The Virtual Bride – E12 (Finale)

The competition continues and Inyoung runs back to help Choonja.  Things fall apart just as they do before you can put everything back into place.  In the end, the family comes together stronger than ever.


Dongsuk considers telling the judges but Choonja hushes him. As the competition starts, Inyoung runs back out into Sanshik’s car and they head toward the competition.

Inyoung gets stuck in traffic so she gets out and runs. Meanwhile, Choonja and Dongsuk decide to focus on their bean paste since they don’t have their family soy sauce.

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With fifteen minutes left, Choonja tastes their food and sighs that the meal doesn’t taste right because they don’t have soy sauce. Just then, Inyoung runs in carrying the jar of pickles which was pickled in sauce that she made to mimic Choonja’s cooking. Choonja approves of the sauce and they use it.


The judges come around and note that Haji’s team’s soy sauce taste is amazing. They also note that Choonja’s cooking and sauce is good as well. But since the main sauce was soy sauce, they note that the barbecue meat seems lacking due to the lack of soy sauce marinating.


Surprisingly, Haji’s team wins. Inyoung tells the family that she pushed off the trip but the CEO calls because Inyoung just bailed on the US gig.

Back at home, Myungsuk tells his mother that he doesn’t think he should go to the United Kingdom when the family is having such a hard time. However, Choonja tells him to go.


In the morning, Junsu runs into Young-Ah in the hallway. He asks her to talk but Young-Ah answers that she doesn’t have the confidence to continue to live with him when he always supports his parents. Junsu sighs that he will always choose his mother and agrees to divorce.

Junsu walks out and sees his father. His father tells him not to divorce because Junsu will then end up living like his father.


Things don’t go well for Inyoung. The famous US celebrity that Inyoung was supposed to meet posted a nasty message about Inyoung. As a result, the Internet turns against Inyoung and all of the projects lined up Inyoung begin to get cancelled.

The only good thing is Choonja hears about Inyoung from Dongsuk…who also tells Myungsuk.

Inyoung also ends up offering to leave the agency so that her group members do not get dragged down with her.


Meanwhile, Mi-Hee snaps at Young-Ah for making her son a divorcee. Young-Ah doesn’t take the abuse silently. She answers that she also feels bad for Junsu since he will grow old as a mommy’s boy.

Young-Ah gets her stuff and says goodbye to Junsu who gives her divorce papers. She tells him to choose a woman who will be good to Mi-Hee next time instead of a woman whom he falls for. She walks out with dry eyes but falls to the ground right outside the door.

Junsu goes into his room to find something and sees that Young-Ah has cleaned everything up. She’s even labeled everything for him.

At the same time, Junsu and Sanshik freak out about Inyoung disappearing. Just as the Chancellor tells Myungsuk that he will support Myungsuk if Myungsuk goes abroad to the teaching position, Sanshik calls Myungsuk.

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Myungsuk apologizes and runs to Inyoung at her elementary school since she had told him it was the only time she played with her friends. He apologizes for coming late and promises to never let her go.

Inyoung sighs and whines to him that she just wants to return to being a normal and anonymous person. Myungsuk tells her to not to worry as this too will blow off. He takes Inyoung home with him and tells his family that he wants to stay with Inyoung.


Choonja doesn’t seem pleased but the father and grandfather take Myungsuk’s side, so Choonja backs down. Afterwards, Dongsuk offers to be Inyoung’s manager and she agrees. ^^

The next day, Junsu walks in on Young-Ah’s friend yelling at Mi-Hee for being the reason that Young-Ah had to go to the countryside. He asks his mother if she really did this and Mi-Hee replies that she never asked Young-Ah to resign.


Junsu blows it and yells at his mother for never caring about anyone but herself. He adds that she thinks it’s expected that everyone suffers for her benefit and leaves.

Meanwhile, Inyoung sees Myungsuk’s cell phone when he gets a text from his friend about how the Chancellor is angry about Myungsuk not going abroad. She doesn’t say anything to Myungsuk but it’s clear she’s affected.

Dongsuk finds her and drags her out for lunch. As they walk, they see Haji working in a nearby restaurant. Inyoung calls Choonja and drags a reluctant Haji home. To Haji’s surprise, the family welcomes her home only berating her for coming home so late.


Haji falls apart and apologizes for betraying the family. Choonja smiles and pulls her into a hug and tells her that they can always remake soy sauce but Haji is one of a kind…


At the same time, Junsu goes to apologize to Young-Ah and asks her to come home. Young-Ah looks at Junsu without backing down and tells him that nothing will change even if he knows the truth… He will be pulled apart between Young-Ah and his mother. She tells him that she doesn’t have the confidence to do that and leaves him.

Junsu goes home drunk and Mi-Hee steps out to get him medicine. Outside her apartment, she bumps into her ex husband who tells her to help Junsu. Mi-Hee shows us her soft side when she starts to cry and confesses that she obsessed over Junsu because she was afraid he would leave her, too… Her ex pulls her into a hug and apologizes.

Back at home, Choonja gives Se-Mi an account book and tells her to open a small academy as she’s more suited to outside life than housework. Then Inyoung comes in and asks Choonja if she plans to approve of Inyoung.

