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Our protagonist Bom applies for a makgeulli company but gets worried about her chances when her performance is so different from all of the other applicants.  Meanwhile, Ahran skips out on her engagement ceremony to chase a potential local distributor and Maru’s family finds out that they’re bankrupt.



Our protagonist Bom blind samples different types of makgeulli (Korean rice wine) to practice for some kind of corporate interview. She correctly guesses when one sample has been watered down and when another has additional stuff mixed in. This skill isn’t news to the family and the family happily cheers to Bom’s chances before getting drunk.


Meanwhile Ahran gets scolded by her mother for bringing her work to the breakfast table. However, Ahran does not seem fazed and reminds her mother how busy she is. She even does not bother to check on the dress that her fiancé delivered for the engagement ceremony later that night.


At the same time, Ahran’s fiancé’s (Taeho Ahn) parents have a small spat. Taeho’s mother is ready to show Ahran’s parents that they are no longer better than the Ahns but her husband warns her not to say anything unnecessary. They go out to the living room where Taeho is also waiting to go to work.

The two men leave and Taeho’s mom calls Ahran’s mom about Ahran’s engagement ceremony dress. No love is lost between the two as Ahran’s mom (Gookhee) answers politely but coldly.


Bom wakes up late for her interview and forcibly stops a cab in the street. She begs them to take her to her destination first but the cab driver refuses. Luckily, the first passenger is Maru Kang and he agrees to go to her destination first.

Bom barely runs into waiting room just as the interview manager is about to skip her. She apologizes profusely and goes in to the blind test.

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Although Bom gags at the first test sample, she goes on to choose what she thinks is the match. She does the same for the following tasks which includes identifying the liquid by smell.

Bom writes that she smells rice. Gookhee calls her out to ask why Bom identified rice as the main ingredient and if Bom means that the liquid is bland. Bom nervously answers that she smelled rice and believed that no other flavoring was used for the particular test liquid.

The test ends and Bom leaves disappointed that she always had a different answer than the rest of the contestants. However, the interviewers excitedly talk amongst themselves about how a person with a genius palate was one of the applicants.


We turn to Gookhee in her office as she looks at Bom’s application. An employee happily asks her about the rumors of a genius palate. Gookhee smiles that they need to send Bom to the labs as soon as she’s hired since she has a very sensitive palate.

The employee then asks Gookhee if she sees potential in Bom as Gookhee also started and excelled because of her sensitive palate. Gookhee sighs and hopes that Bom will help since her own palate seems to be aging.

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Meanwhile, at Choi Jung-Gi prepares a birthday breakfast for his wife and mother of two children. After breakfast, mom goes into her room and broods that she might need to use her wedding or engagement ring to presumably pay some debt. She then gets on the phone to yell at someone that they need to speed up the construction to meet the deadline.

At the same time, Jung-Gi and his daughter welcome back their son from studying abroad and go in to surprise the mom… The whole time not aware of pending financial doom.

At a construction site, the manager (Bom’s dad) yells at his staff that he does not care who orders them to work throughout the night. It is dangerous to work at night and his employees will not do night construction. However, he gets a call and runs home.


He gets home just in time to see Bom hold a package and he rips it from her hands. He goes into his room to open the box and we see that it’s a missing child’s flyer… The little girl in the picture? It’s the same little girl as in a picture with him… Bom?

The scene switches Ahran who is giving a presentation to the board about how they want to save the company by entering the Chinese market. They will partner will a local distributor.


Afterwards, Ahran and her coworker show the CEO of the distributor around. They then go back to the office to sign the contract.

The CEO brings out a red bottle and asks that the contract allows for use of the red bottle. Ahran’s coworker immediately refuses as they had already designed a bottle for this line of rice wine. In response, the CEO of the distributor leaves with Ahran literally running after him.

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At the same time, everyone waits for Ahran at the engagement ceremony. Taeho’s mother (Sun-Young) takes the opportunity to snub Gookhee for not having a husband. But, Gookhee does not rise to the bait and calmly orders that someone call Ahran.

Taeho calls Ahran but she does not care at all about the engagement ceremony. She yells back that they might have lost the buyer and declares that she has to get the buyer; she won’t be going to the engagement ceremony.

Taeho goes back into the room to tell everyone that he doesn’t think that they can continue the engagement ceremony. This infuriates Sun-Young but Gookhee and Taeho’s father take it in stride.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi’s son (Maru Kang) goes to pick up a diamond ring that Jung-Gi ordered for his wife. As he walks home, he runs into temptation – a friend is going out for drinks and invites him. He decides to go for one drink.


Back at home, Jung-Gi’s mother and sister raid the kitchen. She angrily lectures her son about puttering around in the kitchen even though he’s a boy.

Jung-Gi announces that he wants to officially wants to propose to his current wife and be legally married.

Jiah happily agrees but Jung-Gi’s mom asks if Jung-Gi has finally tied up loose ends with his first wife. His silence is enough for everyone to know that he has not. Jung-Gi’s mom snaps that her son should just continue to live with his wife and not upset any can of worms.


They go into the living room where Jung-Gi asks everyone to hide for the surprise event. Except instead of Jiah’s mom, people from the government enter because Jiah’s mom was unable to pay her debts and every one of her possessions are now confiscated as part of the government’s property.

Meanwhile, Bom sighs in the bathroom about her current state of temporary work. However, she decides to do her best and goes out to advertise and give samples of the new wine.


Maru walks by and rejects a sample. After he leaves, Bom finds the ring box on the floor and wonders if it was Maru’s.

She gets pulled downstairs by her supervising employer. While waiting for him, she opens the ring box to find the ring. She assumes that Maru got it for his girlfriend and wonders how she can find him in the large bar.


At the same same, Maru spots her and smiles that he did not completely lose the ring. But just as he watches, Bom gets called by her manager and puts the ring box in her pocket to get back to work. Maru thinks that Bom is about to steal his ring and runs after her. When he gets to her, he pulls her around demanding the ring making her spill all of the small cups of sample wine on herself.


Keeper! We have a fun and slightly spazzy first episode that managed to introduce a lot of the plot lines. Additionally, the first episode hints that the atmosphere will not be a complete tear fest.

  • To summarize, we were given hints about the following plots:
    Bom may be adopted. She also has an amazingly sensitive / genius palate which Gookhee has as well.
  • Jung-Gi may not be Maru’s biological father since he has been living with his wife but not married to her for only twenty years… She is his second wife and there are still some outstanding issues with the first wife.
  • Maru/Jung-Gi’s family is currently a wealthy construction company run by Maru’s mom… But it’s about to go under.
  • Ahran and Taeho are engaged but whether there’s love on either side is unclear.

Interesting start and tons of fun storylines to explore. Though, to be honest, I wanted to give this drama a chance because the name included Honey Pot.

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