Everything Will Be OK – 31

Kayoon and Ki-Chan run into more opposition from Mansoo as Heejung shows more of her vulnerability.



Kayoon runs into the restaurant just as Hyunjoon is tearing unto Ki-Chan out of jealousy. He even notes how Kayoon has been recommending Ki-Chan to all of her friends and asks if Ki-Chan’s distribution list hasn’t increased lately.

Ki-Chan decides to save his pride instead of gritting his teeth and trying to succeed in the bigger ocean. He decides to run away instead of working under Hyunjoon, which I think is cowardice. In this world, you take what others throw at you and you march on and succeed.


Anyways, he goes off to snap at Kayoon not to get involved in what doesn’t concern her and leaves. Meanwhile, Hyunjoon stops Kayoon from following Ki-Chan. In the car, he tells Kayoon that she shouldn’t ignore his feeling as he’s trying his best to live properly and please his father just for her.

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When Kayoon returns to the restaurant, Mansoo tries to convince Kayoon to break up again. He reminds her that if she marries Ki-Chan, she has to treat Heejung as a sister-in-law. However, Kayoon reminds him how he felt when Grandmama disapproved of him. Mansoo sighs that things change even after you get married but let’s it go.


At the same time, Jingook finally sees how Heejung has been scratched by his mother. Heejung accuses Jingook of knowing that this would happen and not returning first. Jingook tells her to try to understand his mother.

Heejung’s expression freezes but they’re interrupted by their son who tells Heejung that Dalja wants to speak with her. Heejung asks Jingook to come with her but he excuses himself on the grounds that someone needs to watch Minwoo.


In Dalja’s room, Dalja offers Heejung an alternative to putting her dad back in jail. (for someone who has a criminal past, a criminal investigation begins with putting them back in jail according to this drama.) Dalja hands over a contract which states that Heejung agrees to give 70% of her earnings to creditors until the debt is fully repaid.

Heejung seems to ponder it for a minute but then tells Dalja to go ahead against her father… She does add that if her father turns out to be innocent, Heejung’s side will press charges against Dalja as well.


Randomly, Jung-Eun finds Jingook and Minwoo in his neighborhood playground. Jung-Eun explains that she was the one who picked up his call and tells him to think of her and Minwoo… And not to get a divorce. She notes that she found it easier to hate him when she thought he was living well.

Jingook tears up and apologizes.

Just at the same time, Ki-Chan drives by and sees Jung-Eun speaking with Jingook.


Ki-Chan goes to Dalja and asks her to not go forward against his father. He promises to pay in his father’s stead.

Dalja smiles that she already filed charges at Heejung’s request.

At work, Heejung laughs and pretends thay she got scratched by her child. However, Hyunjoon comes in and offers to get Heejung’s father a lawyer. But Heejung only reacts defensively and yells back that her father is innocent.

Later, Kayoon goes to visit Ki-Chan and only finds Daeho. He tells her that he will tell Ki-Chan when Ki-Chan comes home and Kayoon leaves.

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Kayoon walks past the officers who talk about how they don’t think Daeho is involved since the scamster already fled Korea… However, since there’s a filed claim, they have to investigate.

The officers arrive and Daeho runs out the back…into Kayoon’s car. Kayoon ends up driving him to their house.

Ki-Chan comes home to find it empty and freaks out. He tries calling his father but Daeho has left his cell phone at home. It takes until Kayoon texts him that he finds out his father is safe.

Kayoon tells Ki-Chan to ask Heejung or Jingook to cancel the claim. However, Ki-Chan remembers how he asked Jingook and Jingook answered that it’s better to investigate and find out the truth.

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Meanwhile, Heejung ignores Ki-Chan’s calls. Then she calls her mother and cries that living is so hard… That she’s trying to live well but her father keeps making her into a horrible person. She begins to sob and hangs up.

Things blow up again as Mansoo enters the room by yelling at Daeho. Daeho yells back that Mansoo is just being a jerk because he has money and notes that he would have gone somewhere else if he had any money. However, when he empties his pockets, all he finds is the USB. He remembers that Jongdal told him to give it to Heejung.

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So, Kayoon texts Heejung and brings the USB over to Heejung. Heejung plays the video and puts it on earphones so neither Kayoon or us viewers can see. All we find out is that Heejung thinks that it’s enough clear his father’s name.


Thank goodness the writer put in the exit option for Heejung. Even if she’s supposed to be the evil main female, I’ve been feeling so bad for her in the recent episodes. After all, we have to give the girl some acknowledgement. She went abroad even though she was penniless and got her MBA, managed to seize an opportunity to help the company of the family she hates to secure a high position job, and grits her teeth to work with the guy who kicked her to the curb when she had told him she had his child. Just saying, in the past, this girl would have made a formidable commander with the way she’s hanging on.

In contrast, the guys of this drama sadly disappointed again. Beginning with Ki-Chan. He finds out that his customer would be his love rival and decides to give up the biggest customer he’s had?! Come on man!

Same with Jingook. Instead of trying to protect his wife, he decides to leave her to his furious mother who has already resorted to physical violence. I would have expected him to at least tell his mother that hitting his wife is bad. Instead, he has the audacity to ask Heejung to understand his mother. Understand my arse!

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