Make a Woman Cry – E39

The second to last episode! Kyung-Cheol returns healing, Kyung-Ah gets married, the Kang family forgives each other, Jin-Myung falls for Hong-Ran and Deok-In and Jinwoo go off to save Yunseo.  Yes, all in one episode!


Daddy Kang is rushed to the hospital with all of the Kang family members following. All of a sudden, Hasoon is running to Deok-In to tell her that CEO Kang has passed on. So suddenly? Did Lee Soon-Jae have to start another filming? How jarring!

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The funeral is held and the family’s women sob in front of his picture while the men stand in shocked sorrow. Eunseo also walks toward his picture and falls to her knees sobbing that she was wrong… Repeating it over and over again, asking for forgiveness.


Deok-In also shows up and bids CEO Kang well on his journey to the afterlife. Jinwoo walks her out and explains what happened. Deok-In murmurs that CEO Kang must have thought of Eunseo as his child as well. The discussion turns into a didactic review of how children could never fathom just how much their parents love them.


They find themselves sitting outside of the funeral and Deok-In tells Jinwoo that he won’t realize it emotionally right away… Instead, he will keep wondering where his father is when he goes home-feeling the loneliness each time.

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Deok-In walks Jinwoo back in and then spots Yunseo in the hallway. As soon as he sees her, he runs away for his life but Deok-In follows. During the time away, Yunseo has gotten better running away and he ends up jumping the fence.

Deok-In yells at him to come back as his father is waiting for him. Then she pretends to leave to catch him but Yunseo breaks free. He does drop a lighter from a host bar and Deok-In brings it to Jinwoo.


Hong-Ran finds the exhausted Eunseo and tells her to go home and rest. Eunseo jokes back that Hong-Ran sounds like she’s worrying about her. Hong-Ran answers that she’s not sure herself but seeing their father-in-law leave like that, she realized that Eunseo is her family.

Eunseo suddenly tells Hong-Ran that she’s really sorry for the past. She asks Hong-Ran if Hong-Ran can ever forgive her. Hong-Ran tells Eunseo that she has also missed Eunseo. And as the two accept and forgive each other, Eunseo wonders if they will ever see each other again. Hong-Ran responds that they will since Hyunseo will be at their house.


The next day, Deok-In goes to the host bar named on the lighter to look for Yunseo but the worker denies knowing him. She updates Jinwoo and advises him not to involve the police since that might spook whoever brought Yunseo back into the country. She also tells Jinwoo to be patient. Yunseo visited the funeral because he misses his family as well… He will return.


Time passes and Deok-In and Jinwoo are back at a bench. Jinwoo confirms that the educational endowment has been given to charity and CEO Kang has also left something for Deok-In.


Hasoon encourages Deok-In to accept it considering CEO Kang’s wishes… She also reminds Deok-In about the expenses facing their family and the Hwang family. Deok-In answers that she will take the inheritance and use what they need before donating the rest.

They go over to the Hwang house and tell Kyung-Soo to take over the current pizza restaurants. A little bit of lightness returns when Hasoon snaps that Kyung-Soo has to be the owner and Kyung-Tae the manager… Because he’s old and needs to get married!


Another jump and the family has bought the pizza restaurant! Kyung-Cheol shows up and he looks like the treatment is working!

Next thing we know, Deok-In is back in the host bar. A waiter is eating noodles and yells out that he doesn’t know anything. Deok-In silently throws a check for $10,000 and promises another check for the same amount if the waiter finds the kid she’s looking for. The waiter changes his attitude and promises that he will be able to find the boy if he’s in the neighborhood.


As for the Kangs? CEO Kang’s death has magically turned everyone into the perfect family members. Jinwoo gladly gives the CEO position to Jin-Myung and Jinhan agrees. Jinhan tells the family that he has worked enough and wants to start studying again and traveling now that he’s rich. Luckily for him, the rest of the members are okay with Jinhan becoming a professional bum at the family’s expense.

Jinhan then asks the family if he can bring Hyunseo back home. Momma Kang agrees but looks at Hong-Ran to see if she would object. Surprising everyone, Hong-Ran answers that they have to bring Hyunseo back if Eunseo will allow it.


Jin-Myung is as skeptical as me because he follows Hong-Ran upstairs and notes that she’s matured. Hong-Ran answers that she realized that life is short and wants her son to focus on golf like she likes. Minseo is overjoyed since he didn’t like studying anyways.

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Jin-Myung follows Hong-Ran into the room and asks again what happened. She answers that she doesn’t have to be so combative now that he’s the CEO. She can be magnanimous and take care of the family, too.

Jin-Myung pulls her into a hug and tells her that he loves her. He just now realized that she is the only one who loved him through everything. Finally having achieved what she really wanted, Hong-Ran breaks down. Another subplot solved magically!


Then Jinhan and Hyunbok meet with Eunseo who apologizes for being a psychopath and agrees to give them Hyunseo.

Since we have only 1.5 episodes to fix everything, the writer is on a roll. Deok-In gets a call from her waiter. He’s heard that Yunseo is drinking with some gangsters at another bar. He even gives her the name of another waiter who works at that bar and can help her.


Deok-In pays him and goes to find Yunseo. With the help of the waiter, Yunseo walks out to see who’s looking for him. Deok-In convinces him to speak with her for a little bit and they go off to a bench.

Yunseo explains that he met a Korean hyung abroad who was also in trouble. The hyung offered to bring him back.

Deok-In asks why he didn’t come back to the family. Yunseo answers that he is just afraid because he doesn’t know what he wants to do or what he can do. Deok-In reminds him that he’s only 18 (Korean age) and is young enough that he can do anything.

