Everything Will Be OK – 44

Heejung’s parents find out about Heejung blackmailing Dalja and Ki-Chan helps Jingook see Jung-Eun again.


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Ki-Chan turns into the uber protective younger brother and demands to know what Hyunjoon did to deserve a slap from Heejung. Heejung snaps that Hyunjoon helped Jingook take Minwoo away so she slapped him.

Ki-Chan glares at Hyunjoon and asks why he would flame a fight between a couple. Hyunjoon looks at Heejung evenly and answers that the siblings are pretty unrepentant for ganging up against a delicate girl and putting her in the hospital. This has the desired affect on Ki-Chan who pauses and Hyunjoon leaves.

As they walk in, Heejung tells Ki-Chan to stop worrying about Jung-Eun as Jung-Eun was the one who hit her first. Ki-Chan muses that it was weird that Jung-Eun would hit Heejung… Also, if others say thay Jung-Eun just grabbed Heejung before falling, no one would understand how it could even hurt Heejung.


Hyunjoon decides to tell Jingook. Jingook runs to the hospital only to get pushed out by Kayoon. Jingook runs around Kayoon to run back into the hospital room. He goes up to Jung-Eun’s bed and calls out for Jung-Eun to wake up as Kayoon calls for help.


Jung-Eun does not respond at first. Then she freaks out and starts screaming. The doctors have to come in and inject some medicine into her IV. She tells Jingook that Jung-Eun is suffering from an anxiety disorder and it’s his fault.

Meanwhile, Young-Tae submits his resignation and goes home. He tells Daeho what happened with Jung-Eun still in the hospital.

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As for Heejung, Soon-Im asks to stay over the night at Heejung’s place. Ki-Chan and Soon-Im ask Heejung whether the fight with Jingook involved whatever Jingook was looking for. Heejung just avoids the question and Ki-Chan leaves.

Soon-Im finally confesses to Heejung that she hoped Heejung would live a better life than her. She starts to cry that Heejung has such a hard life. However, Heejung reassures her mother that she will live well from now on.

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Ki-Chan goes to the hospital where he sees Jingook. He pushes Jingook into the stairway and demands to know what Jingook is doing after kidnapping Minwoo. Jingook is not a noble idiot and snarls back that Ki-Chan has no idea what Heejung is doing. He tells Ki-Chan that Heejung used a video on the USB to blackmail Dalja, get an apartment and a divorce. He even adds that he has done nothing to warrant a divorce, always leaving Jung-Eun for Heejung but Heejung was the one who kept insisting on the separation. He sighs that he does not know what he can do to apologize to Jung-Eun now…


Kayoon finds Ki-Chan in the waiting area. She asks him why he did not come in and Ki-Chan apologizes again. Kayoon falters as she tells him that he sees Jung-Eun so infrequently that it was not his fault… But the fault of those closer to Jung-Eun like herself who always disapproved of Jung-Eun’s relationship.


Next thing we know, Young-Tae goes out as part of the city’s survey. Except the house is Nari’s and Dongsook’s!

Meanwhile, Soon-Im tells Mansoo that they should be able to find a replacement for her soon. Mansoo asks why she is leaving and Soon-Im explains that she wants to help Heejung raise Minwoo.

Mansoo asks if Heejung really refuses to get back with Jingook and Soon-Im confirms. Mansoo is still smarting from what Heejung did to Jung-Eun and snaps that Heejung should have at least waited until Minwoo was older to separate.

At the same time, Dalja gets confirmation that the debt is resolved. She happily begins to take all of the stickers off and asks what Jung-Eun is doing.


Daeho decides to visit Mansoo at the restaurant. He asks for Soon-Im’s address. Mansoo snaps that Soon-Im moved into Heejung’s house.

Mansoo tells Daeho to leave but Daeho does not. Instead, he asks gruffly about Jung-Eun and apologizes for Ki-Chan. However, he does not end there and comments that it is weird that Jung-Eun has not been able to leave the hospital when Heejung works harder with a child.

Mansoo loses it at this point and stands up angrily. He yells at Daeho that Daeho’s children caused Jung-Eun to faint and now she’s unable to speak. He adds that he would have beaten up Daeho sooner but is refraining until Jung-Eun gets better.

At the same time, the secretary tells Heejung that Jung-Eun is mute now. This actually gets to Heejung. She goes to visit and knocks the hospital door.