Choonja sighs but tells Inyoung that she still doesn’t approve. Inyoung smiles in return and answers that she understands. She tells Choonja that she plans to break up with Myungsuk for his benefit as well but she needs Choonja’s help.

Things start to get resolved. Dongsuk leaves a comment on the U.S. celebrity’s site about Inyoung’s real reason for missing the meeting and the star officially apologizes. As a result, the Internet turns back to supporting Inyoung.


Mi-Hee also goes to apologize to Young-Ah, asking her to return. Young-Ah agrees and goes home with Mi-Hee. But on their way, they stop by the office where Mi-Hee tells everyone the truth about the bribery scandal and resigns.


Young-Ah happily goes to Junsu’s office where she finds him eating instant noodles. She tells him that she’s returned on one condition, that he forgives his father. Junsu agrees.


As for Inyoung, she tells Junsu that she wants to go to London with him. They get Choonja’s approval and Myungsuk prepares happily to move. But on the day of, Inyoung tells Myungsuk to leave alone as she’s not joining. She promises to meet him again after she gets to a point where she feels like she’s a good match for him…


A time jump occurs and Young-Ah and Junsu has a baby! Junsu is starting to forgive his father and Inyoung is a famous celebrity represented by Dongsuk and her old manager Sanshik. The managers drop Inyoung off at school since she’s attending college.


Then a visiting professor shows up! It’s Myungsuk. He puts the equation on the board and explains how it describes finding your perfect person. When a student asks if Myungsuk has found his perfect person, he answers that he did… And she’s standing right in front of him – Inyoung.


Now, it’s already time to say goodbye to another series! I don’t know what I’ll do since I don’t have a new drama lined up to take the place of Make a Woman Cry or this drama…  Off to the final review.

This was one episode where the use of a time jump in the last episode was well warranted.  It was clear that the main characters were in a place where they needed time.  The family basically approved of Inyoung but she needed to show Choonja that she would be a suitable wife for Myungsuk who does not hold him back.  My first guess was that Inyoung was going to accompany Myungsuk to London and then leave him.  However, the writer wrote it off beautifully where Inyoung tells Myungsuk the truth and they decide to take time away from each other with the clear understanding that there is no one else for either person…By being honest and upfront about the situation, we avoid another round of useless angst and miscommunication.  It shows improvement from the prior episodes where the break-up was forced due to said misunderstandings.

Both just need time to get situated before they can move on to the next step.  I don’t see anything wrong with this kind of set-up.  In an increasingly globalized world, many couples are finding a need to address the fact that prior to being able to settle down together, their individual dreams are taking them to different physical locales.  I thought it was an interesting touch that this drama weaved that kind of scenario in to resolve the latest issue – Choonja’s acceptance of Inyoung.  Since Choonja already likes Inyoung as a person, I can see how she would warm up to Inyoung once she’s obtained her education and made it as a celebrity.

The resolution of the Mi-Hee/Junsu/Young-Ah arc was well executed as well.  Even until the end, I don’t like Mi-Hee.  However, I think that she kept true to her character.  She was scarred by her husband’s betrayal and, as a result, she obsessed over her son to protect herself…Now that Junsu saw just how far his mother would go to protect herself, even at his expense, it was time for him to choose his own wife.  His decision to go after Young-Ah and leave Mi-Hee was symbolic of his finally growing up and leaving his mother’s skirts…Though, he did come back drunk and crying.  ^^;;;;  This in turn forces Mi-Hee’s motherly instincts to kick in and she ends up going to beg Young-Ah to come back.  The drama was clear that this was not a miraculous solution to the tense relationship, but we are all walking toward a final permanent solution where everyone will try to work things out.  To reemphasize Mi-Hee’s change, she goes off and clears Young-Ah’s name so that Young-Ah may return to the office if she wishes.  The time jump also helps because we can see that Young-Ah is now a happy mother since she was able to actually spend some time with her husband.

Before I end my random thoughts, Haji!  That was a beautiful conclusion to the Haji plot.  She stayed a pretty 2D character which I understand considering how strong the other sub-characters.  However, I totally teared up when Inyoung and Dongsuk bring Haji home and everyone literally addresses her as if she’s late from going to the store.  It really showcased the strength and characteristic of this family…Though it’s not the main point of this drama, the importance of family has been a major theme in the background.  Choonja accepted Se-Mi back after she left to pursue her own goals and even gave Se-Mi money to start her own academy.  Inyoung was accepted into the family when everyone saw how she treated all of the members with respect…With this backdrop, it does not seem weird at all that the family would welcome Haji back.  She’s a member of the family who messed up, but who hasn’t? ^^

In the end, I kind of wish that they had included one more episode.  I feel like the stuff after the time jump could have been a full episode in itself.  I would love to see how Dongsuk’s management company has expanded or grown…whether Se-Mi’s small academy was successful…What ended up happening to Inyoung’s career, etc.  None of these are major issues left un-answered.  However, in the continued tone of feel good happy-drama-esq that this drama flirted with, I would have been happy just to see another fully sit-comy episode end.  Final grade – A!


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