Everything Will Be OK – 39

Turns out running away together doesn’t work so well in “real” drama life.



Kayoon and Ki-Chan look around for Jingook when Jung-Eun texts to say that she’s with Jingook… To not look for them.

Ki-Chan tells Kayoon not to worry and drives her home since Jung-Eun has to be physically safe with Jingook.


At the same time, Jingook comes out of the sauna into the public area where Jung-Eun hands him a new phone that she got for him. (In Korea, your phone line is tied to your identification number.) She knew that he wouldn’t be able to get a new phone without his identification. Food also arrives as Jung-Eun has ordered a lot.


Kayoon comes home but gets caught by Grandmama and Mansoo. The adults ask about Jung-Eun and Kayoon has to let them know that she finally heard from Jingook but that it sounds like he’s with Jung-Eun. Kayoon explains that Jung-Eun must have read her emails and managed to contact him through the same route.

Mansoo tries to calm everyone that Jung-Eun is probably with Jingook because she feels sorry for him… However, Grandmama cries with worry that this might turn into a bigger mess.

Ki-Chan also returns home confused and full of thoughts. He remembers that Kayoon asked him to promise not to change their relationship regardless of what happens and he decides not to do anything.

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In the morning, Ki-Chan hears that his mother met Dalja and calls his sister to ask about the event. Heejung answers that nothing happened.

Ki-Chan then asks about Jingook knowing that Jingook is being tempted by Jung-Eun. Heejung has no idea and answers flippantly that Jingook still hasn’t suffered enough. Ki-Chan asks if Heejung is willing to lose her husband like this but his sister just hangs up.

At the Geum family house, Kayoon comes downstairs to find her father still awake. She tells him to get some rest as she’s going to Jung-Eun’s company to corner her.

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At the same time, Jung-Eun tells Jingook that she’s going to work but will return at lunch. Jingook stops her and tells her that they shouldn’t do this anymore. He apologizes that he relied on her because life had been so hard recently that hr just wanted to be with her… But, he knows they can’t do this.

Jung-Eun stubbornly answers that Heejung is willing to let him go. She emphasizes that everyone is looking for Jingook but Heejung.


Kayoon spots Jung-Eun at the company and pulls her aside. Kayoon then tells Grandmama and her father that nothing happened, that the two went to sauna.

Mansoo falls to the couch in relief but he murmurs to Grandmama that he feels like he’s getting punished for the sins of his youth. (RECAP – Mansoo ran away with Kayoon’s mother against Grandmama’s wishes.)

Back with the girls, Kayoon tells Jung-Eun to give up. Jung-Eun responds back that Kayoon isn’t acting out of concern for Jung-Eun… She accuses Kayoon of trying to split the couple up so that Kayoon can marry Ki-Chan.

Kayoon drops Jung-Eun’s hand at these words and walks away wordlessly. Hyunjoon spots Kayoon walking away aimlessly and takes her to a cafe to calm her down.

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Meanwhile, Jung-Eun goes to work and gets a text from Jingook. Jingook thanks her for being an angel and notes that he will never love anyone but her. However, he adds that he is choosing his son over love and they cannot share the responsibility over his son. Jung-Eun reads the text and begins to sob.

Heejung also gets a call when she walks into the office. She answers and it’s her father. He chastised her for kicking her husband out mercilessly and tells her to forgive him.

Heejung hangs up and Daeho turns to Young-Tae for more information. Young-Tae explains the problems that Heejung caused and how Dalja wishes that Jung-Eun would be her daughter-in-law.


Daeho gets angry and orders Young-Tae to follow him to Dalja’s place. Dalja doesn’t invite the two inside but Daeho happily sits down. He tells Dalja to sit down since he knows that she also went to fall apart at Mansoo’s house. Then he adds that Dalja should accept that Heejung is her daughter-in-law and stop trying to connect Jingook with Jung-Eun.

This meeting gets cut short when Ki-Chan calls his father out to buy an used truck. But before he goes, he asks about the USB and Dalja freaks out.

Young-Tae takes this news to Kayoon and Dongsook. But Mansoo doesn’t even listen because he’s so worried about Jung-Eun.


Just then, Jingook arrives. He apologizes to Mansoo and Kayoon and explains that he clearly told Jung-Eun that they cannot continue seeing each other like this. He promises to not see Jung-Eun since he needs to raise his son.

Mansoo asks if Jingook is going home and tells Jingook to go with Soon-Im.

Kayoon tells Ki-Chan who gets ecstatic that his brother-in-law is returning home and asks Kayoon on a date.

Hyunjoon also calls so Kayoon tells him the news. He tells Jung-Eun to give up and reminds her that she hurt Kayoon’s feelings.


Jung-Eun treats Hyunjoon as an older brother and confesses that she accused her sister of acting thus way to get together with Ki-Chan. Jung-Eun leaves ashamed but Hyunjoon looks serious as he considers this train of thought.


When his secretary comes in to report that they can easily take care of Jingook’s debt, Hyunjoon tells him to pause because he’s changed his mind. At the same time, Heejung comes home to find Jingook at home.


For all of Hyunjoon’s condescension toward Ki-Chan, it is surprising that he kept wanting to fight Ki-Chan directly.  He never really considered that Heejung’s relationship with Ki-Chan would affect his own relationship with Kayoon.  Now that Jung-Eun has spelled out the implications of Heejung and Jingook’s divorce, it looks like Jung-Eun has finally found an ally in her fight.

The way that the plot has enfolded, it is clear that Jung-Eun by herself cannot go against her family and Heejung’s family to marry a divorced Jingook.  She’s not selfish enough to forsake her family and the world, living as the second wife.  However, if she has a strong supporter in the background like Hyunjoon, I can see Jung-Eun continuing to try to seduce Jingook away from his family even though Heejung would label her a family wrecker.

Lets see how the drama enfolds!

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