Everything Will Be OK – E12

Kayoon reels from the betrayal of her little sister by her friend and spends the episode trying to tell her sister and father…Meanwhile, Jingook starts to man up about the fact that he’s a father and tells his mother.


While Kayoon is hit with the biggest family crisis ever, Ki-Chan drunks by himself wondering why Kayoon is neither coming or picking up her phone.

At the same time, Jingook sighs to Heejung that this situation is too difficult for him he just realized that he should have talked to Jung-Eun first… Heejung answers that it’s because he’s too sweet and Jingook doesn’t reply.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan gives up and leaves a voice-mail that he’s leaving first. But just as he leaves, he sees Kayoon walking by. So, he calls her by her fake name and Kayoon doesn’t respond. He gets her attention and Kayoon starts downing soju like there’s no tomorrow.


Ki-Chan tells her to have some food with her alcohol but Kayoon responds that she cannot go home sober. So, Ki-Chan takes Kayoon to a karaoke room. As Ki-Chan sings, Kayoon starts drinking and shouting to herself that “Jingook Jang is a jerk!”


Heejung shows us another vulnerable aspect as she asks Jingook about how he fell in love with Jung-Eun. She declares that since they slept together before the engagement, she didn’t wreck anyone’s relationship.

Jingook notes that theirs was a one night stand while he loved Jung-Eun. Heejung angrily asks him if he would tell their child the same thing… That he was about to marry another woman when the child came along.

This gets Jingook’s attention and he answers that he would tell their child that they loved each other. Heejung calms down and starts to ask about Jingook’s mother and whether he would really be able to call off the wedding. Jingook answers that it’s already done since Kayoon knows.

Heejung finds herself without an appetite and tells Jingook to leave. Jingook answers that he wants to see Heejung’s little brother come home before he leaves, but he does leave when Heejung accuses him of killing time so he doesn’t have to go home.


After he leaves, Heejung remembers how Hyunjoon had left her no other choice but to become a single mother or to get an abortion. She tells herself that Jingook is a much better man than Hyunjoon and notes that she won’t lose this chance that the heavens gave her.


Meanwhile, Kayoon sneaks home half drunk and tiptoes through the house. She thinks that she succeeded until she goes into her own room and finds both her Grandmama and Jung-Eun in her room. Jung-Eun shows Kayoon her present from Jingook. In return, Kayoon angrily yells at her little sister for accepting it and Grandmama comments that Kayoon is drunk. The two sober women decide to leave Kayoon to her drunkenness and sleep together… Leaving Kayoon to brood about who to tell first…her father or her sister.

The next morning, Kayoon nervously tries to talk with her father in the morning. However, Grandmama realizes that something is up and snaps that Mansoo is busy getting to work and whatever Kayoon has to say can wait until he gets home.

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Kayoon then turns to Jung-Eun who’s dieting for her wedding. Kayoon carefully notes that she doesn’t approve but Jung-Eun takes her older sister’s words lightly. Then she pretends that she has a stomach and runs out to meet Dalja. So Kayoon calls Jingook to tell him that he’s got to do his own cleanup.


She couldn’t tell Jung-Eun and Jung-Eun is off to meet Dalja. Jingook starts whining into the phone when he hears this before he gets his butt out if bed.


Meanwhile, Heejung tells Ki-Chan that she’s going to get married. Ki-Chan congratulates Heejung and wonders if they should celebrate. Heejung tells Ki-Chan that they still have a lot of obstacles in the future… For example, she told the guy that their parents are dead.

Ki-Chan stands up angrily declaring that he can’t make a lie like that. But Heejung tells her little brother that they have to be careful since she had it so hard for the past few weeks… She doesn’t want to let this chance go because of her parents.


At the same time, Heejung’s mother’s adopted daughter (Eunjue) finds her mother’s diagnosis paper and confronts her about it. She cries that she’s so tired about taking care of their father that she can’t do it for her mother… She tells her mother to get treatment now for the cancer instead of letting the cells grow.


Returning to Jingook, he tells his happy mother that he got another girl pregnant. Dalja demands to know if he knows that the child is his… Jingook answers that the girl was going to live as a single mother but he found out accidentally. Dalja calms down and tells Jingook that she won’t do anything so he can relax.

But then Dalja goes to meet Jung-Eun. She tells Jung-Eun that she lied to Jingook who was being overly sensitive about them meeting. Jung-Eun seems to be in love with her future mother-in-law and agrees to do the same.

Kayoon gets reassured that Jung-Eun is not meeting with Dalja and turns her thoughts to Ki-Chan. She remembers how he stayed with her late into the night to console her and buys him a hat that says “Model.”


However, Kayoon doesn’t get to give Ki-Chan the hat as his photographer friend and Nari show up in the staff room. She tries again a little later only to overhear Ki-Chan joking along with his friend about seducing Mansoo’s daughters and taking over the restaurant. Kayoon gets angry and turns away too early to hear Ki-Chan tell his friend to stop joking around.

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As for Jingook, he goes to tell Heejung that he will tell Kayoon’s family tonight. But then his mother texts him pictures of Kayoon in a hanbok. Jingook ends up going into Heejung’s room for some privacy and tells his mother that he loves Jung-Eun but there are things in life more important than love. He hangs up just as Heejung runs in telling him to just push her off a cliff if he’s going to let his mother attack her like that. Jingook calms her down telling her that he will tell everyone tonight.

Back at the restaurant, Kayoon continues to react icily toward Ki-Chan for what she overheard…While in the back office, Dongsook worries about Nari spending the night with the photographer aid in a sauna (jjim jil bang). Mansoo tells her that it should be fine since the jjim jil bang is a public space.

Dongsook doesn’t seem convicted and asks Mansoo if he would be as calm if it was Kayoon… She also notes that Kayoon seems to be extremely friendly with Ki-Chan, calling him “oppa”. Mansoo turns to look at her in surprise as he comments that Ki-Chan is younger and then sighs that his daughter is an idiot.

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Like clockwork, Kayoon comes in as they are talking about her and Dongsook leaves to worry about Nari some more.  Kayoon announces that she has something to tell Mansoo and we cut off.


I hate to blame the parent for the way that a child turned out but in Dalja’s case, I am sorely tempted to.  I was surprised when Dalja reacted to Jingook’s confession calmly and even seemed sympathetic about his emotional pain and trauma.  I knew that we were not going to get the best mother-of-the-year from her but figured at least Dalja might be practical even if she’s just going to switch from trying to control Jung-Eun to trying to control Heejung.

However, I was completely wrong.  The writer is definitely keying up both Dalja and Jingook to become main antagonists in this subarc as Dalja goes off to try to appeal to Jingook’s selfish side at Jung-Eun’s expense.   The last part is what rubbed me the wrong way the most…Dalja is a woman and should know since her own husband left her what it would feel like to be betrayed.  Yet, she goes off to continued to foster and develop a relationship with a girl who has no idea that her fiance has fathered a child with another woman.

It was not like Dalja had no other options.  She definitely could have calmly just ordered that Heejung undergoes a DNA test before deciding anything.  She could even have offered to accept Heejung if the test confirmed that the baby is indeed Jingook’s.

Returning to Jingook, he definitely continued to show his lower side as he failed to tell Jung-Eun again.  All he really has to do is call Jung-Eun to meet but he is refusing to do it, leaving Jung-Eun vulnerable to manipulation by Dalja.

On a final note, it was hilarious how Mansoo reacted to Dongsook’s comment that Kayoon is going around calling Ki-Chan “oppa.”  He literally called her an idiot since Kayoon is the same age as Heejung ^^

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