Our Home, Honey Pot – E04

Lady Fate wakes up and decides that it’s time to put everyone on a moving escalator of chaos.


[audiotube id=”CcZ7kt6Dz-A”]  Joo’s Cry & Blow seemed to fit this episode recap… T_T


The bricks fall on Bom’s father and Maru’s mother as ominous music plays. Meanwhile, the security guard tells Bom to leave the lunch box at the security station as he will pass it on.

Bom happily does so and sees hiking clothes on her way home. She sighs that her parents have neither been able to go travel abroad or go hiking. She cheerfully goes in to buy an outfit for her mother and father.


But, on the bus, Bom gets a call and immediately gets off.


Meanwhile, Kilsoo checks with Gookhee whether anyone weird has called about Paran. Gookhee tells him that since they put Kilsoo’s number on the flyer, she has not receive any weird calls. Kilsoo internally sighs in relief and broods about how much Bom’s father might know.

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Bom runs to the hospital where Maru’s family just found out that Maru’s mother has passed away. Bom signs the waiver so that her father can get surgery. She then waits in the hallway replaying how she whined to her dad about worrying about money.


More bad news comes. The surgeon comes out to tell the family that Bom’s father’s breathing became unstable so they had to stop the surgery.

Bom’s mom yells at the doctor for beginning the surgery and not finishing it. However the nurse reminds them that they signed the waiver, which turns her anger to Bom. She yells that Bom lived off of her dad and finally killed him…

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At the same time, loan sharks attack Maru’s mother’s funeral. They demand that Maru’s sign a declaration that he will take over his mother’s debt. Jung-Gi tries to tell them to stop but the loan sharks push him off stating that they know he’s not even legally married to Maru’s mom. (This part was weird but I guess that it’s because a legal family member might have reasons to take over a family member’s debt but it would be hard for loan sharks to make the argument that a non-family member would do the same thing without coercion.)


In Bom’s father’s hospital room, his family sits next to him in shock. Bom’s mom worries about the hospital fees and stomps into the funeral to demand that they help with the costs. However, she sees that there are few guests and the family members are literally lying in the corner exhausted. She decides to come back another day.


However, Jung-Gi’s mom is off making trouble. She goes to Gookhee’s house but pauses in front of the gate. She does not have to ring the door bell as Ahran comes home.

Ahran reluctantly lets her grandmother in the house but demands that her grandmother leave before her mother comes home. She asks if her grandmother also came to demand that Gookhee finalize the divorce.

Grandma gets up confused but Ahran does not see it since Ahran is viewing the world through hurt eyes. She reminds her grandmother that she told Gookhee that Gookhee has no right to be with her husband since she lost her daughter… That Grandma is leaving because she does not want to get bad karma from Gookhee.

Ahran declares that she remembers even though she was only six. Grandma pretends not to remember and tries to change the topic to eggs; she jovially offers to make Ahran some eggs but Ahran tries to stop her. The eggs fall to the ground and Ahran angrily goes to her room.

So, Grandma goes to snoop around in Gookhee’s room. She spots the divorce papers and sighs that her son is an idiot.


Then Gookhee arrives at home and the housekeeper tells her that Grandma must have left. So, Grandma hides under the desk…but, then she has to use the restroom and crawls out.

Grandma begins by attacking Gookhee for being cruel and cold for even thinking about divorcing her husband. Gookhee asks her mother-in-law to leave but Grandma throws herself in bed instead.

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Ahran gets frustrated and leaves only to go back to the company. Taeho sees her and brings her ice cream that she used to like in the past. Ahran demands to know it Taeho does not have any pride. Taeho smiles that he thought about it and felt like he needed no pride in front of her… He promises to help her meet with the Chinese buyer. However, Ahran snaps that there’s more things going wrong than just the buyer alerting Taeho to the other issues. He pulls her into a hug and promises to help.

Meanwhile, Kilsoo lurks in front of Bom’s house before getting caught by the uncle. He pretends that he has no reason to be there and leaves.


Taeho also comes home to find his mom meditating and asking for the universe to help her become the center of the household. She tells him to bring Ahran home since Ahran caused the mess. Taeho sighs and asks his mom to look fondly on Ahran because she may look prickly on the outside but is really sweet and warm on the inside. Sun-Young responds by crying that her sweet son has changed.


Next, Kilsoo comes home and blows Sun-Young off to go into his room. When Sun-Young comes into the room to complain about how Taeho was slighted, Kilsoo takes out his frustration on her and yells that if she goes to Gookhee, it will just show how uneducated she is. This causes Sun-Young to cry about her fate as Kilsoo steams.

The next day finds Bom crying next to her father. She cries for her father to wake up and use the clothes that she bought him. Her mom hits her and tells Bom to leave instead of making a ruckus in the hospital room.

Bom goes out to the garden to pray for her father. She does not realize but Maru is at a nearby table crying over some legal documents. I couldn’t tell if it was his mom’s debt or if he had signed an agreement to take on his mom’s debt. She does notice that a mourner is crying and bids him well with a water bottle.

Jung-Gi’s mom visits the wake where she drags Jung-Gi out. She tells him not to sit with the family or he might have to take over Maru’s mother’s debt. She even adds that she went to Gookhee. This last mention angers Jung-Gi and he leaves.


At the same time, Kilsoo calls Bom’s dad. Bom answers and thinking that it’s a friend of her father explains how her father is unconscious.

She turns but does not go back into the hospital room because she sees that her mother is crying and confessing how much she misses him.

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Bom falls asleep on the bench outside and her father visits in her dream. He smiles that he loves her and promises to not make her suffer… He promises to always be with her…She wakes up and goes into the room where her father tries hard to speak with her and then suffers a seizure… The doctors are called but it’s too late; he flatlines.


=_= When I was watching the dream scene, I thought they might kill him off… But seeing him try to speak with Bom and then flatline was too much. Honey Pot went into a gloomy atmosphere with this episode… killing off a character just after I want him and Bom to succeed and live happily so much! I don’t even feel like rambling; I’m going to go eat sweets instead.

One note before I leave and bid everyone a happy Friday is that…we should have seen this coming.  I had the hardest time trying to Bom’s father and Maru’s mother’s information on the character family tree.  I thought it was weird.  I just realized that it was because they were going to kill off these characters… KBS that was low.

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