Make a Woman Cry – E40 (FINALE!)

It’s done! My obsession (though admittedly I ended up binge-watching and recapping late sometimes) is now gone and leaving me feeling slightly empty.  No more needs to be said than the drama did a good job in introducing two families through the connections of four young people…through them, we learned to care about both families 🙂



One year jumps and Deok-In is off food shopping in the morning for her children. It’s adorable as the start telling Deok-In thay she’s the reason they are going to college and getting jobs. Deok-In happily agrees to give them all of the cooked fish.

She runs out to give Jinwoo a lunchbox which he gives to Yunseo who looks like he’s studying for his high school certificate. A lunch time chat also tells us that Jinwoo is currently a part time teacher at the high school. Jinwoo sighs that he’s really worried about Yunseo…

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But at home, Jinwoo berates Yunseo for getting the same thing wrong and jokes that Yunseo takes after his mother. Yunseo answers back that he’s quitting and Jinwoo backs off… But then they spend the night up together with Yunseo studying and Jinwoo knitting to try to stay awake.

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The day of results comes and Deok-In spends the day checking her phone for a text and grumbles that no one is telling her anything. It turns out that it’s because Yunseo is too scared to check. He finally does and Jinwoo and Yunseo run out to meet in front of the restaurant…Yunseo has made it!


The good news gives us an opportunity to see the current Kang family dynamics. The grandmother announces it to everyone and Hong-Ran adorably tells Hyunbok that this is a miracle for Yunseo. Just as she’s about to explain Yunseo’s past, Jin-Myung bumps her and Hong-Ran finishes with a note that Yunseo was cute. She suggests a party to celebrate.

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So the family celebrates on the family lawn. When it comes time for Yunseo to say something, he pulls out a bouquet for Deok-In. The family also makes him read his card. He confesses that he’s thankful and he gets tearful when he thinks of her… He promises to be a good person who can help others out and ends thanking her again.

The mood gets all teary but the children jump in to alleviate the situation. Everyone toasts again.

The grandmother sighs later that it’s a shame that Deok-In never became part of their family. Hong-Ran offers to jump in.


Over dinner, Hong-Ran starts awkwardly noting how cute Deok-In and Jinwoo looks. Others shut her down for being awkward but agree that Deok-In is already part of the family. The same notes continue as Deok-In and Jinwoo leave.

On another day, a truck pulls up and a pot of orchids are delivered. The card explains kind of stiffly that it’s the prettiest orchids that were grown by Eunseo.


Just as they are talking about Eunseo, Jinhan and Hong-Ran show up at Eunseo’s greenhouse. She’s changed a lot as she doesn’t care about looks and eats straight from the big bowl.

Jinhan looks a bit quieter asking if she always eats alone. Eunseo answers that she has Ruby and a puppy comes running out.

After lunch, Jinhan and Eunseo take a walk. Jinhan tells Eunseo that they are going to holding an engagement party for Hyunseo and invites Eunseo. She refuses noting that she hasn’t seen Hyunseo in a year and she’s promised Daddy Kang…plus,it won’t look good for two mothers to show up at the party.

Jinhan thanks Eunseo for giving birth to Hyunseo and raising him well. He invites Eunseo to come and visit Hyunseo more often. Eunseo answers that she will return when Hyunseo has children. But, she sends some of her flowers instead.


Later Jinhan finds Jin-Myung preparing his fishing rods to go fishing. He invites Jinhan who declines as he’s afraid of the water. Jin-Myung asks his brother to come with him and promises to risk his life to save his older brother this time. Jinhan agrees seeing how much this means to Jin-Myung.


Then Hyojung arrives and Hyunseo’s family has fruit together in the garden. Both Jinhan and Hyunbok smile on Heejung happily.


We also see that Kyung-Ah has had a child and Bok-Rye is taking care of the baby. We switch to Kyung-Ah’s salon which is spacious and full of customers.

Kyung-Soo’s restaurant is also full…of girls! Hahaha and they all get free cokes on the house thanks to the two naive boys running the restaurant.

Meanwhile it looks like Hasoon and Deok-In are living at Bok-Rye’s as Deok-In comes home to Bok-Rye’s house as well.. Interrupting Hasoon and Bok-Rye wondering how to speed along Deok-In’s relationship with Jinwoo.