Yunseo changes the subject to ask whether Deok-In will tell Jinwoo. Deok-In replies that she won’t until Yunseo is comfortable telling Jinwoo. However, she does put her number into his phone and tells him to call her if anything comes up. Yunseo does not answer but decides to go home.

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Deok-In stops Yunseo and stutters out that she no longer dislikes him. Yunseo freezes and Deok-In blurts out that she wants him to be happy… That she will wait until he returns.

Yunseo looks like he’s about to cry and runs off.

The next day, Eunseo tells Hyunseo about his father’s request to bring him back home. Hyunseo asks what Eunseo will do and she answers that she’s going to the countryside to focus on flower arranging. She even adds that she wants to see Hyojung before she leaves.

Hyunseo later meets with Kyung-Tae who explains that the lie was all his idea. He asks Hyunseo to make Hyojung happy. Hyunseo tells Kyung-Tae that he never hated Kyung-Tae. He explains that he knows he cannot judge anyone without being in their shoes.

Kyung-Tae smiles and declares that Hyunseo is a great guy. He also adds that Hyojung is even a better girl so Hyunseo better make her happy.


With that Hyunseo brings Hyojung to his house. Eunseo apologizes for being a witch all of those times and explains that she was just insecure. She also adds that she’s going to the countryside and Hyunseo is returning home. She asks Hyojung to take care of Hyunseo.

Hyojung agrees and adds that she wants to repay Hyunseo for all of the pain that she’s caused him. Eunseo seems to like this answer and gives Hyojung the diamond ring that is usually passed down to the eldest daughter-in-law in Hyunseo’s family.


Next we turn to the Hwang family. It’s close to Kyung-Ah’s wedding. Instead of a bachelor party, the groom’s friends partake in the celebrations by pretending to be selling stuff and Kyung-Ah’s family has to convince them to stop yelling and come into the house. ^^


All of a sudden, it’s the wedding! Kyung-Ah turns into a beautiful bride and the wedding ensues. Next thing we know, Jinwoo is anxiously buzzing around Deok-In’s restaurant. He asks her if she’s found Yunseo… After all, Deok-In had said if she doesn’t find Yunseo, she would try to find him another way. He notes that Deok-In not continuing her investigation means that Deok-In found Yunseo.

Deok-In walks around to sit next to Jinwoo. She tells him that she promised Yunseo not to tell his father… She has to keep her promise or Yunseo would not trust her. She explains that she promised to run to Yunseo if he ever called.


Just as they are talking, Deok-In’s informat calls. They go to the host bar and the other waiter makes Deok-In promise that she doesn’t tell anyone he told… He explains that he’s only telling her because he’s worried something happened to Yunseo.

Just then, Yunseo calls but hangs up without saying anything. With the help of the chatty waiter, they rush over to a gangsters’ den.

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Deok-In and Jinwoo march in and demand that they let Yunseo go. When the gangsters ask who she is, Deok-In answers that she’s Yunseo’s mother. Things turn ugly quickly and Deok-In starts to fight them off while Jinwoo unties Yunseo.

Yunseo can barely walk so Jinwoo has to carry his son… Which leaves them vulnerable to attacks. Deok-In sees a gangster approach them with a pipe and runs in to get hit on the head in their stead.


Deok-In gets a direct hit and falls. Just as we are all wondering how Jinwoo will. manage to get both the weakened Yunseo and the concussion-suffering Deok-In, cops pull up with the helpful waiter in the back seat.


Now that we are on the second to last episode, I felt like the writing got looser and it was all a race to tie all of the storylines up as tightly as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately, this meant that although I agreed with most of the endings, the endings felt kind of hollow.  The frequent use of time jumps did not help with the authenticity of the storyline resolutions either.

First, I am glad that everything ended up working out for the Hwang family.  However, it was literally just a “now, everything is good for everyone and Kyung-Ah is married!”

Second, the dramalords “and this will happen because I say so” was also apparent in the resolution of the Kang family politics.  Eunseo’s character change only makes sense because she was saved by CEO Kang.  But, Hong-Ran’s and Jin-Myung’s character changes just seemed like the writer was throwing everything into the pot before the water comes to a boil.  Hong-Ran’s character has been pretty steady from the beginning and it made no senset hat Hong-Ran would ignore her son’s desire to continue golfing against his wishes, especially if it would make him feel miserable…I was under the impression from the prior episodes that Minseo very clearly knew what his mother was trying to do and also wanted the same thing.  So, the resolution of Hong-Ran’s arc with Hong-Ran suddenly realizing that Minseo wanted to golf and Minseo declaring that he didn’t like studying anyways was a gaping plot-hole.

Additionally, Jin-Myung’s decision to suddenly find Hong-Ran attractive and lovable was clunky as well.  I really wanted to just be convinced that Jin-Myung had a change of heart by seeing Hong-Ran thinking about the family’s welfare.  However, for the last several episodes, Hong-Ran has been acting on behalf of the family.  Specifically, she warns Jin-Myung several times even after he knows Eunseo’s true character.  It just did not convince me that Jin-Myung would suddenly fall for Hong-Ran just because she was willing to welcome Hyunseo back into the house.

Finally, the Yunseo arc.  Another random gangsters kidnap Yunseo situation?!  The first time, I accepted it and thought it was pretty moving.  But, this is the same drama! I don’t need to see Yunseo kidnapped again and needing Deok-In to come running again!  It’s like the writer ran out of ideas.  It was never even fully explained why the gangsters would want to kidnap him anyways!  Meh.

Onward to the last episode!

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