Everything Will Be OK – 35

Heejung gets cornered into helping CEO Yoo with some dirty money while Jingook gets cornered into the road of growing up.



Jingook ends up sleeping in front of Heejung’s house, which the babysitter tells Heejung. Heejung tells the babysitter that Jingook is the ex-husband and should never be allowed inside the house.


Then Heejung goes out and drags Jingook away from the apartment. She tells Jingook that he has no right to be Minwoo’s father for creating a situation where Minwoo has to tell her about Jingook meeting Jung-Eun. She gives him an ultimatum that he can quietly leave and keep his ability to see Minwoo once a week or continue to be annoying and lose all rights to see Minwoo. Jingook cries that Heejung scares him and she angrily drops him off on the side if the street.


Meanwhile, Grandmama and Mansoo suspiciously ask Kayoon about where she went the night before. Kayoon ends up answering that she went back to the restaurant for work so that they don’t have to tell the adults about Heejung.

After Jung-Eun runs away, Kayoon ends up confessing about meeting Ki-Chan at the restaurant since Mansoo has surveillance cameras. Mansoo gets angry about the fact that Kayoon lied to him and met up with Ki-Chan even though he had ordered her to break up with Ki-Chan. He snaps that Kayoon should quit the restaurant and stay at home.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im comes to visit Grandmama. She apologizes for leaving so quickly and for the ruckus that Daeho made.

Grandmama asks if Soon-Im has no intent to get back together. However, Soon-Im answers that she cannot forgive Daeho for what he did to their children.


At that point, Daeho drops by with some meat. Grandmama invites him in and tells the two to fight it out in the house before going upstairs.

Daeho asks if there’s something going on between the two. Soon-Im angrily throws water in his face and leaves.


Daeho goes home to find Jingook cooking ramen and kicks him out. He tells Jingook that he doesn’t care if Jingook was kicked out for all of the humiliation Jingook’s mother caused him.

Meanwhile, Dalja stops by the restaurant to get a free meal. When Kayoon stops by, Dalja asks if Jung-Eun isn’t interested in getting together with Jingook. Kayoon answers that she and Jung-Eun know that the divorce is fake.


Mansoo enters the room hearing that Dalja is by. However, Dalja just laughs that the two girls are fated to be around Jingook. But Mansoo tells everyone firmly that there is no relationship between Jingook and his girls. He tells Dalja to enjoy her meal and leave.

Dongsook then enters and tells Dalja to leave or she will tell Nari. Dalja runs off quickly hearing that Heejung might find out.


Nari tells the news to Jung-Eun when Heejung walks in on them in the break room. Heejung doesn’t bat an eyelash when she hears that her mother-in-law visited the restaurant. She coolly tells Nari that Dalja likes the food and dismisses her. However, when Nari leaves, Heejung snaps that Dalja must have run off to her ideal daughter-in-law.

Jung-Eun looks shocked and snaps back that Heejung should be able to speak about it better than that. Heejung answers that she didn’t grow up sheltered like Jung-Eun… But Jung-Eun isn’t done, she asks why Heejung threw away her loving husband if she was able to finally get her dream family. Heejung looks at Jung-Eun for a minute before answering with the question that she wonders why…


Meanwhile, Hyunjoon tells Ki-Chan to put up a 10,000 supplier deposit now that they have contacted. Ki-Chan agrees and Heejung gets worried that her little brother is going to fall hard being dragged around by Hyunjoon.

Hyunjoon then gets called in by his father to create a separate extra account to park money from the main company. Hyunjoon rejects the idea immediately and his father calls in Heejung.


To Heejung’s credit, she begins by rejecting the idea. However, she backs down when the CEO reminds her that he gave her the job and even helped her with her divorce.

Heejung reports the same to Hyunjoon who tells her to tread carefully or to create the account under Ki-Chan’s company’s name… If anything happens, it’ll be Ki-Chan’s company which takes the fall.

Ki-Chan has no idea what negotiations are taking place at the company and returns home. He finds out from Daeho that Jingook stopped by and got kicked out without his bags. Daeho isn’t even worried as he assumes Jingook will be back for his stuff.


At the same time, the family chastises Jung-Eun for continuing to see Jingook. Jung-Eun answers that she will finish her current project and leave the country. With that exclamation, she runs to her room.


Kayoon follows her sister up to her room where she answers a call from Jingook. Jingook is drunk and he cries that he doesn’t know what to do since if he goes home, the situation will get worse. He wonders where he left his bags when a robber hits him on the head with a brick and he falls.


Is it bad that I don’t feel much sympathy toward Jingook? He is a grown adult and should be able to fix his own problems without having to run to someone else for help each time that something comes up. Even the last call, he’s crying because he doesn’t know who to turn to.

Since Jingook went to a pawn shop earlier in the episode, he should have some cash. He could have stayed in a safe sauna with his cell phone for the night as Korean saunas allow people to spend the night. Spending the night at a sauna might even be cheaper than getting a room at a motel. With lodging figured out, he would just need to worry about financially standing on his own feet so that he could fight for more legal responsibility of his child. At the very least, he could have bummed off of Hyunjoon for a month while he saved money if he wanted to…

In contrast, I am worried about Ki-Chan. Heejung has no power or authority in her company… I hope that she manages to find a different account to park these secret funds. It would look horrible if they create an account under Ki-Chan’s company’s name as his own sister is second in command in Hyunjoon’s company. Any time that Hyunjoon or his father wants to topple either Heejung or Ki-Chan, they can accuse the two of conspiring to steal money from the company through the secret account.

There’s one way to stop the horribly obvious trap situation – for Hyunjoon to stop his father and protect Heejung. However, I don’t think it’s in Hyunjoon’s character to stop the coming implosion since he can benefit by letting it go. First, he gets blackmail material on Heejung. Second, he doesn’t have to lose his father’s favor, which he has already told Kayoon that he’s trying to keep for her… As in, he wants to keep his father’s approval so that his future wife can live a rich life. Of course, he doesn’t try to just get rich separately from his father because what second male lead who started as an heir to the company would think that he should make his own fortune?

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