Everything Will Be OK – E15

Heejung tries to ingratiate herself with Dalja while fighting the beginnings of jealousy.  Meanwhile, Kayoon and Mansoo try to get their life back to normal.


Kayoon ignores Jingook’s call but Jung-Eun sees her. Jung-Eun tells her sister to let it go since they have to accept it… As much as they hate Jingook, he now has a baby.


Meanwhile, Heejung brings a cake to visit Dalja. As soon as Heejung arrives, Dalja snaps to her help that she should go and toss the cake since they don’t eat cake.

Heejung apologizes and promises to ask before bringing something next time… Dalja then tells Heejung that they are not going to hold a wedding; if she resents Dalja’s decision Heejung can pay for half the wedding. She also asks Heejung again if her parents are really dead and warns Heejung if she finds out anything wrong in the future, she’s going to force Jingook to have a divorce.

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Heejung angrily walks out and find a Jingook waiting for her in front of her house. He apologizes for not helping since he was drafting his paper…Heejung looks up and sees the secretary. She quickly orders that Jingook leaves her immediately so she can rest.

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Heejung let’s the Secretary inside for a talk. She tells him about how she’s going to marry Jingook and how the paternity test confirmed that Jingook is the real father.

The secretary looks at her evenly before answering that they don’t need to reconfirm the test since the results are better for Hyunjoon. However, he does ask Heejung if she wasn’t worried before the test since there was a 50% chance that the father would be Hyunjoon. Heejung replies that the child was lucky to have a good father.

The secretary tells the CEO the news as well as the fact that Hyunjoon is back in Korea because his mother is sick. The CEO muses that Hyunjoon’s mother is sabotaging him until the end.


At the same time, Hyunjoon gives his mother some water and she obtains some lucidity for a brief time. His mother grabs his hands and cries that she’s so thankful he grew up so well. But then she loses her grasp of reality again.


A short interlude shows that Daeho receives an anonymous care package… Mansoo? The wife?


Back at the restaurant, Ki-Chan finds the pink manager hat in Kayoon’s locker. He rushes to Mansoo’s office to confirm that it’s the same style as the “model” cap ignoring Kayoon’s protests. He then exclaims in a exaggerated way that the hats are a set!

Kayoon grumbles that he doesn’t need to act as she bought both. She apologizes for getting the hat before knowing that he had quit modeling.

Ki-Chan snaps at Kayoon to be coldly quiet as he apologizes since it’s his turn. He begins to apologizes that he didn’t mean to lie to her… And then remembers how he had lied to her the first time that they ran into each other with him walking the dog. He sighs that he’s just an idiot.


Kayoon interrupts to say even if he’s faking it, he still looks cool before backtracking and explaining that Ki-Chan is good looking enough to be a model. She puts the hat on his head and wears her own noting that they can still be a model and manager even if Ki-Chan is not actively modeling.

They walk out together and run into Young-Tae who accuses them of dating. Kayoon runs back to Mansoo’s office and finds out that there’s a filming that weekend – variety show focused on finding the best restaurants. Mansoo doesn’t want to do it but Kayoon convinces him by saying it’ll change the atmosphere at home.


Kayoon was right as the thought of her father going on television has Jung-Eun excited. Meanwhile, Grandmama decides to pack up and leave now that the wedding is called over.

Mansoo kicks the two girls out of Grandmama’s room and tells her to stop being stubborn as he heard everything… The children fought over her assets and the youngest took everything leaving her destitute. He tells her that he’s not letting her go back home until her son and his wife come and apologize.

Even though Mansoo seems to be the only person doing the right thing, Grandmama is still not satisfied… Or she’s defensive as she yells back that he wouldn’t know anything since he comes from such an ignorant background.


Ki-Chan comes home and finds a notice from the army… He has two weeks before he has to go in… Oh dear… A time jump in the future?

Ki-Chan looks stricken and tells Heejung that he might not be able to make it to her wedding… He had also planned to help pay for her honeymoon. Dear Lord can Heejung not make her own money?


