Everything Will Be OK – E30

Kayoon officially breaks up with Hyunjoon while Jingook and Dalja turn on Heejung.



Heejung freezes for a few minutes before running over and tearing Minwoo away from Hyunjoon. Hyunjoon doesn’t miss her overreaction as Jingook arrives and he leaves with some additional food for thought.


Feeling especially obnoxious, Heejung drags Jingook to her office and asks Jung-Eun to watch Minwoo while the two talk.


But children are ever honest as Minwoo tells Jung-Eun that his parents are fighting. Jung-Eun consoles Minwoo that friends fight all the time but it should be fine. She also offers Minwoo hot chocolate.


Meanwhile, Jingook tells Heejung that he believes Heejung’s father was involved in the scam. Heejung yells back that Jingook shouldn’t go accusing people based on old nicknames. The budding fight gets interrupted by a call from a different department and Jingook goes to pick up Minwoo. Seeing Jung-Eun who smiles that Minwoo is adorable, Jingook sighs that he must be getting punished.


At the same time, Mansoo tells Kayoon to break things off with Ki-Chan. He also calls Soon-Im over to continue their talk. He tells her that even if she divorced Daeho, she was once Daeho’s wife and, therefore, like a sister-in-law to him. He asks her why she didn’t tell him beforehand.


Soon-Im answers that she has nothing to do with Daeho. Instead, she asks Mansoo to forgive Heejung and allow Kayoon and Ki-Chan to date. Mansoo holds firm that even though he likes Ki-Chan, he cannot approve of the relationship with what has happened.

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After work, Heejung comes home just in time to hear Mansoo musing that Jondal did mention that his latest girlfriend was called Dal-sister. Heejung stalks right in to scream at her father who confesses that he mentioned to Jondal that Heejung married into a rich family… Heejung yells that she’s going to tell the police and gets pulled aside by Ki-Chan.


Hyunjoon starts to think about how weirdly Heejung acted. He calls her into ask how she could pretend that the child was his… Even going to his mother’s hospital room.

Heejung answers that he was her first guy… She had hoped that he would take care of her but had been burned when Hyunjoon turned her away even though his son was on the line. Staring at Hyunjoon, Heejung tells him that she will never forgive him.


The next day, Daeho goes to visit Dalja. He tells her that he’s her in-law and then tries to explain that though he knows Jondal, he is a gangster and not a pimp. However, Dalja freaks out after she hears that Daeho is a gangster and doesn’t really hear anything.

Heejung goes home and Jingook leaves to help his mother who is cornered by creditors. Seeing some fresh blood, they force Jingook to sign a contract to guarantee Dalja’s debt…


When Dalja gets home, she takes Heejung into her room. Then she shuts the door and pulls Heejung’s hair screaming at Heejung for being a curse… That because of Heejung, Dalja lost a beautiful daughter-in-law and received a gangster in-law… And got scammed out of her money. Heejung tries to explain that her father wasn’t involved in the scam but Dalja isn’t listening. She continues to blame Heejung for everything including taking away Jingook’s opportunity to study by making him watch over Minwoo.


Later, Hyunjoon finds Jingook drunk at a bar. He offers to help Jingook but Jingook refuses saying that it’s too much for Hyunjoon to get involved.


In contrast, Ki-Chan gets a big break as Jung-Eun decides to use Ki-Chan as her vendor for the new seafood restaurants that she’s planning. Ki-Chan happily goes to take Kayoon on a drive. But Kayoon just tells him to focus so he doesn’t lose his big break.

Back at the bar, Hyunjoon tells Jingook not to give up on his family. Jingook laughs at Hyunjoon’s suggestion and tells Hyunjoon to hold on to Kayoon instead. He also steals Hyunjoon’s phone and calls Kayoon for him.

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Except Jung-Eun picks up. Jingook slurs into the phone that he misses her and wishes that he could turn back time at which point, Jung-Eun hangs up.


The next morning, Kayoon sees the call log on her phone and asks Jung-Eun over breakfast if Jung-Eun spoke with Hyunjoon. Jung-Eun sighs that she spoke with Hyunjoon while Kayoon was in the shower.

Kayoon takes the opportunity to announce to her family that she’s broken up with Hyunjoon. Adorably, Mansoo also announces that Kayoon is seeing Ki-Chan again. Hearing this, Grandmama screams that she won’t let it be!


Meanwhile, Dalja tells Heejung that she’s going to the police station to file a claim against Heejung’s father.

And at the same time, Jung-Eun tells Hyunjoon about the interview to pick their seafood vendor. When Hyunjoon hears the name, he goes to the interview himself.

So, Ki-Chan blindly walks into the restaurant to find Hyunjoon waiting for him. Hyunjoon introduces himself and digs into Ki-Chan that Ki-Chan only received the interview because of Kayoon’s help. He tells Ki-Chan not to mess up.


Sorry folks, long day >.<

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