The Virtual Bride – E09

Inyoung gets kicked out of the house and has a last date with Myungsuk before she breaks it off.



It’s family crisis time! Choonja kicks Inyoung out of the house in the middle of the night and even declares that she’s stopping the filming. A cute pun where Inyoung calls Choonja “Mother-in-law ” and Choonja snaps that she’s not Inyoung’s mother. Myungsuk’s father interrupts to whine about what Inyoung is supposed to do if she cannot call her “Mother-in-law. ” With that, Junsu takes Inyoung away to calm Choonja.

Myungsuk had a talk with his mother and father. However, the negotiations still with both sides noting that Myungsuk has never disappointed his mother and Choonja has never said “no” to Myungsuk…

Junsu brings Inyoung to his house and tells Young-Ah not to tell anyone. He even takes away her cell phone.


Young-Ah watches quietly and then invites Inyoung to some beers. She tells Inyoung that Inyoung doesn’t have to apologize; she is more worried about Inyoung getting hurt. Inyoung answers that she doesn’t mind the repercussions because Myungsuk makes her feel warm and happy.


Night passes…Myungsuk rushes over to Junsu’s office first thing in the morning and asks about Inyoung’s safety. (Like a manager would do something to his leading celebrity…) Junsu tells his brother-in-law that Inyoung spent over a decade training and being unpopular; she’s just becoming famous and thus scandal can take away her popularity. Myungsuk agrees that he doesn’t want to ruin Inyoung’s chances as popularity but he wants to know she’s fine.


Later on, Young-Ah goes home to find out how her family members are dealing with the crisis. Choonja confesses that she likes Inyoung as a person but she doesn’t approve of Inyoung as Myungsuk’s bride. Young-Ah then goes to Myungsuk who gives his answer that he knows the logical thing is to give up on Inyoung but he cannot. Young-Ah sympathizes with Myungsuk and tells him about Inyoung’s location.


Myungsuk runs to Inyoung’s house with the new information and they gleefully reunite. They almost get caught but thanks to Mi-Hee’s possessiveness, Junsu is stopped from going back home. Even Dongsuk calls to give his support as he tells Myungsuk that with the exception of Choonja, everyone likes Inyoung.


Inyoung and Myungsuk resort to the people’s therapist. As they drink, Inyoung teaches Myungsuk that she puts in all of her negative feelings into the empty can and crush it to get relief. Then she confesses that she’s so frustrated because she likes Choonja but she doesn’t want to stop liking Myungsuk. After Inyoung falls asleep, Myungsuk puts a blanket on her and goes to bed in Young-Ah’s room.


The morning brings it’s own mini crisis as Haji sounds the alarm that Myungsuk stayed the night at Young-Ah’s with Inyoung. Young-Ah texts Junsu the alarm. So, he stumbles half awake home to find the two in bed together.


When Choonja arrives before the two can leave, Junsu pretends to have slept in the bed. However, Choonja yells that if the two culprits don’t come out she will call the broadcasting station and ask that they don’t let Inyoung on air. With a squeal, Inyoung opens the closet door.

To calm Choonja down again, Junsu promises to not let Inyoung near Myungsuk again. With the subcrisis over, they walk out and run into Mi-Hee. Choonja then finds out that Mi-Hee hasn’t let Junsu sleep at home for a while.

The family calls a meeting as they discuss their wishes. The family agrees that they don’t want to sell their house.


Choonja tries to reason with Mi-Hee in a cafe. She promises to convince Young-Ah to drop out of the election if Mi-Hee would give up on her redevelopment plan. Mi-Hee answers that she cannot give up. Choonja downs her glass of water and declares that the whole family will help Young-Ah win.


Back at the academy, things are still awkward as the head pulls out some dust from Se-Mi’s hair. He then asks her to take over the academy as he starts to focus on the second branch.

At the same time, Junsu and Inyoung’s manager are in damage control mode as people call to confirm the rumors that Inyoung and Myungsuk are an item. It turns out that Haji has been sending leaks out to the stations…


Unfortunately, someone calls Choonja who ends up giving an unofficial interview that Inyoung purposefully seduced Inyoung for the money and prestige.


Junsu worries about Inyoung getting hurt. Coincidentally Inyoung comes into the office and reassures him that she’s fine. She worries about Myungsuk’s future at the college instead. Hearing this, Junsu yells at Inyoung for ignoring her teammates who were allowed to resign their contracts due to Inyoung’s popularity.


As for Myungsuk, he gets angry at his mother’s insistence on hating on Inyoung and yells at her. He goes back into his room in a mood only to be followed by Haji who declares that she loves Myungsuk. Myungsuk turns around and tells her that he’s going to pretend he didn’t hear her confession.