At the same time, Kayoon meets with Jingook in a cafe. She tells Jingook that she only came out to warn him never to come near Jung-Eun again. She finds out Heejung’s name again because she wasn’t paying attention and yells at Jingook for even considering going to apologize to Jung-Eun.


When Kayoon walks out, she gets a text from Ki-Chan saying that he coincidentally was in her neighborhood. Kayoon let’s him keep his image and agrees that it wouldn’t take too long to get from his neighborhood to hers on a bike. They then decide to go on a date together the next day.

Before Ki-Chan leaves, Kayoon tells Ki-Chan that she found out the other girl’s name. She tells him that it’s Kang Heejung and notes how weird that Heejung has the same last name as Ki-Chan. She tells Ki-Chan to look for Heejung anf take care of her for him.


Ki-Chan snaps back defensively that he’s not her minion and rides off. He cannot handle the fact that his sister is the other woman and crashes off his bike.


Jingook comes home to find Heejung furious. She demands to see Jingook’s cell phone knowing that Jingook probably met up with Jung-Eun or Kayoon.

Grabbing the cell phone from Jingook, she confirms that he just saw Kayoon. She then calls Kayoon who picks up sighing. Heejung angrily warns Kayoon to stay away from Jingook.

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Kayoon snaps back that Jingook was the one who wanted to see her. She asks Heejung why she’s being such a witch and sighs in exasperation that she had thought Heejung like Hyunjoon… Kayoon hangs up and Jung-Eun asks the whole story. Jung-Eun sighs that Heejung is the reason both of them had to break up…


Back at Heejung’s place, Jingook asks Heejung why she’s so sensitive about Kayoon. He asks Heejung point blank if there was a love triangle between Kayoon, Hyunjoon and Heejung. Heejung slaps Jingook and tells him to break up if he’s not going to trust her.


The fight ends when it’s interrupted by Ki-Chan arriving at home. Jingook leaves and Ki-Chan asks Heejung if she did break up another couple.

Heejung basically screams at her own brother saying that she was first… Then she also repeats how she went to the hospital to try to get rid of the baby so it wasn’t her fault but Kayoon is still treating her like dirt… Meeting up with Jingook even though his relationship with Jung-Eun ended.

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Ki-Chan tries to reason with his sister noting that it might just be because Jingook just broke up with Jung-Eun and couldn’t see Jung-Eun. Finally he gives up and goes into his own room to spend the night up brooding. When morning comes, he yells to himself that he cannot think of a solution… He’s just going to go and tell Kayoon everything.

Kayoon calls to schedule their date and Ki-Chan tells her to come out without bothering to cook. They can just buy something. But before Kayoon can confirm, Heejung comes in.


Again fast pacing, solid acting and great writing. This episode was over before I realized it and I like how the storyline is developing. Kayoon is totally developing a crush on Ki-Chan while he’s starting to see all the reasons that their relationship is being built on lies. Maybe it’s perfect timing for Ki-Chan to go to the army because when he comes back, Heejung will probably have had her baby and Kayoon would have a chance to cool off about Heejung.

In this case, I don’t think Heejung is bad enough that Kayoon and Ki-Chan can never get together. After all, her lie has a grain of truth… She did sleep with Jingook before he was dating Jung-Eun. Yet, it’s bad enough that Kayoon can’t reasonably take Ki-Chan back without a couple years to cool off and mature. This situation ironically would add to the emotional hatred of Heejung since in a Kayoon’s mind, Heejung will have ruined three relationships… Jung-Eun’s, Kayoon’s with Hyunjoon and Kayoon’s with Ki-Chan.

Interesting that the main character ends up developing her hatred of the second main because of the second main’s insecurity and hatred of the main. This is different from a lot of mainstream dramas where the second lead has no reason to hate the main female lead. Usually, the hatred results from the main lead getting the main male lead’s interest. In this case, Heejung hated Kayoon from before they met again for Hyunjoon’s project. I feel like her actions toward Kayoon were fueled by such negative energy… Aggravating the situation before it even really enfolded.

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