Everything Will Be OK – 43

Jung-Eun collapses from the combined stress of work and her relationship situation.  Kayoon tries to salvage her relationship with Ki-Chan but he begins to show doubts and the others all begin to assume that the Kayoon/Ki-Chan ship has sunk.



The doctor tells Kayoon and Ki-Chan that there does not seem to be a concussion. He also adds that he gave stabilizing medicine and everything should be fine.

Kayoon tells Ki-Chan to leave as he has other work. He does and Heejung calls to snap that he should leave.


Heejung then goes home. She asks her mother to stay the night since she gets scared at night and it’s hard to go to work. However, Soon-Im tells her to accept her husband back. Heejung cries that no one understands her and that Soon-Im does not understand how Heejung got pregnant and married. Soon-Im looks like she’s hurt to hear the words and apologizes for not being there.

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Meanwhile, Kayoon finds Ki-Chan standing in the hallway and tells him to leave. He explains that he has to apologize since he also took Heejung’s side because Jung-Eun was about to hit Heejung. Kayoon snaps back that she is going to hear it Jung-Eun and leaves.

On a side line, Daeho asks Young-Tae to send Soon-Im a message asking her for breakfast the next day. Soon-Im seems to sense that it’s Daeho but prepares breakfast just in case.


Over breakfast, Daeho tells Soon-Im about what happened with Jung-Eun, which he read about in Ki-Chan’s cell phone.


At the same time, Kayoon wakes Jung-Eun up. She opens her eyes but she stays silent regardless of what Kayoon says. As Kayoon tries to get Jung-Eun to put on shoes, Jung-Eun falls backwards as if she is not conscious.


Grandmama and Mansoo come to the hospital. Hyunjoon meets them and apologizes for making Jung-Eun work so much. Then he explains that Jung-Eun is getting tests done because Jung-Eun does not respond to any external stimulus.

Grandmama and Mansoo what could have occurred and ask Hyunjoon if Heejung was involved. Hyunjoon answers that he suspects that there was some trouble… Ki-Chan arrives and apologizes as he was also at the scene. Grandmama hits Ki-Chan, accusing him of doing this to Jung-Eun. Mansoo tells Ki-Chan to leave so he goes into the hallway to wait.


Jung-Eun returns in a conscious potato state and everyone decides that Mansoo and Grandmama will stay to watch over Jung-Eun. Hyunjoon offers to take Ki-Chan home but Kayoon decides to go home with Ki-Chan, showing that she trusts Ki-Chan.


Hyunjoon goes back into the office to tell everyone that Jung-Eun will be taking a few days off. The other staff sigh thay Jung-Eun must have fallen because of how much Heejung tormented her. Hyunjoon turns to Heejung and tells her to cover everything for Jung-Eun.


Soon-Im follows Mansoo at the restaurant and asks about what happened. Mansoo gruffly tells her that Heejung and Ki-Chan ganged up on Jung-Eun. He notes that he wanted to go beat up Daeho but refrained for the children.

Kayoon goes back to the hospital where Grandmama cries that the doctor asked them to write down everything that happened to Jung-Eun in the past few days.

At the same time, Heejung checks in about business with Hyunjoon. He accuses her of not caring about Jung-Eun and doing this on purpose. In return, Heejung smirks thay Hyunjoon should be thanking her since Kayoon has to split up with Ki-Chan now.

Afterwards, Hyunjoon calls his secretary in and tells him to resolve Jingook’s debt since Kayoon and Ki-Chan look like they are going to break up.


Heejung goes home to check on Minwoo since she has to work late. But, Jingook has taken Minwoo. Heejung calls Jingook who tells her to bring the USB when she comes for Minwoo.


Jingook tells Dalja to be careful about her actions so that Heejung does not have anything on them. When Heejung comes over demanding Minwoo, Jingook demands the USB. He takes it and smashes it with a pair of scissors. Then he warns her that he’s going to fight for custody over Minwoo. He tells Heejung to go home since Minwoo will be returned.

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True to his word, Jingook texts Hyunjoon to return Minwoo.


Ki-Chan arrives at home to check on Heejung and sees Heejung running after Hyunjoon. She slaps Hyunjoon and tells him that he has no idea what he has just done.


Heejung definitely overreacts whenevwr Hyunjoon and Minwoo are involved which makes me wonder if Hyunjoon really has no idea about Minwoo’s parentage or if he’s just willfully ignoring the signs. It appears that he is ignoring the gut instinct that kicked in a couple of episodes ago because he does not want confirmation about Minwoo since he’s fixated on Kayoon.

As for the two men… They really reached a low point in this episode. It was low of Hyunjoon to tell Jingook this plan and to help Jingook out. It was also low of Jingook and Dalja to go through with it. While threatening Dalja with the USB was horrible, no mother deserves being blackmailed by her child. After this episode, I no longer believe that Jingook has a right to be Minwoo’s father and fully support Heejung’s decision to get a divorce.

In my ramblings about the last episode, I complained about Hyunjoon not getting much development. Unfortunately, the drama team is developing Hyunjoon into the male antagonist and I don’t like it. Ki-Chan will literally have no rival and the only thing standing in the way of Ki-Chan’s and Kayoon’s relationship is the circumstances.

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