Everything Will Be OK – 42

Ki-Chan and Kayoon try to continue to date but their relationship shows obvious strains from the Jung-Eun/Jingook/Heejung triangle.



Ki-Chan broods throughout the date and then suddenly asks Kayoon why she asked Heejung about loving Jingook. Ki-Chan notes that his sister might look heartless but she’s the one suffering the most from this ordeal… That Heejung also wants to live like everyone else. They then end the date on an awkward note.

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Ki-Chan walks Kayoon to her car and sees the cake but Kayoon doesn’t explain it.

Meanwhile, Jung-Eun’s buffet restaurant is a success. Everyone compliments Jung-Eun and Heejung snaps at Jung-Eun about her health.


At the same time, Hyunjoon goes to report on the success to his father. His father approves of the success and agrees to approve of Hyunjoon’s union with Kayoon if they hit his targets. However, his father notes that Hyunjoon should be more worried about how Kayoon thinks.

Hyunjoon goes back to his office and sneaks a few jabs at Heejung. He notes that she does not have to worry as he explained to his father that he was angry about Heejung throwing Jingook away. Heejung snarls back that Hyunjoon should just have told the CEO the truth about how she’s the woman who threatened him with a child. In return, Hyunjoon responds that he felt sorry for her child and held back. This ends the conversation as Heejung suddenly gets up and leaves.

Meanwhile, Soon-Im calls Ki-Chan to ask if he enjoyed the cake that Kayoon baked herself. Ki-Chan freezes when he realizes what the cake box was but Daeho grabs the phone to talk with Soon-Im. So, Ki-Chan runs off to get the cake.

Soon-Im realizes that Kayoon was not able to eat the cake with Ki-Chan. She asks if the children fought and Kayoon smiles that they did not even fight. She explains that she fell more in love with Ki-Chan seeing how much Ki-Chan protected Heejung.


At the same time, Ki-Chan takes the the cake from Kayoon’s fridge and gets caught by Grandmama. He doesn’t understand that Grandmama is insulting him and laughs it off happily. This only fuels Grandmama further as Ki-Chan continues to explain that he met Kayoon the night before but could not eat the cake… He ends up giving her a slice of the cake before returning to the cafe to eat it with Kayoon.


Kayoon puts two candles on the cake to represent the two trucks. They happily celebrate without realizing that the whole staff is watching them. Young-Tae even snaps a picture.

Ki-Chan first refuses to blow out the candles until Kayoon sings or dances for him. So, Kayoon blows out the candles herself and then slams Ki-Chan’s face into the cake.


Young-Tae sends the picture to Nari who happily shares it with her team. Heejung pretends that it does not affect her and then goes on to attack Hyunjoon by sending the picture on. She goes into his office and smirks whether Hyunjoon can continue to leave things as they are.


Hyunjoon answers that she’s right about him still liking Kayoon. However, he attacks back that Heejung just dislikes everyone… He even rubs it in that Heejung’s family seems to like Kayoon a lot.

Heejung huffs off and then grills Jung-Eun by giving her a lot of work. Nari overhears this and goes to tell Kayoon. Kayoon does not react to the news and pretends that Jung-Eun needs to figure out her own affairs.


So Nari goes to tell Young-Tae and Dongsook joins. They tease her about Mansoo for a little bit. Then Nari goes to see if Mansoo likes Dongsook back. He does not seem to understand her question about whether or not he enjoyed it when she pretended to be his daughter. She mutters that she should bring her mom to the new buffet restaurants that they are opening and finally gets a response. Mansoo sighs that he would miss Dongsook just like he would miss a pet…

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At the same time, Dalja calls Heejung to demand that she return the USB. Heejung refuses and hangs up.

Yet, all is not lost because Jingook overheard it all. He asks his mother if she is really being blackmailed. Finally finding an ally, Dalja breaks down and sobs that she will die if Heejung releases the USB to the public.

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Then Heejung finds Jingook going through her stuff in her office. He accuses her of never loving him and bites out that he had tried her best to appease her because he gave her an unwanted pregnancy. He adds that he cannot forgive her for blackmailing his mother and demands the USB.

Heejung responds that she would not have done anything if Dalja only treated her like a human… Jingook does not accept this and throws water in Heejung’s face before stomping out.


Jingook meets Jung-Eun in the hallway. She tearfully asks him what is going on when she expected him to live well. Jingook angrily answers that he has found out that he can never forgive Heejung. Before Jung-Eun can say anything, he adds that he cannot return to Jung-Eun either and leaves.

When Jung-Eun arrives at home, Kayoon tells her little sister that she can no longer protect Jung-Eun against Heejung. Kayoon explains that her relationship with Ki-Chan is uneasy right now and they even fought the night before about Heejung.

Jung-Eun agrees and explains how Jingook came to their office and what she knows about the fight.

Afterwards, Kayoon takes Jung-Eun back to the restaurant that Hyunjoon’s group is opening up. Jung-Eun runs into Heejung in the Lobby and Heejung angrily attacks Jung-Eun for leaving the restaurant.


Jung-Eun snaps back that Heejung should not live the way she’s living. Heejung responds angrily by trying to slap Jung-Eun except Jung-Eun blocks her arm in the air. The two girls end up twirling around and Heejung spots Ki-Chan on the stairs.

She suddenly changes her story and cries out that her wrist hurts… She adds that Jung-Eun should be happy since Heejung divorced Jingook and asks Jung-Eun to stop attacking her.


Jung-Eun looks shocked and confused at Heejung’s words. As she tries to figure out what Heejung is doing, Ki-Chan runs down. He believes that Jung-Eun is attacking his sister and demands to know why Jung-Eun keeps bothering Heejung. He asks if Jung-Eun really followed Heejung into the company…

Jung-Eun looks back and forth between the siblings crying that it’s not true. But, Ki-Chan does not believe her. Jung-Eun cries again that she is not the one following Heejung but then faints right into Ki-Chan’s arms.


Sigh, the last scene would have been the classic beginning confrontation between the female protagonist and the evil character with the male protagonist physically catching the female protagonist without knowing why. Of course, Everything Will Be OK is writing a different story with two female protagonists and a female antihero.

While, I’m enjoying the story and I understand the time constraints… I find that this series suffers from an inability to develop both subplots at the same time. Because Kayoon’s story and Jung-Eun’s story are so distinctly separate at this time, we develop one or the other at a time. Since the time constraint is not going to be resolved, I wonder if it would get better by making the two separate love triangles a bit more messily entertained through alliances such as between Hyunjoon and Jung-Eun and Ki-Chan and Heejung. This would result in a combined subplot thay gets focus every episode and we don’t have to feel like certain characters keep getting neglected.

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