Everything Will Be OK – E11

Jingook tries to handle the news that he’s going to be Heejung’s child and handles it badly. He does such a bad job that we see it become the beginning of the war between Heejung and Kayoon.


The Hwang family has no idea that this tsunami of emotional trauma is approaching as Kayoon reassures Jung-Eun and they go to bed…

Jingook goes to the one person he can think of – Hyunjoon. Except, Hyunjoon doesn’t have time for his friend and has his secretary lie that Hyunjoon is on a business trip abroad.


Heejung also remembers that there is a problem with her current plan since she first told Hyunjoon that the baby is his. She calls Hyunjoon and gets the secretary again who tells her the same thing.

Heejung is calm again thinking that she can get everything resolved before Hyunjoon comes back when Jingook visits. He’s a complete mess and he tells her honestly that he doesn’t know what he should do. Heejung yells at him for wavering and tells him to go back to his bride (and never expect to see the kid) since she never expected him to help anyways. But, Jingook is too nice to take Heejung’s sarcastic “out”, he replies that he wasn’t trying to get out of responsibility for the baby.


Jingook decides to finally go home and tells his mother that he doesn’t want to get married since his mother doesn’t like Jung-Eun anyways. His mother thinks that Jingook is strategically discussing ending the wedding so that they can get the wedding she wants.

Jingook sighs that he doesn’t think that he can get married. His mother (turns out her name is Dalja) consoles him that he’s just getting pre-wedding jitters.

Jung-Eun calls at that moment and Jingook decides to go see her. Dalja gives him her credit card and tells him to buy luxurious presents for Jung-Eun’s family so that they can return the same.


When Jingook arrives at Jung-Eun’s house, she hugs him and apologizes for making it hard for him. She tells him that she won’t do it again and will always take his side… Piercing his guilty conscious like a professional. To make things worse, Kayoon and Grandmama welcome him into the house as well. Kayoon has even prepared his favorite dish.


Jingook gets noticeably more and more nervous as Kayoon gives them a list of wedding planners that can help. Jingook offers to take Grandmama shopping and Grandmama refuses at first. But when Kayoon suggests that they take Grandmama to a historical noodle shop, she changes her mind.

Meanwhile, Nari tries some poses in front of Ki-Chan and asks him for his opinion on her modeling ability. Ki-Chan tells her that modeling is something you’re born with and she doesn’t have it. So, Nari begins all of her modeling poses in front of the photographer aid/friend and Ki-Chan to prove that she is born to be a model. The photographer aid flames her dreams by telling her that she has a born talent.

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Once Nari goes off with the photographer, Ki-Chan starts to stare at Kayoon intensely. Kayoon gets nervous and jokes it off by parodying modeling poses as well. This sets Ki-Chan off in laughter and he tells Kayoon he’s able to live because of her. Oh ho? ^^

Next, we see the cutest thing. Ki-Chan has to tell their regular couple that they’re closing up for break time. The couple came to the restaurant when Ki-Chan and Kayoon started working and Ki-Chan had set the scene by offering them the cheapest dishes so that they can date for a longgggg time ^^ The couple’s leaving remark that they will return tomorrow seems to imply that they came every day since! Savvy business sense here.

After they leave, Ki-Chan massages Kayoon’s foot telling her that he’s used to this because of his modeling days. Hyunjoon’s visit interrupts this and Kayoon sees him in the special private room.


Hyonjoon asks Kayoon for a sample of her rice cakes and explains that he’s going to the United States for business. He also tells her that he’s sorry but he doesn’t think he can see her for a while because it hurt him to know that she wasn’t affected at all by their breakup.

Kayoon awkwardly answers that she understands. She also asks if Hyunjoon has seen Jingook lately because he seems weird.


So, Hyunjoon calls Jingook and apologizes for blowing him off. He asks Jingook if he wants to meet at the airport and Jingook answers that he has to go to school… Then he sighs that he just wants to die and end it all… But immediately after, Jingook apologizes and notes that he’s so embarrassed before hanging up.

Hyunjoon gets a weird feeling and decides to stop by the school.

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It turns out that the reason that Jingook had to go to the school is because he’s meeting with Heejung. He apologizes that he hasn’t been able to tell either family but he cannot let for of Jung-Eun… He asks if he can just raise the child with Jung-Eun.

Heejung angrily asks how he can even suggest taking her child. Jingook apologizes again.


