Good news continues as Kyung-Ah’s boyfriend’s family liked her as well!  The boyfriend even noted that he wants to come and greet her family.  It becomes an emotional scene with Kyung-Cheol slowly stating that he’s so relieved that his little sister found someone nice…and Bok-Rye crying in the kitchen.  Hasoon finds Bok-Rye sniffling and Bok-Rye thanks her for introducing Kyung-Ah to such a nice family.  Bok-Rye confesses that she has been looking forward to the union as well but she was afraid to be excited in case that something goes wrong.

Another day passes and Jinhan’s sweet wife (Hyunbok – we got her name!) asks her mother-in-law’s permission to go bring Hyunseo back.  The mother-in-law sighs that she woud not have another wish in life if Hyunseo can return.  So, Hyunbok texts Hyunseo to meet.


Hyunseo is sweet as usual as he goes off to meet Hyunbok.  He then tries his best to make Hyunbok comfortable and it looks like his father.  He’s extremely considerate and caring.  Hyunbok even asks Hyunseo if he’s not embarassed spending time with her and Hyunseo answers that he’s not embarrassed at all. He brings Hyunbok to their house where Eunseo reacts like a prickly porcupine.


Hyunbok hands over a letter in which she asks Eunseo for permission to bring Hyunseo home.  Hyunbok notes that Hyunseo is the rightful heir to the Kang family and promises to speak with their father-in-law on Hyunseo’s behalf.  Eunseo crumbles up the paper and throws it into Hyunbok’s face.  Then she pulls Hyunbok up and physically tries to throw her out.

Hyunseo runs out to stop his mother and asks her to respect Hyunbok who is his father’s wife.  Eunseo snaps at Hyunseo that Hyunbok is nothing and grits out that she does not want to fight in front of Hyunbok.  Hyunseo sighs and offers to accompany Hyunbok back home despite his mother’s and Hyunbok’s rejection of the idea.


Eunseo finally gets her wish as she gets a meeting with Daddy Kang.  He asks her if she really wants to end the relationship between herself and Hyunseo on one side and the rest of the family on the other.  Eunseo answers that she’s trying her best not to end their relationship.  Daddy Kang tells her to stay quiet then as he’s lived his life and has no regrets. Instead of backing down, Eunseo answers that it might be better for both of them to go to the end; she cannot just live quietly while watching another woman in her place.

Luckily for Daddy Kang, Deok-In has connections with the police.  Her friend stops by with the excuse that he was in the neighborhood.  But as he starts to talk, it’s clear that he’s here to pick Deok-In’s mind.  He tells Deok-In that the Baek family’s accident is being investigated because someone called in an anonymous tip that the accident was not an accident.


Deok-In notices Jinwoo tensing up and goes to meet with Daddy Kang.  She asks him directly if he wanted to kill Do-Hyun for saying something and acting another way.  She also notes that she understands Daddy Kang’s anger about losing a child…She asks if Daddy Kang found life empty after finding material success and still not losing the anger about his lost child.  Daddy Kang asks Deok-In to stop wasting his time.

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Deok-In continues that someone needs to find the truth.  Daddy Kang replies that it’s fine to find the truth, all they have to do is investigate it further.  He encourages her to actively investigate instead of staring at his face.  Something about his demeanor convinces Deok-In and she decides to look into it further.


Deok-In realizes that the police are having difficulties and goes to meet with Eunseo.  She tries see if Eunseo was the one who called in the tip.  However, Eunseo’s response convinces Deok-In that it was not Eunseo.  She goes to debrief about the situation with Jinwoo who tells her that he’s running out of time.  He explains to her that as soon as the rumors get out into the industry, the investor’s confidence in their company will fall.  Even if Daddy Kang turns out to be innocent, it will be too late to save the company after everyone turns away.


I just realized today that this series ended in Korea, which surprises me. I thought that it was scheduled to be 50 episodes but it ended with only 40. I guess MBC was less than impressed and wanted to move on quickly.  This is a pity since I’m really enjoying the drama and can easily see the drama take on another 13 episodes to flesh out the rest of the story by answering all of the open questions.

With three episodes until the end, the writer seems to be rushing to tie up loose ends.  So, it looks like it might be a good time to identify the subplots floating around:

  • Deok-In/Jinwoo’s impossible-to-be-together-romance;
  • Yunseo’s disappearance;
  • Jinhee randomly never showing up again after going to study abroad;
  • Deok-In/Kyung-Cheol situation (or just Kyung-Cheol’s illness);
  • deciding who would inherit the Kang family business;
  • whether Daddy Kang really killed Do-Hyun;
  • Hyunseo and Hyojung’s relationship that ended abruptly
  • the Eunseo/Hyunseo situation; and
  • the strained relationship between Jin-Myung and Hong-Ran, which also implicates the question of whether Jin-Myung would ever be able to get over Eunseo.

I may have forgotten a few subplots.  But just thinking about these highlight the fact that the next three episodes need to be stuffed full of answers and winding-down.  I’m actually not sure how the writer would be able to answer all of the larger questions before ending the drama.

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