Everything Will Be OK – 33

Ki-Chan returns to the challenge and Heejung divorces Jingook.  Is the story changing?



Ki-Chan sits down with Hyunjoon and his secretary to iron out the details. Heejung shows up to ask if Ki-Chan’s company can handle the larger orders. Ki-Chan answers that the company will be growing to include a CEO, Kang Daeho.

Ki-Chan continues to request a 9% return and then accidentally misstates a business term. Heejung bursts out angrily and leaves yelling that she doesn’t want to work with an idiot. However, Hyunjoon and the secretary continue negotiate with a good attitude and agree to give Ki-Chan 9%. They shake.

Afterwards, the secretary asks Hyunjoon why he let the company contract with Ki-Chan. Hyunjoon answers that he wants Ki-Chan under him where he can control Ki-Chan.

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Heejung overhears that Kayoon helped Ki-Chan and angrily calls Kayoon. She tears into Kayoon saying that Ki-Chan doesn’t stand a chance against Hyunjoon and supplying a large franchise is difficult work. However, Kayoon stands firm thay Ki-Chan can handle it.

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Afterwards, Hyunjoon stops by Heejung’s office with the contract. She growls that Hyunjoon better not mess with her little brother. Hyunjoon pretends that he’s not planning anything but two know that he’s not fooling anyone.

Meanwhile, Dongsook skips out on work to clean Mansoo’s house and do their housework. Grandmama calls Mansoo to tease him.


Ki-Chan then arrives at the restaurant where Mansoo tells Ki-Chan that Ki-Chan can succeed if he tries hard. However, he adds that he will never approve of the relationship… Not because Ki-Chan is poor or because of Daeho… But because he doesn’t want to become in-laws with Heejung.

Ki-Chan quietly accepts it and goes to the private room to wait for his mother. While waiting, he remembers where he saw Jung-Eun, in front of Jingook’s apartment with Jingook. He asks Kayoon if Jung-Eun didn’t tell her and comments that it was weird.

Kayoon walks out to call Jung-Eun.


At the same time, Daeho plays with the neighborhood children when Soon-Im arrives. He cutely combs his hair before telling Soon-Im there’s a room for her.

Soon-Im answers that she would never return to a house with him. He notes that he heard his legal wife took the kids away. Soon-Im responds tearfully that he doesn’t know the half of it since his wife pulled her around the neighborhood by her hair and his own mother died because of Daeho’s wife.

Soon-Im then tells Daeho to leave the kids and stop being on a burden on them. When Daeho refuses, Soon-Im starts to beat him up until Ki-Chan arrives.


Ki-Chan asks Soon-Im if she couldn’t come back home. Soon-Im answers that she cannot forgive Daeho who made her lose her children.

Ki-Chan sighs that he understands but he has to live with his father. Soon-Im praises her son for growing up well but then starts crying that she wants to take care of him too.

Meanwhile, Dongsook comes back to the restaurant to find Mansoo waiting for her. He asks her if she’s playing with him… He tells her to submit her resignation letter for not showing up at the restaurant.


Soon-Im arrives and Dongsook asks if Mansoo is not going to yell at Soon-Im as well. Mansoo leaves and Dongsook takes Soon-Im and Young-Tae aside to tell them her background.


As for Heejung, she gets a divorce and full custody rights from Jingook. He asks her if she isn’t affected by the fact that they’re legally divorced and Heejung answers that Jingook should just get a job and focus on paying off the debt.

Kayoon texts her little sister to come home immediately after work. So Jung-Eun asks Nari to join her for drinks. Nari declines to go bug Young-Tae but Hyunjoon overhears and goes with Jung-Eun as her drinking buddy. He even takes her home.


Kayoon brings Jung-Eun up to her room and yells at her about meeting Jingook again. Jung-Eun cries about not being able to forget Jingook and her sister gives her an ultimatum… Either stop being hung up on Jingook or go back to America.


Jingook also tells his mother that he saw Jung-Eun and Dalja sighs that Jingook should have married Jung-Eun. At the same time, Heejung happily looks on her sleeping son. However, he wakes up to tell her that he saw the pretty aunt again… Heejung looks surprised and tells Minwoo that it’s all a dream. She immediately rushes over to her mother-in-law’s room and overhears Dalja and Jingook talking about Jung-Eun.


Heejung then angrily calls Jung-Eun who cowardly gets her sister to answer in her place. As a result, Heejung invites Kayoon to come out and meet her as Jung-Eun’s replacement if they don’t want Heejung barging into their house.

Kayoon goes to a random apartment and finds Heejung there drinking… Heejung tells Kayoon that she divorced Jingook.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

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