Everything Will Be OK – E08

Heejung decides to keep her baby and Kayoon’s Grandmama cows Jingook’s mother into submission in the war of wedding preparation.



Heejung waits for her brother to come with money at the clinic. After a few minutes, she finds herself gravitating toward the nursery where she stares at the babies.

Ki-Chan arrives and sees this vulnerable side of Heejung. He makes up his mind and pulls Heejung out of the clinic. He asks her to come home and physically brings her out.


Heejung whines as she’s dragged out that she wants the surgery and it will be difficult to create another appointment. But Ki-Chan yells at his sister to stop saying things that she doesn’t believe. He drags her into a cab where his mother steps out.

Meanwhile, Kayoon sighs to her father they she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Dongsook backs her up noting that if Kayoon didn’t bring up money first, Jingook’s mother probably planned it. Mansoo gets too stressed out and leaves with the excuse of running to the toilet.

While Nari asks Mansoo about working for the restaurant, Dongsook tries to give Kayoon some advice. Nari interrupts the advice session to get lectured in Kayoon’s stead.

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Mansoo gets so stressed about the situation with Jung-Eun’s wedding that he tries calling his mother-in-law. He finds out that her youngest son got defrauded and left the country with her money and gets worried. So, he goes looking for her and finds her unconscious on the floor at her home. He carries her to a hospital where she get some IV fluid and then brings her to his home.


At home, he tells Kayoon that her grandmother is behind on rent and was malnourished so they will keep her with him. He even brought her belongings which could all fit in two bags.


Meanwhile, we see that Heejung’s mother was at the hospital to get herself checked up. The doctor tells her to get surgery as she has cancer but she refuses. She goes back to a larger hospital where her current husband is in bed due to another fatal illness.


Back at the Geum house, the grandmother tries to leave so the girls blurt out that Jung-Eun is getting married. They even add how the future mother-in-law made a big deal at the last meeting so the grandmother stays and Kayoon goes to the fish shop to buy fresh fish.

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Of course she runs into Ki-Chan at the fish market and they realize that they’ve been running into each other more often than expected.

Meanwhile, the grandmother calls Jingook’s mother over to have a woman to woman discussion about the wedding preparations. First, Jingook’s mother refuses demanding that they meet in a neutral location between the two households. Then, she relents because she wants to see how the house is maintained.

Later on Jung-Eun offers to go shopping with her grandmother who gets all huffy asking if Jung-Eun is commenting on her dress. Mansoo calms her down by explaining that Jingook’s mother is a bit high maintenance because she is a hanbok maker. Hearing that, Grandmama asks for a phone.


As for how the other side lives. Hyunjoon’s father tells his secretary to keep an eye on Hyunjoon for a while as Heejung has nightmares from seeing Hyunjoon’s mother.


Kayoon’s life isn’t a rose garden as well. Grandmama still hates her and tells her to stay out of the house during the visit since she’s still unmarried like tradition, she doesn’t have a role at the official meeting.


The next day, Jingook and his mother arrives. At first the lady seems completely lofty but then notices the stiching on Grandmama’s hanbok. She asks about the creator but Grandmama smiles knowingly.

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Before the meeting can get far, Grandmama hands over three pieces of paper on which she wrote her expectations in calligraphy. Then Grandmama’s hanbok creator drops by to apologize that she has to leave without catching up with the “Little Miss.” Jingook’s mother sees the creator and runs after the lady in shock.


It turns out that Grandmama’s hanbok designer is Jingook’s mother’s teacher. She snaps at Jingook’s mother for still going around using her name to get business and explains that she will always design Grandmama’s hanboks if she can as Grandmama is one of the last of a noble lineage.


Oh! Hurrah for the drama giving us some good catharsis through the Grandmama’s character. Although, it seems convenient that she would have this background, it’s reasonable that she’s fallen into hard times since it only takes one or two generations for a family to lose its wealth.

Returning to the main point though, it was so satisfying to see the mother get a dose of her own medicine. After all, her family is quite well matched with the Geum family since both built up their own businesses and are in Korea’s upper middle class. Additionally, while Jingook is university educated, so is Kayoon at the same university.

In the end, I just liked this episode because it gives you a quick release. You feel bad for Jung-Eun and her family who are extremely sweet and well-meaning. Then you see how Jingook’s mother is trying to manipulate them and a piece of your frustration from the day builds up… Something that was out of your control. Then Grandmama’s character and it’s like drinking a cold boba slush on a hot day, things are right again. ^^ This is probably why I watch daily dramas.

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