Everything Will Be OK – E13

I have to confess…I have been resorting to binge watching these episodes every time that I have gotten behind. It’s the right amount of drama with a little bit of fluff to keep you going.   Kayoon’s whole family (including Jung-Eun find out find out about Jingook’s mistake) and the wedding gets called off. Ki-Chan finds out about Kayoon’s real identity…and Dalja meets Heejung.



Kayoon tells Mansoo to go home early today since Jingook will be coming to their house. Mansoo changes the topic to the rumors about her and Ki-Chan so Kayoon leaves. However, right before she leaves Ki-Chan comes in and Mansoo asks him how old he is.

Ki-Chan answers that he’s 23 but he lied to “Mija”… He stresses that it’s only one year difference anyways so it should not be too much of a problem. Mansoo gets frustrated by his own daughter and Ki-Chan and takes it out on the poor boy, yelling at him to maintain his basic manners.

After Mansoo stalks out angrily, Ki-Chan stays for a couple of minutes to try out the hat in the office (which also serves as the lost and found). When Kayoon tries to call her father about Jingook, Ki-Chan sees Mansoo’s cell phone which has Kayoon’s picture with the label “eldest daughter.”

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Things barely have time to calm down as Heejung calls the restaurant and asks for Mansoo. She tells him that she’s going to marry Jingook because she has his child. Mansoo looks stricken and slowly lowers the phone.

At the same time, Ki-Chan checks the employee HR files and sees Kayoon’s page listing her real name. Kayoon comes in and jokes with Ki-Chan asking him if he’s working on his plan to seduce the boss’ daughter. Ki-Chan angrily yells back that it’s none of her business.

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Kayoon gets surprised by this outburst of anger and asks what is getting to Ki-Chan when she’s only joking. Ki-Chan continues to yell that what he and Young-Tae (the photographer aid friend) were saying is joking but Kayoon has been ignoring him condescendingly all day. He stalks out just as Mansoo is barging in.

Mansoo also yells at Kayoon for not telling him sooner about Jingook. Kayoon apologizes that she only found out yesterday. Mansoo tells her to call Jung-Eun home immediately before that girl calls anyone else.

Kayoon calls Jung-Eun to tell her to go home. Dalja sees this and tries to convince Jung-Eun that she’s part of the family and needs to stay strong. Of course, Jung-Eun has no idea what is going on.


Jingook arrives at home and tells Jung-Eun to get her stuff. Dalja tells Jingook to stop as just aborting the child would solve everything. Jingook yells back that it’s his child.

Dalja falls into the couch due to low blood pressure before Jung-Eun comes out. When she does, Jingook apologizes that he won’t be able to take her home because of his mother. Jung-Eun understands and leaves alone.


Though it’s supposed to be a serious moment, I had to laugh in the next scene. Jingook is asking his mom to let it go and Dalja starts beating him while yelling that she gave him so many condoms when he started college! Hahahahaha!


Jung-Eun arrives at home in time to overhear the family worrying about how to tell her about the other woman with Jingook’s child. She faints and the family has to take her to her room and massage her for her to regain consciousness.

Jung-Eun starts crying when she wakes up and finds out that she didn’t mishear. The family members walk out…

In the hallway, Grandmama vents at Kayoon blaming her for all of the problems including this one since Jingook was her friend.

Meanwhile, Heejung thinks to herself that she feels a little bad about Kayoon’s family. But then she notes that Kayoon still has a loving family while she has nothing.


Kayoon tries to console Jung-Eun but she’s literally hysterical. She accuses Kayoon of not being traumatized by the situation and knowing about this way in advance… Since Kayoon mentioned the question about what Jung-Eun would do if Jingook had another child. Kayoon tells Jung-Eun that it was another girl and another situation.


Grandmama starts beating Jingook up. Mansoo comes out to yell that they should kick him out. And a fight occurs between Grandmama and Mansoo. Grandmama wants Jingook to see what he did to Jung-Eun and Jung-Eun to see what a jerk Jingook is… While, Mansoo yells back that Jingook has no right to see Jung-Eun anymore.


