Everything Will Be OK – E17

Kayoon and Ki-Chan try to come to terms with the fact that they are breaking up due to external circumstances and Hyunjoon enters the picture again!


As Ki-Chan leaves a stunned Kayoon after his announcement about the army, Jung-Eun calls to let Kayoon know about Hyunjoon being back in the country. So, Kayoon stops by Hyunjoon’s apartment except he’s gone to visit his mother. The secretary tells Kayoon that Hyunjoon is gone for a personal matter and Kayoon leaves after asking him to tell Hyunjoon that she stopped by.


Meanwhile, Eunjue brings her mother into the hospital room and turns on the television for her. She’s supposed to get surgery so she doesn’t have to get chemotherapy.


Back at the restaurant, Ki-Chan tries to ask Kayoon to talk about it. Yet, Kayoon doesn’t want to discuss it. She tells Dongsook to get her a new name tag with her real name.


Dongsook drags Nari into the employee room and yells at her to come clean to Young-Tae. She asks Nari why she’s even doing this when Young-Tae is neither successful or rich. Nari smiles back and tells her mother that it’s just for fun. As the two women leave, Young-Tae runs out from behind the changing curtain as he’s heard it all!

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He declares that this is a complete embarrassment and decides to give Nari hell in return. For example, he insists that Nari enters the house first. Realizing that the gig is almost up, Nari rings the doorbell and gets surprised when the door opens. She walks in to pause in the garden.

Young-Tae steps aside and waits for her to run off before laughing giddily and leaving as well.


The filmed variety show episode is aired and Ki-Chan’s mom is able to see it before the surgery. She recognizes him when he states his name and his sister’s name.


Mansoo also sees the episode and smiles. He explains to his family that the producer wanted to cut the announcement but he insisted that they don’t cut any of it… He also wonders how Heejung is doing and tells Kayoon that Heejung and Ki-Chan are his friend’s children.

Ki-Chan finds children playing around with Kayoon’s hat and chastises them for kicking it around. Picking it up, she realizes that Kayoon must have found out by seeing him together with Heejung.


At the same time, Mansoo comes downstairs in a good mood only to find Grandmama drinking. She’s sad that her daughter died after suffering because she lived with Mansoo… Now that Mansoo has succeeded, her daughter is not around to finally relax.


Jung-Eun sees her Grandmama and father fighting. She sighs and goes up to Kayoon. However, Kayoon is not in a good mood either and Jung-Eun finds out that Kayoon broke up with Ki-Chan…because of Heejung.


At Jingook’s place, Heejung cuts an apple for Jingook and Dalja when Dalja’s friend calls. As Heejung makes coffee for Dalja, Dalja has Jingook play the video on his laptop.


Heejung comes in just as Ki-Chan is asking his mother to come back. She drops her tray in shock and stands there silently staring. Dalja smiles with satisfaction and declares that she’s not going to approve of this marriage since Heejung is the type of girl who will lie that her parents are dead. Dalja continues that Heejung’s father is alive and in jail as well. She kicks Heejung out.


Heejung walks out dejectedly anf falls to the ground in front of the apartment building. Jingook takes Heejung to the hospital but demands to know if it’s true that Heejung’s father is in jail when Ki-Chan arrives.

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The next day, Daeho calls Mansoo to yell at him. He tells Mansoo that he’s going to kill Mansoo as soon as he gets out. Mansoo sighs and tells Daeho to grow up for his children before hanging up. The guard who is listening on the conversation also gets up at this point and Daeho laughs that he was joking… He’s not really going to kill anyone.

Kayoon asks Mansoo what happened that caused Daeho’s family to have a vendetta against them. Mansoo asks if Ki-Chan did anything and Kayoon explains how it’s Heejung.

Back at the hospital, Jingook tells Ki-Chan that he’s registering Heejung. Ki-Chan asks Jingook to understand his sister who had her own reasons. Jingook answers that there are lines that people should not cross. He notes that he needs to think about this before deciding if he can go on with the wedding.


Ki-Chan later goes to the restaurant. As soon as he enters the office, Mansoo yells at Ki-Chan to bring his sister for being such a rude and crass child. Kayoon explains how Heejung called anonymously and declared that she had Jingook’s child.

Ki-Chan’s expression hardens and he yells back that his sister had no other options… She tried to get an abortion and tried to raise the child alone. He leaves with Kayoon following.

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Outside the restaurant, he stops and Kayoon notes that he didn’t have to be rude to her father. But Ki-Chan answers that he won’t let anyone mess with his sister. Kayoon sighs that they are at a standstill since she cannot let and for anyone messing with her family as well.

The two fall silent and Kayoon asks if they are through. Ki-Chan doesn’t answer but Hyunjoon arrives. He asks if he is interrupting but Ki-Chan announces that he’s done and stomps inside.


Kayoon speaks with Hyunjoon in the private room. He explains that he’s back early because of his sick mother. Kayoon apologizes for not believing him earlier and Hyunjoon asks for another chance at their date.

Kayoon ends up crushing his dream by answering that she will be busy because of the restaurant. Hyunjoon answers that he’s busy as well because of work and changes the subject.

Meanwhile, Nari runs into the employee room and announces to Ki-Chan and Young-Tae that the guy meeting with Kayoon is the heir of YB Group – Yoo Hyunjoon.


Ki-Chan remembers how the guy who made Heejung cry is Hyunjoon and barges into the room. He asks Hyunjoon if Hyunjoon doesn’t recognize his voice since they spoke before; he’s Heejung’s little brother.


OK, our KY/KC ship is in need of something dire if they are to get back together again. At this point, it’s clear that each of them have a sensitive spot and the sensitivity is to each other’s family. Even if KY/KC decided that they wanted to get married, Heejung needs to accept Kayoon’s family and Jung-Eun would need to forgive Heejung for ruining her wedding with a non-biological child… Hopefully, the time jump for the army will provide some drama magic that gives the couple a fighting chance.

My first reaction to Jingook’s words were anger but then I realized he’s just acting normally. He doesn’t love Heejung. He thought that he could accept Heejung as a penniless orphan for his son…However, now that he found out that Heejung lied about her parents, he starts questioning whether he knows Heejung at all. It’s likely compounded by the fact that he knows he doesn’t really know Heejung… Then, can he accept as the mother of his child and as his wife, a woman who would hypothetically “kill off” her parents?

Ah what a quandary that the secondary couple has put me in!

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