Everything Will Be OK – E20

Hyunjoon’s mother passes away; Heejung finds out about Kayoon and Ki-Chan and flips out; and Jingook’s mother kicks him out.



Kayoon looks awkwardly at Hyunjoon and he quickly tells Kayoon that his mother gets stressed when she sees someone new. The secretary quickly hands over the agreements for his execution and takes Kayoon away.

After Kayoon leaves, Hyunjoon’s mother starts to hyperventilate and reminds her son not to be like his father… Ignoring his own child.


Next thing we know, the stress we too much for her and she has passed away. Kayoon visits the funeral and Hyunjoon thanks her since his mother doesn’t have a lot of guests.

Kayoon leaves and Heejung joins Hyunjoon and Jingook for dinner. Jingook has no idea about the convoluted background and starts to brag to Hyunjoon about his son with the ultrasound picture. Hyunjoon awkwardly looks at Heejung before changing the topic to the fact that he’s seen Ki-Chan several times with Kayoon at the restaurant.


Meanwhile, Mansoo asks Kayoon if she really is not in a relationship with Ki-Chan. Kayoon answers that she isn’t but then asks why she can’t date Ki-Chan. Mansoo gets flustered and doesn’t answer.


Kayoon tells Ki-Chan later while they work and Ki-Chan asks why they aren’t dating…after all, they’ve eaten together and fought. So, Kayoon mutters back that he should just declare that they are dating.

Ki-Chan avers with the excuse that he’s going to the army soon. So,Kayoon asks if he’s not going to come out during breaks. Looking hopeful, Ki-Chan asks if he can come and visit and if she’d visit him. Kayoon smiles that there’s no reason why they can’t and Ki-Chan declares that they should date then!

The two happily go downstairs where Heejung sees the two walking happily. She asks Nari to bring her to the private room and asks for Kayoon.


Kayoon unwittingly walks into the room right where Heejung slaps Kayoon. Nari sees this and goes for help to Young-Tae and Mansoo. Young-Tae goes to Ki-Chan as Mansoo runs in to his daughter’s side.


He demands to know why Heejung is hitting Kayoon. Heejung answers that it’s wrong of Mansoo to use her brother just because Ki-Chan borrowed money for her tuition. She then accuses Kayoon of seducing her innocent brother who isn’t even old enough to go to the army just for revenge.

Ki-Chan rushes in but the situation is beyond repair. Kayoon tells Heejung that she will break up with Ki-Chan. Mansoo tells Ki-Chan to leave with his sister and Ki-Chan complies.


Heejung tears into Ki-Chan when they get home. She tells Ki-Chan that Kayoon is just using him and she’s just nice because she pities him. Ki-Chan tries to deny it but Heejung’s accusation that Kayoon is dating Hyunjoon gives him a pause.

Meanwhile, Jingook comes home in an exhausted state. He asks to just sleep and take home some clothes. But when he goes into the room, he finds that his mother has cut up all of his clothes! Jingook has to leave without any clothes or any money.


Jingook goes to Heejung’s house to whine about feeling anxious and scared at the way his mother reacted… He doesn’t even have a rainy day fund. So, Jingook ends up borrowing some clothes from Ki-Chan.

Ki-Chan addresses Jingook resentfully about how Dalja is reacting about accepting Heejung as her mother-in-law. Jingook sighs that there are a lot of reasons but Ki-Chan’s public announcement was the nail in the coffin.


He then tries to give Ki-Chan some advice by telling Ki-Chan that Kayoon has a guy. He awkwardly explains that it’s not about Jingook but more about how amazing Hyunjoon is… No matter how not materialistic Kayoon is… It’s hard.

Ki-Chan interrupts to cut Jingook off. He notes that he knows as well.

Then Dalja wonders about why Jingook is not coming home. She calls Jingook who asks Heejung to answer for him.


