Everything Will Be OK – 45

Jung-Eun returns to normal life but now she has no filter and an issue with managing her emotions.



Kayoon asks why Ki-Chan is so simple. She explains that Jung-Eun might have been able to start a new life without Jingook but Ki-Chan just ruined that chance. She also asks what he thinks will happen when the parents start disapproving and what will happen to them. Ki-Chan answers that they are healthy and can resolve anything but Kayoon answers that she’s not so sure.

Kayoon goes back into the room to see Jung-Eun speaking again. Kayoon sighs but does nothing other than to tell Jingook to leave for rhe day.

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At the same time, Daeho calls Heejung and asks her what she was thinking when she acted this way. He complains that she had it made living in a good apartment and even getting a good education… But that any man would go crazy after what Heejung did. He orders that Heejung beg Jingook for forgiveness before she loses Jingook to Jung-Eun. Heejung only answers that she can raise her son well without Jingook and hangs up.

Heejung leaves her office only to run into Hyunjoon as he’s telling his secretary that they don’t have to worry about Jung-Eun… Jingook fixed it. She hears them and glares.

Back at the hospital, Kayoon sighs that Jung-Eun is scared all of them. She asks Jung-Eun if she hated her older sister that much.


Jung-Eun just looks down and answers meekly that she felt like she was stuck in a cave. Like the rest of us frustrated viewers, Kayoon asks if Jung-Eun will always run into the cave whenever things get tough.

Jung-Eun has no time to answer as Heejung walks in. She asks what is wrong with Jung-Eun when she looks healthy.


Kayoon quickly stands up and offers to talk to Heejung outside. But then Jingook enters. He sees Heejung and pulls her out into the hall. He explains that he brought Jung-Eun food and this is no place for Heejung.

Kayoon comes out to tell Heejung not to blame Jung-Eun. Jingook adds that Ki-Chan was the one who brought him to the hospital.


So, Heejung stalks home to breathe wrath on Ki-Chan. Ki-Chan does not apologize. Instead, he tells Heejung that she has no one to blame but herself since she ended it with Jingook. He even adds that he did wonder why Heejung was acting in such a manner and could only think of one reason… That Heejung does not love Jingook.


Meanwhile, Kayoon brings Jung-Eun home. Grandmama hears that Ki-Chan involved Jingook and asks Kayoon how they will take care of the afterfall…

Ki-Chan goes home to find Daeho still awake. He asks his father why. Daeho answers that he is worried about how Heejung is a mess and Jung-Eun is in the hospital. Ki-Chan tells his father that Jung-Eun is healed but does not explain why. This enough for Daeho to feel relieved.


The next day, Dalja hears about the situation and tells her son to propose to Jung-Eun. Jingook answers that he wants to wait for Minwoo to grow older and will be happy to just date Jung-Eun. Dalja sighs and tells him to kneel… And not to get up ever.

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Jingook goes to Jung-Eun’s house and kneels for permission to date Jung-Eun since the debt has been taken care of Hyunjoon found him a place to work. The adults refuse and Kayoon tries to leave with Jung-Eun for the hospital. Jung-Eun runs back and kneels with Jingook. She cries that she wants permission to marry Jingook or she will run away with Jingook and have a child.

Grandmama cries that she has to see this scene twice in her life… Mansoo also looks grave muttering that he’s getting punished for what he did to Grandmama. Without another word, he leaves. Kayoon pulls Jung-Eun away and Grandmama tells Jingook to kneel all she wants before going upstairs.


Mansoo calls Daeho and Soon-Im into his office. He asks them what they think about Jingook. Daeho answers that time will heal everything but Soon-Im answers that she thinks it’s over between Jingook and Heejung after what she did to Dalja… She also knows that Ki-Chan connected Jingook with Jung-Eun.

Realizing what’s going on Daeho gets up and warns Mansoo that they will be enemies again if Mansoo approves of Jung-Eun and Jingook’s relationship. Then he stomps off to yell at Ki-Chan.

Soon-Im stays behind to ask Mansoo what he is going to do. Mansoo answers that he is not sure.


Daeho waits for Ki-Chan and then kicks Ki-Chan when he comes home. He yells that Ki-Chan is Heejung’s brother and Minwoo’s uncle… He needs to remember that when Jingook remarries, he might take Minwoo.

Meanwhile, Dalja goes to visit Hyunjoon at the company. She asks Hyunjoon to fire Heejung. Hyunjoon answers that Heejung is an employee of headquarters and he has no authority to fire her.

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Heejung angrily calls Jingook to do something about his mother but he just answers that his mother is free to meet whomever she wants. Grandmama comes downstairs to hear Jingook demand custody over his son. She goes into the kitchen and brings out a bowl of water that she throws on Jingook.

However, Jung-Eun comes in just at that moment. She yells at Grandmama that Jingook has a right to fight for custody over his son. After Grandmama leaves, Jung-Eun pulls Jingook out.

Dongsook comes into the room where Kayoon, Mansoo and Soon-Im are talking about the situation. She tells them how Dalja told everyone that she wants Heejung fired for Jung-Eun. Mansoo sees Soon-Im’s expression freeze and pulls Dongsook out.


After a little back and forth, Mansoo takes Dongsook into the private room to clear the air. Dongsook tells him that she has no interest in him but she wants to prepare for Nari’s future and give her a wedding in the restaurant’s garden. Then she sniffs and leaves Mansoo stunned.


Later Ki-Chan goes to the company to report on their current distribution. Hyunjoon calls him into his office to ask why he helped connect Jingook and Jung-Eun. Ki-Chan answers that he’s simple; Jingook had completely turned away from Heejung and Jung-Eun needed to see Jingook. Hyunjoon laughs that Ki-Chan is extremely simple.

Meanwhile, Dongsook sniffs that she told Mansoo so clearly but he still ignores her. She tells Kayoon to take over her duties as Mansoo comes in and explains that she made an ultimatum, if it fails, she needs to leave due to embarrassment.

Mansoo ignores her so she ends up leaving in a huff.


Kayoon then goes to meet Ki-Chan. He tells her how his father was angry and it hurt to see how much it hurt his father. He wonders if he was wrong and Kayoon answers that she should apologize instead… He was right; there should be no reason to keep lovers apart.

Ki-Chan smiles and notes that he’s hungry. So, Kayoon offers to cook him up something. However, before she can leave, Jung-Eun calls and declares that she is going to run away with Jingook and hangs up.


The plot has clearly turned up a notch even though Hyunjoon has fallen off the main character train for a while. It’s more interesting because Mansoo and Soon-Im seem so reasonable. Their characters hold the plot from diving into makjang world. Instead, both hesitantly accept the current circumstances even if it is clear that they both would rather different results occur.

With that said, I’m happy that Daeho took Heejung’s side. She needs someone who will blindly take her side regardless of what she did and regardless of the circumstances. His lecture of Ki-Chan which basically can be summed up as Ki-Chan is Heejung’s little brother so he should take Heejung’s side was not wrong… While Jung-Eun obviously suffers from a mental illness, Heejung seems to suffer from a severe case of anxiety as well. She needs blind support and security before she can heal…

Finally, Jung-Eun. Unfortunately, while she drives the plot, I don’t see her character actually developing. Instead, she’s regressing with her few appearances and words. It’s like her sole purpose is to drive the plot further.

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