After getting his besting, Jingook goes to Heejung’s house to ask if she called Mansoo. Heejung sulkingly agrees but gets angry Jingook for not solving the problem on his own. Ki-Chan comes home and everyone gets introduced.


Dalja visits Mansoo’s restaurant and get stopped at the door by Dongsook. Dongsook threatens to call the police or throw Dalja out and Dalja changes her tune. She shyly starts calling Dongsook sister and Dongsook agrees to listen to Dalja wants to say. They go into another room and Dalja learns that it was Heejung not Kayoon who told Mansoo.

Later that day, Heejung visits Dalja. Dalja sees Jingook go into his room and slaps her. She tells Jingook everything expecting him to be shocked but Jingook lies that he was the one who told Heejung to call Mansoo.

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Dalja accuses Heejung of being a gold digger… After all, she wasn’t even dating Jingook when she slept with him!

Jingook rushes to Heejung’s aid by explaining that it was serendipitous… Heejung had been sad about the project with Hyunjoon…

Heejung’s face freezes in an awkward frown. Dalja immediately latches on and asks why Heejung is reacting to Hyunjoon’s name. Jingook covers for Heejung and takes her into his room.

But when Jingook sits down, he remembers being punched by Ki-Chan because of Hyunjoon. Jingook asks Heejung if something happened between them.


Dalja bursts in and declares that she doesn’t trust Heejung. She demands that Heejung get a paternity test for her baby and Heejung reluctantly agrees.

At the same time, Ki-Chan tells his father about Heejung getting married. He sighs and wonders how his father got to this point.

Meanwhile, Eunjue forces her mother into going to see a doctor and getting a surgery date. The doctor schedules the mother but notes that the mother gave birth twice already…

Eunjue asks if her mother knows where her children are. The mother confirms that she didn’t.


We get some back story from Daeho who broods at the news that Heejung is getting married. He tells his cell mate that he met the children’s mother when he thought he was single… The children’s mother gave birth to the two kids and they went to register the kids on his family tree. That’s when they realized Daeho’s ex had already registered a marriage with him and refused to help to get revenge on him. Daeho had to go to jail and when he got out, the mother had left after giving the children to his legal wife.


Back at the hospital, Dalja tells the nurse to take her son and Heejung carefully to test the paternity of Heejung’s baby.


Ah short but sweet. Heejung’s parents’ story sounds like a total heartbreaking experience. I bet Daeho’s jail at that time was somehow related to Mansoo which is why he blames Mansoo for everything. When he comes out of jail, his wife is gone and his legal wife probably threw away the kids and ran to China. (Daeho mentioned that she’s in China.) He probably believes that if he had not gone to jail at that time, he could have protected his wife… The question then stands at why does Daeho believe it’s Mansoo’s fault?

Woa, talk about daily dramas returning to realism. I can’t believe the episode after Heejung decides to switch ships, Dalja drags Heejung to the hospital for a paternity test. I have to give Dalja credit for being efficient when she wants something done.

Turning to Heejung, again, I love how the writer Lee Sun-Hee is fleshing out that right now in Episode 13, Jang Heejung is still a child.  Even though she’s trying to manipulate Jingook to be the father of her child, she’s doing it to survive.  She apologizes (to herself and the air in her room but she still apologizes) to Kayoon and tries to justify her actions as being the result of her having no one.  She also shows a lot of frustration towards Jingook when he does not seem to be falling for the wedding as fast as she had hoped – forgetting about Jung-Eun.  Finally, the fact that her acting is so flawed and cracked that even Jingook asks her if she had anything to do with Hyunjoon portrays Heejung as more of a desperate character than an evil one.  So, it looks like we might have a daily drama antiheroine?!  Maybe it’s too early to get excited, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the writing, production and acting all come together to tell us a story where we are torn to bits in deciding which heroine to root for? (A la the drama Queen Seondeok.  I knew Milshil was the bad woman trying to take over the kingdom from the rightful heir (Seondeok) but even until the end, I totally supported Milshil…)

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