Everything Will Be OK – E14

Heejung manages to get out of testing in the hospital due to Korean law but Dalja backs Heejung into another corner with her resourcefulness. In the end, Heejung wins with her quick thinking while Ki-Chan tries to come to terms with the fact that he’s falling for his boss’ daughter who is older than him.



The nurse shatters Dalja’s dreams by answering that Korea bans paternity tests prior to birth. Even though Dalja yells at the nurse, she just walks off.


So, Jingook takes Heejung home and calls Hyunjoon leaving him a message that he wants to speak with him. Heejung glares at Jingook and snaps that she doesn’t want to deal with this suspicion… It would have been better if she just took the exam.

Then Dalja calls to day she found a branch office of  United States clinic that sends samples to the United States for testing. Heejung freezes for a minute. After the minutes pass, she agrees to the test and goes to get her jacket.


Meanwhile, Ki-Chan worries about Kayoon  who hasn’t come out to work and Kayoon thinks about Ki-Chan at the fish market. Then Ki-Chan has to quickly hide in the playground when Kayoon comes home because he’s hanging around the playground in Kayoon’s neighborhood. Kayoon pauses for a little bit and looks at the swing wistfully before going on…

That night Jung-Eun tearfully apologizes to Kayoon for being a little brat. Kayoon comforts her little sister and smiles that the sweet Jung-Eun has returned. Jung-Eun declares that she’s going to pursue her studies.


Kayoon returns to work the next day and runs into Ki-Chan in the changing room. She starts to tell Ki-Chan about her name but Ki-Chan panics and interrupts her. He yells at her for forgetting her name tag and acts icily telling her that the last time they met, they were fighting. Kayoon awkwardly leaves forgetting her desire to apologize.


Later Hyunjoon’s secretary arrives at restaurant to legally address Hyunjoon’s use of Kayoon’s rice cakes. Kayoon remembers how she was harsh on Hyunjoon and asks the secretary to pass on her request to speak to Hyunjoon. She then signs the contract.

After already signing the contract, she brings a copy to her father to review. Mansoo tells her just to go with it and trust Hyunjoon since they wouldn’t know anything even if they read it.


Meanwhile, Dalja opens up the results and it confirms that there was a 99% match. Heejung stares at the paper longer and Dalja suspiciously snaps at her. Heejung has an answer though. She tells Dalja that she was looking at the gender of her baby which is male.


Then Heejung pretends to gag and Jingook takes her into his room. A flashback shows us that Heejung had actually taken the pieces of hair from the razor that she gave to Hyunjoon and it’s implied that she used that sample for the test… The baby is actually Hyunjoon’s.


Back at the restaurant, Nari and Young-Tae bug Kayoon about the secretary. Dongsook comes in to tell everyone to stop loitering and announces that Hyunjoon is the third generation heir anyways.


Everyone leaves but Kayoon and Ki-Chan. Kayoon whines that Ki-Chan is being so grumpy when she had a huge family issue. Ki-Chan answers that he heard about her family.  He also offers to take care of the guy and the girl.  Kayoon happily giggles at the thougut of someone getting revenge for her.

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In a side scene, the secretary tells Hyunjoon that he took care of the contract and Heejung and Jingook both have been trying to contact him. Hyunjoon tells the secretary to look into it.

Back at the restaurant, Kayoon sees a pink cap in her locker that says “Manager”. She had bought one for herself and one for Ki-Chan. A flashback shows that she had subtly told Ki-Chan to keep the other hat since no one claimed it but the hat is still in lost and found.


Ki-Chan cleans up and sees that Mansoo is drinking again. He goes into the kitchen to cook up some food so that Mansoo can be snacking on something while he drinks.

Mansoo warms up to the kid and has Ki-Chan sit down and have a shot as well. He also tells Ki-Chan that Daeho was a wonderful friend…Mansoo had fallen in love with a rich female student while he was still a kitchen aid. The family disinherited her so Mansoo and his new pregnant wife had to live in a moldy studio. Daeho heard about this and arrived one day to give Mansoo enough money that they could move into a decent studio which is how his wife had given birth to Kayoon.

Mansoo does not elaborate on why Daeho currently hates him but changes the subject to how Ki-Chan is adapting. Ki-Chan whines that it’s good but he’s sad that the work he has a passion for cannot make him a living while passion-less work seems to be the only way to really make a living. Like a veteran of life, Mansoo tells Ki-Chan gruffly that it’s fine if Ki-Chan now knows it.

At the same time, Eunjue’s father passes on.

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Then Ki-Chan starts thinking about where he saw Jingook  before. He remembers the odd experience where Heejung had asked him to get revenge on a different guy… The guy who had put her number in spam… Heejung snaps that Ki-Chan is remembering everything wrong.  Even though  Ki-Chan persists, Heejung deflects Ki-Chan’s suspicions by reminding Ki-Chan that she had had a horrible month.


As for Jingook, he walks in to hear his mother lie to another friend that the kids are just going to study abroad without a wedding because the preparation is taking too much effort. Jingook yells at his mother so she gets off the phone but she’s not sorry. She tells Jingook that there’s no way she would tell the truth about her son… Better to lie and let everyone lose interest.

When Jingook comments that it’s harsh to not hold a wedding, Dalja snaps back that Heejung cannot afford to help pay for the wedding and doesn’t look like she has friends or family who would chip in for the cost through wedding gifts.

Jingook cannot say anything against that and ends up going back to his room to brood over a picture of Jung-Eun.


Hope everyone had a good weekend! I had to go to a wedding which threw off my recapping schedule >.<

Well isn’t Dalja resourceful? I thought they would drop it at the hospital and Korean law note but they took the storyline further! I love it! It’s like they anticipated the possible question of “so what if Korea bans it,  can’t they get it done through the Internet” and answered by having Dalja finding another solution.

Double kudos to the writer for not keeping us waiting for the results. For a minute, I actually believed that Jingook was the biological father until Heejung had that flashback. Well done writer! Now we have the stage set for Dalja to have to accept Heejung… Possibly a slight guilty conscience for Heejung… But there is this tiny string of possible complications if Heejung decides to fight Kayoon for Hyunjoon; she has his biological first born son.  Nice!

Additionally, it was nice to get more of the backstory through Mansoo since a part of what seems to be motivating Heejung is her perception of what happened in the past.

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