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When Kayoon comes out, Heejung asks about Jung-Eun’s status and offers to take responsibility for what happened as a result of Ki-Chan. Kayoon shuts her down and answers that this is all what Heejung wanted. She notes that Ki-Chan has already apologized enough and has been forgiven, leaving the hint that it’s a different situation with Heejung.


Heejung returns to her office to hear that the CEO wants to see her. The CEO tells her that he looked into the situation and found out that Jingook’s debt has been resolved. He asks Heejung if she’s going to get back together with Jingook.

Heejung looks surprised that the CEO looked into her affairs. However, she gets her bearings and answers that money was only one reason for the divorce.

She leaves the office to stomp into Hyunjoon’s office. She demands to know why Hyunjoon waited to help Jingook until she left. Hyunjoon just smiles that Heejung should have waited a little longer with Jingook’s family instead of running away.

Heejung angrily lashes out that Hyunjoon’s plan might not succeed since Kayoon is still with Ki-Chan even after Ki-Chan caused Jung-Eun to faint. Hyunjoon calmly answers that only time will tell.

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Meanwhile, Dalja stops by Heejung’s apartment to bring Minwoo back home. Soon-Im refuses and Dalja snaps that she cannot leave her grandson with a monster like Heejung.

Daeho arrives and asks Dalja why she’s beating on Soon-Im. Dalja tells both of them how Heejung blackmailed her with a tape of her with Jongdal. She adds that the only reason she approved of the divorce and gave up custody over Minwoo was because Heejung threatened to publish the tape online.

Minwoo and his babysitter arrive just then. Dalja happily hugs the little boy while Soon-Im and Daeho fall into the couches with shock.


At the same time, the doctor checks on Jung-Eun. He wonders out loud if Jung-Eun was not screaming about Jingook but rather screaming because Kayoon tried to kick Jingook out.


Kayoon stops in shock. She goes to tell the doctor’s evaluation to her grandmother and father wondering if they should let Jingook go back to Jung-Eun. Mansoo looks like he’s considering the situation, Grandmama firmly rejects the idea.


Ki-Chan calls and Kayoon goes to see him. Surprisingly, Ki-Chan supports letting Jingook return to Jung-Eun since Jingook and Heejung have divorced. Kayoon answers that Jingook still has a son and ends the conversation.

However, Ki-Chan cannot stop thinking about it and brings Jingook to the hospital. He tells Jingook that they can deal with other problems as they arise.

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Jingook goes to Jung-Eun’s side and tells her that he’s finally returned. He apologizes for taking so long. At those words, Jung-Eun turns to him and asks him what took him so long.


Ki-Chan and Kayoon leave to give the two some space. Ki-Chan smiles to Kayoon and asks if he did a good job. However, Kayoon glares at him and slaps him.

My Two Cents

First, regarding the plot, I like the development that occurred in this episode. We added additional conflict by isolating Heejung from her only supporters. Ki-Chan realizes that he was wrong about Jung-Eun from Jingook and the parents realize how low Heejung fell from Dalja.

Heejung has always been a difficult antagonist to hate because she reminds me more of a vulnerable porcupine. The plot has clearly linked most of her actions to Heejung’s perception of survival. Even though Heejung did act unethically by threatening her mother-in-law with a sex video… I can’t help but pity the girl as the same mother-in-law had physically assaulted her just episodes before. Now, Heejung has to return to being her only defender.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure how I feel about Jung-Eun fainting, refusing to talk and getting back together with Jingook. I had been under the impression that Jung-Eun was physically weak not psychologically. It seems too much like convenient plot tool to move it on.

Additionally, even with the knowledge that Minwoo is not Jingook’s child, I can’t help but judge Jung-Eun.  She still believes that Jingook chose to live his life with his child and the mother of his child.  She has no right to make such a mess of the situation just because she believes that she is in some kind of fairy tale love…If we boil it down, Jung-Eun is actively trying to stay together with Jingook even though he’s just recently divorced and has a child…She has been actively trying to get together with a married man for several episodes.  Lying in a hospital bed does not change the facts…

Finally, I was completely surprised by Kayoon’s reaction at the end of the episode. I assume that this was necessary so that Kayoon would turn to Hyunjoon. We need to develop the Kayoon/Hyunjoon relationship before the characters find out about Minwoo’s biological father for optimal shock and tension.

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