Everything Will Be OK – 38

Dalja finds out that Heejung kicked out her son and goes to Geum family house to protest.  Meanwhile Jung-Eun begins to turn evil.



Jung-Eun turns away from Heejung lashing out of insecurity. She quietly goes to sit down and then we begin to see changes. When Ki-Chan comes out and thanks Jung-Eun, she ignores him to his face. It’s even more obvious because Nari points out Ki-Chan but Jung-Eun continues to ignore him.

Meanwhile Hyunjoon talks with his father who is getting suspicious about Heejung. He reassures his father that Heejung might be heartless but she’s a professional. Yet, the CEO muses that Heejung is too cold as she left her family when they went bankrupt.


Hyunjoon also notes that Ki-Chan is simple but nice…. Perfect to use. His father laughs when he hears this and comments that Hyunjoon must really not like Heejung.


Hyunjoon returns to his office, he finds Heejung waiting for him. She asks if Hyunjoon talked about her to his father and Hyunjoon confirms that he spoke well of her. He also remarks that he had no idea that Heejung would try to take over the company cafeteria.

Heejung answers that it was in general course trying to see if Hyunjoon vetoed the idea since it would build Ki-Chan up. Hyunjoon instead agrees that he would rather Ki-Chan stand up professionally since they are rivals, obtaining a glare from Heejung for Hyunjoon’s obvious dismissal.

Hyunjoon asks Heejung what she’s aiming at. Heejung answers that she wants a debt free world where she can live quietly… Like she did in England.


At the same time, Dalja drops by Heejung’s apartment and Soon-Im introduces herself. Dalja snaps at Soon-Im for never being around and dismisses her. But then Dalja sees that none of Jingook’s clothes are hanging.


She also finds Jingook’s luggage in the closet and runs out to demand answers from Soon-Im. She screams that Heejung must have abandoned Jingook and physically attacks her.

Soon-Im quietly tells Dalja to calm herself but Dalja doesn’t answer. Heejung comes home and Soon-Im leaves. Heejung follows her mother out to tell Soon-Im to return… However, Soon-Im tells Heejung to understand Dalja since her son went missing.

Heejung goes back inside to tell her mother-in-law that she’s incorrigible… The mother-in-law has no propriety… Filing charges against Heejung’s father and now attacking Soon-Im. She even notes that she wasn’t going to divorce Jingook if that incident didn’t occur.

Dalja jumps right to the point and asks if it was because of Jung-Eun. Heejung doesn’t lie and agrees that she overheard how much Dalja and Jingook missed Jung-Eun and that forced her hand. She tells Dalja to look for Jingook at Jung-Eun’s place.


Dalja leaves for Jung-Eun’s place and walks by Jingook who is waiting at the playground for Minwoo to come home. He gives his son Legos and tells Minwoo that he missed him.


At the company, Hyunjoon finishes up and runs into Jung-Eun. She cries that everyone is talking about Jingook without telling her. She asks why they haven’t filed a missing person’s report.

Hyunjoon answers that they can’t as Jingook left voluntarily. He’s also pretty objective because he reminds her that she had a role in this whole mess as Heejung lashed out at Jingook after she found out that Jingook met Jung-Eun.

Jung-Eun bristles at the Hyunjoon’s words but quiets down…to brood.

At the same time, Dongsook and Mansoo have another mini fight. Meanwhile Young-Tae and Nari happily gossip about how the chances of Dongsook marrying Mansoo.


After the two kids go home, Dongsook runs into the office to tell Kayoon and Mansoo that they need to go home. Dalja is protesting at the Geum house… Prostrating herself on the ground and refusing to leave until she finds her son as Heejung told her to go to Jung-Eun’s house.

Dalja accuses Jung-Eun of being with her son and the parents toss Dalja out. Dongsook accompanies Dalja to her house and advises her to just pay the debt off in one month. She comments that she knows how rich people pretend to be completely insolvent but have real property.

Dalja looks at her and then asks Dongsook to stay overnight.


At the same time, we get a small subplot as Daeho looks surprised to find out that Jingook took his money not Young-Tae. Young-Tae gets angry at the thought and cries that he would do a lot of stuff but not thievery. Daeho gruffly comforts the kid.

Back at home, everyone waits for Jung-Eun. But she’s changed. She tells her sister to shower first and then looks through her sister’s emails to see that Kayoon has been emailing Jingook.

Kayoon then gets a reminder message that she needs to send in her seafood order. Kayoon goes to the restaurant where Ki-Chan comes and Kayoon tells him everything.

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While everyone is going crazy, Jingook shows us that he’s not completely stupid. He is eating ramen at a public computer lab and reads Kayoon’s email. Kayoon sees the read receipt but they don’t get a call.

Ki-Chan tells her to come with him to search for Jingook. As they leave, Kayoon stops him and tells him that finding Jingook might not fix anything… She asks him to promise that nothing will change even if things get worse.

Ki-Chan agrees.

Jingook finally calls Kayoon. He tries not to tell them his location but gives in when Ki-Chan reminds Jingook that he needs to take care of his injuries.


However, Jingook returns to his computer station and finds an email from Jung-Eun. We don’t hear what Jung-Eun writes… But, by the time that Kayoon and Ki-Chan arrive at the computer lab, Jingook is gone. They ask the employee and he answers that Jingook left just a little while ago.


Wow, a fast episode! I have to say this was one of the better episodes in a while. Soon-Im introduces herself to Dalja and all of the characters are now on the chessboard. Everyone also knows about Jingook going missing so the time is ripe for another major confrontation.

What I enjoy about this drama is that there’s a lot of moving pieces. It’s clear that neither Kayoon’s father or Ki-Chan’s parents are inherently evil. They both truly care for each of their children as well as the children of the other… However, the story was spun so that the circumstances that help their children diverge and it’s going to take a lot of cooperation for everyone to be happy. Hence, I look forward to seeing how everyone reacts to evil Jung-Eun.

From the viewer’s perspective, I can’t even blame her. She has a limited understanding of what is going on because Heejung has such a large about of pride. Additionally, she’s biased and hurt.

On the flip side, Heejung is too vulnerable to be a hated evil main character. We see everything inckuding

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