Then Hyunjoon texts that he’s on campus and Heejung sees Hyunjoon in the window. Quickly, she tells Jingook that she wants a juice to get him distracted. She also takes his cell phone and texts Hyunjoon as if she’s Jingook that he’s in a meeting and it’s running late… Hyunjoon respects Jingook’s wishes and agrees to meet up after he comes back. Like a pro, Heejung deletes the chat and returns to the table.


When Jingook returns, Heejung tells him to figure it out tonight or else be prepared not to never see the baby again. In another part of Seoul, Hyunjoon leaves the country.

Kayoon and Ki-Chan arrive at a pojangmacha for drinks outside of her school. Ki-Chan looks surprised to hear that Kayoon graduated the same school as his sister. Kayoon answers that they probably didn’t overlap since his sister is older than her “oppa”.


They order a bunch of food with drinks when Jingook calls. He tells her that it’s serious and Ki-Chan tells her to go check on her friend.

Kayoon goes to the cafe where Jingook tells Kayoon that he cannot marry Jung-Eun anymore. He begins to tell Kayoon about how Jung-Eun’s joke became the truth… About a girl getting pregnant with his child…


Kayoon tells Jingook to stop joking but Heejung interrupts. She tells Jingook to give them some privacy and Jingook gladly gets up. Kayoon stops him to tell him that she wants to hear it from him, himself. But, Jingook runs away like a coward.

Kayoon tells Heejung that she knows Heejung js pregnant; she overheard Heejung tell Hyunjoon. Heejung answers that she was asking Hyunjoon for Jingook’s contact information… However, Hyunjoon refused because Jingook was engaged.

She also adds that she was prepared to be a single mother but got caught when she fainted in front of the school. Jingook promised to take care of the child. He just has not because it’s too hard to call off a wedding.

Kayoon angrily tells Heejung that she’s heard enough. If Jingook wants to call of the wedding, she will hear it from Jingook… She doesn’t need to hear it from a third party. Heejung asks if Kayoon doesn’t even know her name. Kayoon answers that she doesn’t care to know and leaves.


Kayoon calls for Jingook in the parking lot and he slinks out. He apologizes but notes that he still needs to take responsibility for his one night mistake. He asks Kayoon for help telling Jung-Eun.

Kayoon looks back at Jingook in surprise and shock. She yells back that he’s a jerk and he needs to figure out what to do about Jung-Eun. Feeling like she cannot control her anger, she also resorts to hitting him with her bag before giving up and leaving.


Since the drama has not clarified who Heejung’s baby daddy is, we will go with the assumption that it’s actually Hyunjoon. Even giving Jingook that benefit of the doubt, his behavior in this episode was cowardly and unforgivable. He’s basically hurting both Heejung and Jung-Eun’s family by not being able to commit to either side. Because even if Heejung might be trying to manipulate her, the moments of vulnerability that we’ve seen suggests that she’s just trying to find someone kids and warm to lean on. Meanwhile, by dragging it out, he’s increasing the hurt and betrayal that Jung-Eun and her family would feel.

Secondly, I can’t believe he would tell Kayoon before telling Jung-Eun. The topic of breaking up and calling off a marriage should first be told to the parties involved… Jingook slighted Jung-Eun badly in this episode by telling Kayoon first. If he respected Jung-Eun, no matter how difficult he found it out to be, he should have told Jung-Eun first. That might have even given Jung-Eun the opportunity to decide whether or not she wants to forgive Jingook without involving rest of the family. By telling the family first, he’s limiting Jung-Eun’s future choices.

On a more bird’s eye view opinion, I like how the storyline is unfolding. I feel like the writing is tight. There’s enough witty dialogue but the focus doesn’t stray far from the story. The base premise is pretty cliche in that there’s an illegitimate rich heir and a messy double/intertwined love squarey-mess. However, the writers and the actors have done a great job getting me involved and invested in the lives of Kayoon /Jung-Eun/ Heejung.

The male characters feel more like antagonists or side characters at this point. Mainly Jingook has annoyed me to no end and Hyunjoon got kicked off to the side as we began to focus on the HJ/JK/JE triangle. The only character that I really like is Ki-Chan. It seems like life has really thrown him the short end of the stick with first his parents and then his selfish sister. He even gave up his chance to go to college so that she could. But, he’s still pretty optimistic and sweet. I like the growing dynamic that he has with “Mi-Ja” (Kayoon) and I hope that he also gets a happy ending at the end of this series because he deserves it!

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