Deok-In checks in on Kyung-Cheol’s picture letting us know that he’s gone on first. Bok-Rye comes in the room to tell Deok-In to invite Jinwoo to Bok-Rye’s house. Bok-Rye explains that Kyung-Cheol would want Deok-In happy as well and she wants to treat Jinwoo since the whole family is living easily thanks to CEO Kang’s inheritance.

Bok-Rye even adds that she wants to see Deok-In living well and with family before she moves on. This convinces Deok-In.

She goes to invite Jinwoo the next day. He agrees.

So, the two mothers start preparing for the dinner. Meanwhile, Jinwoo decides that he’s going to get all of the clothes from his company’s store to give us a last opportunity to see some product placement. Yay, go Fantom!


They bring the gifts and go in happily where Jinwoo immediately bows to the mothers. The Hwang family looks on him fondly and dinner begins. Even though the dinner was originally to thank Jinwoo, it turns to telling the couple that they approve of the relationship.


After he leaves, the children decide to drink together for old time’s sake while the two mothers chat over fruit. Hasoon asks if Bok-Rye isn’t even a little bit sad about the situation.

Bok-Rye snaps that Hasoon is asking an immature question. But, she confesses that she she is sad when she thinks about Kyung-Cheol… However, she adds that she cannot do anything since a daughter-in-law is a draughter too.

Jinwoo gets all happy about the dinner and goes immediately to tell his family. He explains how even though they are Deok-In’s in-laws, they are like family to Deok-In. His family cheers him on noting that they are glad Deok-In’s family moved first; they are not in the position where they can rush anything.

Then Jinwoo confesses to Deok-In again in a bar. He tells Deok-In that he’s willing to wait… He already told his father that Deok-In would be the only woman for him.

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Deok-In answers that she has forgiven Yunseo but it’s different from marrying Jinwoo.

Jinwoo accepts Deok-In’s position. He tells her that she can just live the way she wants and then come to him if the time ever comes that she wants to.

Jinwoo gets up and goes to the piano where he starts and singing. Deok-In watches fondly as he sings and thinks to herself…


All of a sudden?! It’s a wedding! It’s cute and sweet because Bok-Rye is standing on the side of the bride’s family where the direct family would be. Omg, even Jinhee shows up!

Vows are given and rings are exchanged. Before the wedding ends, EVEN Eunseo shows up and nods before she leaves.

Deok-In thinks to herself that she spent too much time held up on the concept of “forgiving” and wonders what it means to forgive someone or to love someone. She decides that she is still forgiving someone but… She is loving him at the same time.


Sorry for the delay everyone! Here’s the last episode. Sigh, a bit anticlimactic and completely rushed. Like Lesley said, the last two episodes screamed of the writer burning out and throwing the script in the air after her drama was cut by ten episodes.

However, I still give this series an A- overall. It kept us interested and even though the writing got rushed, there was enough meat in the storyline for me to binge watch a couple of episodes at a time sometimes. Generally, the writer kept the series from being bogged down by unnecessary angst for unreasonable amounts of time and the writing was solid by the majority of the characters.



The series had an identity crisis in the middle and switched gears. It began reminiscent of the Japanese drama Gokusen where Deok-In used her past detective skills to protect the high school children. The story pacing was much more episodic at that time.


Then Jinhee got involved and the drama turned to a love square/war between the cheating couple and Deok-In/Jinwoo. Before this storyline was fully developed, Eunseo’s storyline began to get more and more screen time…It was not clear whether the writer originally wanted the Kang family politics to become the main storyline. But, it did.


All of a sudden, as Deok-In found out about The Reason That She and Jinwoo Cannot Be Together, the focus shifted. It was now focused on Eunseo’s attempt to take over the Kang family’s company and the obstacles that came up for her… From Jinwoo possibly getting married to Jinhan showing up with another wife.


By the time that the drama realized that it wandered far from home base, it was time to speedily start wrapping up the story lines. We got three episodes that slightly developed and resolved all of the possible issues outstanding with generous use of time jumps.



Deok-In. Deok-In. Deok-In. She developed but she didn’t reach her full potential due to the series being cut leaving me feeling a bit empty. She started out as a physically strong woman but still highly insecure emotionally. She could beat up gangsters but she would do anything she could to keep her husband’s and her husband’s family’s approval. She didn’t feel confident yet that even though she considers Kyung-Cheol’s family as her family, that they think about her the same way. For example, even though she found out that Kyung-Cheol was cheating on her, Deok-In refuses to get a divorce because she has to take care of Kyung-Cheol’s family.


