Everything Will Be OK – E21

Both Jung-Eun and Heejung’s family return to Korea at the same time.



Kayoon recognizes Ki-Chan and pauses. Jung-Eun arrives to pull Kayoon out of her reverie, and she quickly gets ushered away by Kayoon so that she doesn’t see Jingook.

We find out that Ki-Chan is running a seafood vendor business and Heejung frowns disapproving at Ki-Chan’s truck. She ends up leaving the family in a company car.


Fate has it that Ki-Chan would also see Kayoon as she drives out of the parking lot. He remembers his goodbye and sighs to himself.


Back at home, Dalja anxiously waits for the family to return and greet her officially. She happily meets Jingook’s son, Minwoo before going out to see Heejung. When she finds out that Heejung went straight to the company, she freaks out.


Sporting a new perm and makeup, Heejung goes up to meet CEO Yoo. It turns out that she’s going to be involved in marketing and she helped the company out in some past event, resulting in the hire.

At the same time, Hyunjoon answers a call from Kayoon and finds out that Jung-Eun arrived. Looks like the two have kept in touch but aren’t dating yet.

Turning to the restaurant, we see Mansoo training Kayoon…and we turn to the jail.


Daeho’s ex-cell mate comes to visit him. Daeho threatens to beat him up for not visiting sooner and his ex-cell mate promises to give him the royal treatment when Daeho gets out.

He also tells Daeho about how his children are doing… And how Ki-Chan was doing well for two years after getting out of the army; but then Young-Tae got scammed by the building owner and now Ki-Chan is running a fish business.


Time goes by and then Kayoon burns herself while tossing utensils into boiling water for sanitation. Mansoo yells at her for working on a daze in the kitchen and Soon-Im helps Kayoon run Kayoon’s hands in cold water.

Afterwards, Kayoon gets ready to leave while cursing Ki-Chan for not coming back like he promised. Soon-Im comes in to ask Kayoon what is bothering her. Kayoon explains how she saw the guy who promised to return but he hasn’t come to visit.


Then the two go off to stamp their time cards and Dongsook gets jealous of how Mansoo asks about Soon-Im’s cancer. Mansoo snaps at Dongsook before leaving and Kayoon explains that her own mother passed away from cancer.


The scene changes to Jingook’s house where Dalja is waiting for Heejung to give her an official bow. When Heejung comes home and hears about Dalja waiting, she takes her son in with her to get out of the official greeting. Heejung apologizes that she needs to put her son to sleep first and leaves the room.


However when Jingook takes Minwoo to shower, Dalja stomps in to throw a hanbok at Heejung. She yells at Heejung for going to live with Jingook’s father and his wife and for calling her “Mother.” Heejung doesn’t get affected and answers nonchalantly that the lady is nice and raised Minwoo. Dalja basically declares war before Jingook comes in and tells his mother that he promised Heejung that she wouldn’t have to deal with Dalja.


At the same time, Jung-Eun gives her Grandmama some pearls and declares that she wants to get a job in Hyunjoon’s company. The family disapproves because of her condition and the fact that Hyunjoon is best friends with Jingook… She’d have to run into him frequently.

Mansoo answers that Jung-Eun can go work for another company. But Jung-Eun answers that she worked with Hyunjoon while in the United States already and successfully started a company there.

Hyunjoon comes to Jung-Eun’s aid. Kayoon takes him into her room and he promises that he will make sure Jung-Eun doesn’t have to run into Jingook.

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Meanwhile, Ki-Chan remembers seeing Kayoon. Feeling restless, he puts on his cap and rides his bike to the park near Kayoon’s neighborhood. He arrives just as Kayoon leaves…

The next day, we see Ki-Chan at work buying fresh seafood and delivering it to local restaurants.


At the same time, Kayoon comes in to complain about their latest seafood delivery. So, Mansoo calls his friend to ask about the vendor the friend works with.


The friend calls Ki-Chan and he agrees before hearing that it’s Mansoo’s restaurant. Ki-Chan tells Young-Tae to make the delivery for him but Young-Tae refuses when he hears what restaurant. So, Ki-Chan ends up going himself.

Ki-Chan carries the first two boxes in and runs straight into Kayoon.


Omg, as much as Heejung us a witch, I love the dynamic between her and Dalja. They are completely evenly matched. It bodes well for some fun power struggles in the upcoming episodes.

One character that need some development and maturity is Jingook. He goes from living off of his mother’s good will to his father’s to now… A combination of his mother and his wife. It’s great that he decided to take responsibility for what he believed to be his child but it’s about time he also takes some financial responsibility as well.

As for plot wise, thus episode’s main role was clearly to explain where all of the characters ended up being at after the five year gap. One interesting note is how the writer is teeing up additional conflict between Heejung and Jung-Eun by placing them in the same company. Dare we hope for additional character development and a stronger role for Jung-Eun?

On a side note, many of the female characters as well as Moon Geunhyung in the drama Achiara Village are sporting bobs so I’m assuming that the trend has turned toward shoulder length hair…

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