Heejung answers and tells Dalja that the two were going to leave for England next week so her timing was perfect. When Dalja suspiciously asks about how they get the money, Heejung answers that Jingook got into touch with his father who sent them plane tickets as well as helped Jingook enroll. Hearing the mention of her ex-husband, Dalja screams into the phone that she will give them money so they shouldn’t use that man’s money. She demands that Heejung give the phone to Jingook. Heejung calmly answers that Dalja’s suggestion is great before hanging up.

Then Heejung turns to Jingook and tells him that Dalja felt bad about letting his father fund everything and offered to help with some money, too. Like an idiot, Jingook accepts this.

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At the same time, Soon-Im goes to visit Daeho. It’s clear that the two have deep misunderstandings. Soon-Im asks how Daeho got himself in jail and Daeho responds by demanding to know why Soon-Im left with a different man. Soon-Im tries to explain that Daeho’s legal wife came with his mother so she couldn’t do anything but Daeho doesn’t want to accept the explanation. He tells Soon-Im that he was in jail and even if he had not contacted her, she should have waited for him. He furiously declares that he will kill her when he gets out.


Meanwhile, Hyunjoon comes home to find his father in his Livingroom. His father tells him to come into the company under him. Hyunjoon replies that he doesn’t want to see his father who did not even show up to his mother’s funeral.

CEO Yoo answers that he couldn’t because of the circumstances… He’s surrounded by enemies in the form of his brother’s and sons… He needs someone he can trust and Hyunjoon is his son.

Turning to the restaurant, Ki-Chan’s mother visits Mansoo’s restaurant with her daughter to see Ki-Chan. When they ask Kayoon, she tells them that Ki-Chan quit.


Randomly, Young-Tae also resigns. He explains that he is tired of following around the boss’ daughter and promises to come back when he’s succeeded.


Things are moving quickly. Hyunjoon also meets with Kayoon. He tells her that now that his mother is gone, he wants to focus on himself… He asks her to officially date him and offers to come back to Korea if Kayoon cannot leave.

Kayoon softly declines. She tells Hyunjoon that she was just dumped and need some time.

So, Hyunjoon leaves and runs into Ki-Chan. The two have a boys’ face off where Hyunjoon yells at Ki-Chan for showing his face when Kayoon is having such difficulty. In return, Ki-Chan yells at Hyunjoon for telling Heejung on the couple. Hyunjoon has the last word by biting out that at least he’s not a burden like Ki-Chan.

Ki-Chan goes in to get his stuff and Nari sees him. She off handedly announces that Ki-Chan is there and Kayoon and Ki-Chan’s mother go out to see him.

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Kayoon asks if he’s going to return. Taking Kayoon’s name tag, Ki-Chan tells her that he will return after he’s succeeded, driving a luxurious foreign car. Kayoon answers that she likes domestic cars and Ki-Chan again answers that he will return. After saluting Kayoon, he leaves… All while Ki-Chan’s mother watches tearfully.

A five year time jump occurs! Kayoon is a chef and Ki-Chan’s mother is now a kitchen aid at the restaurant! Kayoon heads over to the airport to pick up her little sister who has returned from studying abroad and sees Ki-Chan welcoming home Heejung, Jingook and their son.


Well! That was a short lived romance! Kayoon and Ki-Chan had just defined their relationship, when in less than a day, they have to officially break up due to Heejung. It makes sense plot-wise as the two need time to mature and develop… Being around each other entails that they each have to deal with the accompanying baggage which would only hinder the development.

I thought that it was a smart mechanism for the writer to have Soon-Im visit the restaurant and overhear Ki-Chan say goodbye to Kayoon. It totally makes sense that she would join the restaurant to wait for her son since Kayoon would have word on Ki-Chan’s news or he’d return. Very well done!

As for Heejung v. Dalja…is it me or did anyone not feel bad for Dalja when Heejung out maneuvered her? Give the girl a break, for all that she’s starting her life on a lie… But Dalja is being pretty and unreasonably elitist. Plus, it’s sad that she cut Jingook off from his father when his father wants to stay in in son’s life. The question now remains, what will Heejung do when she returns?

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