In the morning, all of the family members note how unfortunate it is that Choonja turned the sweet Inyoung into a heartless gold digger. Soonhee takes the chance to snipe that Choonja’s children are all having difficulties because of their mother. Choonja’s had enough and she stomps into her room to get all of her account books for the household finances. She angrily throws them on the table and declares that she’s leaving since the family doesn’t seem to want her.


Choonja heads over to Young-Ah’s house and Inyoung moves into Mi-Hee’s apartment…Mi-Hee enters her house to find it a complete mess! Inyoung explains that she was staying at Choonja’s place as her daughter-in-law and had to help. But, she’s staying at Mi-Hee’s place as a singer so she doesn’t need to clean up. With that, Inyoung leaves to go into her room and Mi-Hee turns to her son to ask how long Inyoung will be staying.

Back at home, people are feeling Choonja’s absence as Soonhee is unprepared to prepare such extravagant meals for the family. The family members take turn checking in on Soonhee because they get hungry. The grandfather even pushes Dongsuk into the kitchen to help. He smiles that it might not look like much but it’s actually hard work to prepare all of the meals for the family.

Meanwhile, Young-Ah excuses herself because she’s not hungry and leaves her mom to worry about her daughter.


The next day, Choonja calls Inyoung out to the cafe. She tells Inyoung that she likes Inyoung as a daughter but not as a daughter-in-law and asks if they can’t just be mother and daughter instead. Lonely Inyoung gets moved and wonders about Choonja’s words in the ride back. Right on time, some of her members text her about their new album that Junsu promised them.


At the same time, the academy head gives Se-Mi the legal papers which transfers the academy into her name. He also gives her a new name plaque. Se-Mi looks moved but then gets a text from Choonja.


Choonja asks Se-Mi to return home in return for Choonja’s permission to work at the academy. Se-Mi responds that she does not want to return home and is considering divorce if Choonja refuses to approve of her working. She explains that she believes that she will be able to take care of San financially.

Choonja goes home in a mood and decides to leave so that Junsu can come home. At the same time, Mi-Hee’s husband drops by with flowers. Mi-Hee gets worried about Junsu seeing his father and pushes him into the house.

By the time that Mi-Hee enters her house, her husband has already taken off his clothes to shower. She curses him until he walks out all clean and Mi-Hee cannot help herself but sighing at his looks. A few minutes pass and Mi-Hee returns to normal so she goes back to yelling at him to leave.


Later, Inyoung seems to have made her decision. She invites Myungsuk out to a date at her old elementary school. Her condition for the day is that they never let go of each other’s hands… Among the background of sad music, Inyoung and Myungsuk enjoy a happy date in the playground and even spend tons of money so Myungsuk can get Inyoung a ring from the toy turnstiles. Before he gets a ring, he gets a toy handcuff which he puts on her fingers and asks her if she likes him. Inyoung answers that she loves him instead of just liking him.


The drama throws us a surprise with Se-Mi. All of a sudden her coworkers barge in and announce that they are not going to teach anymore because they haven’t been paid for three months. She also gets a text from the bank that alerts her about a loan of $100,000 being funded in her name…

Back at Mi-Hee’s place. Her husband knocks out drunk and she drags him into her room just as Junsu comes home. When Junsu offers to read to her so that she can fall asleep, her ex-husband snores and Mi-Hee has to pretend that she’s already sleeping.


Junsu happily goes to his apartment but finds himself locked out. Young-Ah comes out and tells Junsu that she’s changed the password for the lock. She adds that he’s not allowed to come back until he figures things out with his mom.

Finally, Myungsuk and Inyoung also arrive at home. She let’s go of his hand and tells him to let her go now.


An episode of surprises? The first one that I totally did not expect was the academy head pulling a fraud on Se-Mi. While, I was wondering if he was cosmopolitan or bisexual, I did think that he was interested in Se-Mi. It was perfectly set up for some kind of love triangle between Dongsuk, Se-Mi and the guy! The fraud was completely unexpected… It almost feels like making him into a bad guy is a cop out so that Se-Mi can return to Dongsuk without really developing Dongsuk’s character or the love triangle storyline.

Inyoung’s decision was more expected. It was also not that sad. For as much as I love watching this drama, as I noted in the last recap, I have difficulties falling for this pair. Their chemistry is “Meh” at best. So, while the sad music played and I knew I should have been sad, I just wondered how the story would progress.

Inyoung’s decision does provide for an interesting internal conflict. It’s true that Inyoung feels responsible for her teammates. Growing up without parents, Inyoung must also be swayed by Choonja’s offer to continue as mother/daughter. Her decision to try to end things seems logical and practical at this point but we can see how the writer includes the angst and tries to convince us that this couple is meant to me 😉

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