Jinwoo wooing Deok-In over subtly by always being there for her and making it clear that he loves her helps. She realizes that even though the family is important, she still has to take care of herself first. Thus, we she her rebel and refuse Kyung-Cheol even when he comes crawling back while still keeping Jinhee by his side.


Deok-In’s character grew leaps and bounds when she found out that Yunseo was involved in Junghoon’s death. Now, even though the family and Jinwoo wants her to be with Jinwoo, she is literally the last person standing in front of the relationship. I thought that character development-wise, Deok-In achieved maturity (in selfishness).


I wish that we had more time to see how Deok-In decided to accept Jinwoo and his family before skipping to the wedding. But, generally, good.



Sadly, Jinwoo’s character was a bit two dimensional. He was the nice, quiet and supportive character in the beginning. He ended as the nice, quiet and supportive character. The closest he got to breaking out of the character box was when he rejected Deok-In’s invitation after Yunseo left.

I am glad that Jinwoo ended up with Deok-In because she deserves to live comfortably and to be loved. However, there’s not much to say about Jinwoo.



Ah, our resident reformed cheater and selfish idiot. His character developed immensely to the point where I could not recognize him at the end. During the process, he also showed us the extent of his acting abilities even as his character’s screen time got cut. That is totally respectable. In Gyo-Jin, I will keep my eyes out for you.


First, he totally dove into the role of the hated cheater who neither respects or loves his wife. His character sinks even further when he suddenly finds himself fighting a losing battle because the Kang family likes Deok-In more. I couldn’t separate his image from the petty little ingrate that his character was.


Then, the plot device of a fatal illness kicks in. (The use of this plot device was the only thing that I didn’t like as much in Kyung-Cheol’s character development.) However, once the trigger kicks in, Kyung-Cheol does an amazing job going from a selfish coward to being a family man… Someone who would rather spend his time with his family and would rather see his ex-wife with his enemy than leave her alone.


I’m going to lump the Kang family in the same group because there’s just too many of them that became semi-main characters when the drama entered into its identity crisis.


First, Eunseo. Her character went from being flatly two dimensional to being an interesting character. She elicited different feelings from me until she went literally crazy. At first, she was a pitiable evil character. The type that I love! Smart and scheming but her back story explains that every thing is not clear cut. She gave up her life and spent twenty years living in someone else’s family house to raise Hyunseo in a way that his future would be secured. As she didn’t have the protection of her husband, she literally had to live like the house maid but she still did it. So, it seems less damning that Eunseo would expect something in return. After all, with her mind, she probably would have climbed up the corporate ladder quickly.


Eunseo’s deterioration into insanity was more forced. It felt like the writer was shocked herself how much the story wandered into Royal Family territory and focused on the Kang family. She had to do something and that something was to drive Eunseo completely insane so she could change and return to being normal.


As much as I loved Hong-Ran’s character, I don’t think it changed much. She started out as a lighter character who only cared about her husband and ended as a woman happy that her husband loves her.


Finally Jin-Myung! Interesting character. I couldn’t quite place him at one point and I wonder if he, himself didn’t quite know. The gray area began when we found out his involvement with Jinhan’s death. All of a sudden, it wasn’t clear if Jin-Myung was so obsessed with Eunseo because he still loved her or if it was because he was feeling guilty…After all, who wouldn’t be traumatized by the fact that your one minute of indecisiveness lead to his brother’s death.

Then Jinhan returned and the way that Jin-Myung reacted threw shadows on the theory that Jin-Myung was only reacting out of guilt. After all, when given the chance to find his brother by sacrificing Eunseo, he pauses and waits. Moreover, when they find Jinhan and Eunseo starts changing her attitude, he looks hurt and falls into melancholy.


One could wonder if Jin-Myung just felt betrayed because he spent twenty years protecting Eunseo… That it was a shock to his identity because he was no longer the stand-in father and stand-in husband. But, I think his character was just confused. 😛

Well, my review ended up being longer than expected. I hope everyone enjoyed Make a Woman Cry as much as I did. There were too many days that watching these episodes made my day and for that I put this drama in the Rewatch Someday category.

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