Everything Will Be OK – E09

Grandmama’s discomfort around Kayoon pushes her to joining her father’s restaurant.  Meanwhile, Ki-Chan decides to swallow up his pride and join Mansoo’s restaurant as well because he’s now an uncle.



The ever obedient Kayoon leaves the house as asked and goes to visit her mother’s and brother’s grave. There we get a flashback where the Grandmama goes crazy from sorrow and tears into a young Kayoon. Grandmama cries that it’s all Kayoon’s fault… It was because her daughter was pregnant with Kayoon that she approved of the marriage… And it was because Kayoon went off to play in Mansoo’s restaurant that no one was watching Kayoon’s little brother and he got into the accident…

Back in the present, Kayoon sighs that she wishes that Grandmama would finally find peace as well.


Meanwhile, Mansoo happily brags to Dongsook that his scary mother-in-law took his side for once. He’s pretty much ecstatic. Dongsook sounds like she could care less and reminds Mansoo that they need to hire new employees to replace the ones who quit.


Ki-Chan also changes his life by quitting modeling. He tells his photographer aid friend that he needs to be responsible.

Right afterwards, Mansoo calls Ki-Chan over. He gives Ki-Chan a uniform and tells Ki-Chan that there isn’t a better job for him… He provides insurance as well two meals in addition to salary.


Back at home, Jung-Eun finds out from her Grandmama that Grandmama told Kayoon to leave. The Grandmama isn’t even repentant and notes that she told Kayoon not to show up at the wedding. Jung-Eun immediately texts Jingook who wonders about Kayoon to Hyunjoon. They guess that Kayoon would go to her mother’s cemetary. So, Hyunjoon drives over.


But, he’s too late. Kayoon has already returned to the restaurant where she tells her father they she wants to start working for him. Dongsook first declares that she wants to quit if she has to work under a cranky boss and a young boss as well. But Kayoon and Mansoo comfort her that Kayoon is going to start from the bottom up.

Dongsook asks Mansoo about a fake name for Kayoon so no one picks up on Kayoon being his daughter. They end up deciding Kayoon’s fake name as Oh Mi-Ja, which is a tea!

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With the gradual touches of the dramalords, Kayoon and Ki-Chan end up working together. Ki-Chan ends up being extremely experienced with different part time jobs and begins to teach Kayoon how to dry dishes.


As for our side couple, Jingook’s mother angrily tells her son to end the marriage or call Kayoon back. Jingook laughs and tells his mother that even if she wanted to, she cannot speak about the wedding planning with Kayoon because her grandmother ordered her out of the planning.

Jingook goes off and calls Hyunjoon about how Kayoon has still not come home. After hearing this, Hyunjoon visits Mansoo’s restaurant to check and sees Kayoon walking by with Ki-Chan.

In a fleeting scene, Heejung accepts the fact that she’s a mother and cries. At the same time, her mother finds out from the doctor that her husband will pass on soon…


Back at the restaurant, Kayoon and Ki-Chan fill out their human resource papers. Ki-Chan continues to speak informally with Kayoon assuming that she’s only 24 (US age 22/23) because Kayoon mentioned that she just graduated last year. After he leaves, Dongsook confronts her about her real age – 26.

Kayoon and her father come home to find Jingook and Jung-Eun tired from worrying. Jingook sighs about how he’s exhausted from all of the wedding planning and wonders if they would be able to study abroad on time. Jung-Eun answers practically that they won’t know until the wedding for all we know a woman might show up claiming she’s pregnant with his child. Jingook coughs angrily about Jung-Eun’s joke and reminds Jung-Eun that he was the one who sent someone to look for Kayoon in the countryside.


Mansoo overhears this and goes to tell Grandmama off for being mean to his daughter. Grandmama tells Mansoo that his daughter heard mean things but her daughter died before her mother. Kayoon comes in bring her father out.


Later, Grandmama comes out and snaps at Kayoon for leaving the house just because she heard some mean words. She tells Kayoon that she doesn’t have to worry about the wedding anymore since Jingook’s mother is probably freaked out at this point.

She also asks Kayoon about going to see her mother’s grave. Kayoon cautiously answers that her mother is doing well and invites her grandmother to visit with her the next time. But Grandmama answers that she cannot forgive her own daughter… If she was going stubbornly get married against her mother’s will, she should have lived well.


The next day, Ki-Chan continues to train Kayoon on how to fold napkins. As he teases her on being bad at the job, he also jokes about her not having a boyfriend. But he’s sweet enough to give her some good advice. When her heart starts pounding and she found a guy who made her heart pound so, she will know that he’s the one.

The talk about pounding hearts reminds Kayoon about Ki-Chan’s dream to stand on the runway and she asks him about his modeling career. Ki-Chan looks a bit serious but jokes it off that he’s moved on… Every man is the star of his family and that is the only spotlight he needs. Awwww.


They end up carrying boxes into the restaurant to prepare for the day when they see Jingook’s mother. Kayoon quickly hides to keep her false identity intact and the lady blows up on Ki-Chan for not calling the boss immediately.


Grandmama! You don’t really hate Kayoon after all! Awwww, I like Grandmama’s character a lot. I was a bit hesitant because of the harsh way that she’s treating Mansoo and Kayoon. However, seeing Grandmama basically apologize (even if it’s a not-apology) melted all my guards away.

Grandmama is a creature of her circumstances. She was raised in a privileged home and it seems all of her troubles started when Kayoon’s mother decided to get married to Mansoo… Then she lost her grandson, her daughter, and her son is off being a rascal. It’s reasonable that Grandmama would turn into this mean old granny who pines for the better days of the past… And who hates the person who represents the beginning of change in her life. For Grandmama, it’s Kayoon because her problems were likely manageable even until her daughter rebelled.

Of course, I don’t think her treatment of Kayoon is acceptable. But, I think there’s hope for Grandmama to realize that she’s already forgiven Kayoon. Additionally, with the exception of this small character flaw, she’s pretty boss. In this episode, she wasn’t going to take Jung-Eun being a baby either. When Jung-Eun flits around the kitchen not preparing dinner, she makes a pointed remark about how the house cannot function without Kayoon. For being the first person in the Geum family to treat Jung-Eun normally, Grandmama also gets added points.

This episode was totally dedicated to Grandmama in my mind, so, I’ll stop there.

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