Everything Will Be OK – E16

Things begin to fall apart as Dalja continues to look for cracks in Heejung and Kayoon finds out about Ki-Chan’s connection to Heejung.



Heejung interrupts the date planning and tells Ki-Chan to come with her to dinner. Ki-Chan tells her that hr has plans but Heejung adds that the meeting is in substitute for the official meeting of the parents. Ki-Chan agrees to go with her and moves the date to another day… So, another day to confess.


Jung-Eun comes out and jumps on her sister for having a boyfriend but Kayoon denies it. They happily go to breakfast where Grandmama tells Mansoo because she overheard as well.

Meanwhile, Ki-Chan and Heejung individually find out that Dalja didn’t even make reservations at a nice restaurant. Rather, Dalja calls Heejung over to the house so that she doesn’t have to get dressed or prepare, which is a huge slight.


Heejung goes to tell her father that she’s getting married and she told the other side that her parents are dead. Her father tries to act cool but looks hurt when he hears that she lied he was dead. He threatens to send his minions to crash her wedding.

The thought of gangsters coming to ruin her wedding gets to Heejung. She changes her tune and asks her father tearfully if he can just let her live… She will send him enough money to live comfortably. Daeho backs off at his daughter’s tears and ends the meeting.


At the same time, the secretary tells Hyunjoon that the CEO has decided not to come and visit Hyunjoon’s mother because of his second son’s wedding. The secretary also tells Hyunjoon about Heejung and Jingook’s wedding… And the child. Hyunjoon realizes that Jingook had a real worry when Hyunjoon blew him off and calls Jingook over.

To keep things light, we get to Young-Tae who’s decided to give Nari a surprise visit. Luckily for Nari, Kayoon is at home and calls Nari. Young-Tae gets suspicious when Kayoon knows where all of the ingredients are in the kitchen and accuses Kayoon of only getting the job for being a far relative of Mansoo or being the family’s housekeeper.


Kayoon goes off to ride her bike and leaves Nari and Young-Tae to date at home. But, then Grandmama comes home so Nari tells Young-Tae that Grandmama has dementia before telling the grandmother that she’s a friend of Kayoon’s.


As for Kayoon, she’s happily cycling toward Ki-Chan’s neighborhood when she sees Ki-Chan and Heejung together. She quickly rides to the side and hides before angrily throwing away her cap.

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Ki-Chan and Heejung arrive at the cold dinner/interview. Right away Dalja remembers Ki-Chan worked at Mansoo’s restaurant. She condenscendingly laughs that her fate went from being in-laws with a restauranteur to being in-laws with a waiter. She tells the children to eat together as she doesn’t have an appetite and leaves.


Heejung and Ki-Chan go home where Heejung yells at Ki-Chan for working at Mansoo’s place. Ki-Chan yells back in his own defense that he needed to get her tuition fee. Then Heejung goes off and drags Ki-Chan down another rabbit hole; she screams that he should find their mother since they wouldn’t have been so insulted if they had their mother with them.

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It’s already night and Ki-Chan texts Kayoon that his other appointment ended too late. He notes that they can meet the next day. Kayoon ignores it.

The next morning arrives and it’s time for Mansoo’s restaurant to film it. Dongsook tells the director not to film her or take responsibility for the consequences. (To hide from the debt collectors?)

At the restaurant, Kayoon angrily tells Nari to tell everyone the truth within the day. Nari sighs to Ki-Chan and Young-Tae about Kayoon being in a mood and accidentally let’s Kayoon’s real age slip.

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Kayoon overhears and stomps away. Ki-Chan runs after her and apologizes. He tells her that he didn’t want to lie to her and tells her his real age. He begins to confess his second secret but Kayoon slaps him to interrupt. Turning away, Kayoon yells thay they are over as soon as he says it.


So, when the filming occurs, Ki-Chan volunteers to do the introduction as long as he can make a personal statement first. He lies that he wants to find someone and tells the camera in front of everyone that he is looking for his mother. He asks his mother to come find him and states both his and his sister’s name. Cat’s officially out of the bag.


Jingook goes to visit Heejung to comfort her. She is understandably enraged at how Dalja slighted her and tells him that she was prepared to stay in Korea while Jingook went to study abroad, taking care of the baby and Dalja. Jingook shows us his true cowardly self when he agrees with Heejung that this scenario is what he wanted.. Since she will have to live under the in-laws anyways, if she can just endure three years without him. Can someone else answer what the fudge?! This would have been the biggest red flag for me if Heejung were my friend.

But let’s continue. Heejung tells Jingook that she’s changed her mind; he can choose his son or his mother. However, it doesn’t work. Jingook apologizes that he cannot leave his mother who raised him as a single mother when their father abandoned him… She became harsher and tougher to get him to the point he is…

Heejung softens when she hears this. Instead she offers a compromise. She will go with him when he studies abroad. Jingook vetoes this idea saying that it’s impossible. He won’t be comfortable with the language and will be focused on his studies; he can’t raise a family. So… What was his goal when he planned to marry Jung-Eun… Hmmm? That he can delay growing up because Jung-Eun’s father will pay for her?

Heejung does not toss this piece of garbage out the door angrily as I want to do. She just tells him that she’s tired and asks him to leave.


We turn to the restaurant where everyone is preparing for the inevitable onslaught of new customers because of the filming. But Kayoon and Ki-Chan are still less than strangers. She tells Ki-Chan to leave. He angrily reminds her that he has to repay his debt to Mansoo first.

Kayoon tells him to pay it off quickly and leave. Ki-Chan looks at her silently for a moment before noting that he’s got his order to join the army and walks out.


Another less memorable episode that was fun to watch but doesn’t really elicit a reaction or stay in my memory. The only thing that I thought was really interesting was the fact that Heejung has started to really let her vulnerable side show to Jingook.

During the talk after his mother snubs her, she starts out strong saying she wanted to stay and raise the child while he was studying. But then she let’s that facade crack when she asks if she can just accompany Jingook abroad. It seems to me that Heejung is really just trying to find an escape from her current reality.

As for Jingook… Wow! What a waste of a human being. He totally could have taken Heejung. If his mother is not willing to pay for Heejung, he could take up part time jobs! Additionally, depending on the program, a lot of graduate schools actually have subsidized graduate housing and pay you a stipend while you study for your doctorate. Heck, if he said he was willing to take her, I’m sure Heejung would find a way to raise the money herself.

Jingook’s immediate refusal to even consider taking Heejung abroad shows that he’s just being a coward. He’s trying to follow the image of being a good guy without really putting his heart into it. This worries me because if he doesn’t try to love Heejung, what is going to stop him from having an affair after the child is born?

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