Everything Will Be Ok – 46

Dalja turns the two runaways in to Jung-Eun’s family because she does not want Jingook marrying without ceremony or gifts.  Mansoon finally gives approval for the relationship and Kayoon and Ki-Chan have to give up.


Jung-Eun calls Kayoon to tell her that Jung-Eun is running away with Jingook and not to look for them. Ki-Chan drives Kayoon home and tells her that he hopes Jung-Eun will come home soon.

Kayoon agrees but worries about Grandmama and her father. She goes in to tell them and then calls Hyunjoon.


But the place that they run to is Dalja’s. Jung-Eun announces that she’s going to live at Dalja’s place, helping her. Dalja exclaims that Jung-Eun is so perfect.


Then Hyunjoon calls and Jung-Eun grabs her mother-in-law’s phone. She tells Dalja not to pick up. Dalja looks up in surprise and wonders how Jung-Eun could have become so emotional so quickly.

Jung-Eun does not answer. Instead she asks Dalja if Dalja will still like her even though she has to come empty handed, without a wedding, gifts or anything. This, of course, makes Dalja pause and she tells Jung-Eun that starting empty-handed is completely different than starting with some help.

She then calls Hyunjoon and Kayoon wouldn’t understand to tell each of them that she’s going to send the kids home soon. She then yells at the children that this is not proper and they need to go home.


Jung-Eun and Jingook go home. Grandmama yells at Jingook to leave but Mansoo stops her since Jung-Eun might faint again. Grandmama looks up with resignation and sighs that Mansoo must be ready to give up. She mutters that she is not part of the house anyways and goes upstairs.


Mansoo tells Jung-Eun that they can choose a date. He then goes to tell Grandmama. He explains that he does not want Jung-Eun running away like he did with his wife.

Grandmama asks if he’s prepared to see Jung-Eun suffer. Mansoo answers that while they were not rich, they were happy… His wife was only depressed about one thing… that her mother was disappointed. He notes that the disappointment was what stressed his wife out the most.

Meanwhile, Daeho tells Ki-Chan that the day that Jingook marries into Jung-Eun’s family is the end for Ki-Chan and Kayoon as well. Minutes later, Ki-Chan gets the same news from Kayoon.


The next day, Grandmama leaves for New Zealand without telling any of the children. And, at the company, Jung-Eun announces that she’s fine, she just took a short vacation. Heejung walks in and calls Jung-Eun into her office to lash into her.


Before long, Hyunjoon comes in. He warns Heejung not to do anything to Jung-Eun or he will tell his father everything. Heejung glares at him asking why he is warning her now. Hyunjoon answers that in the past, Heejung was his sister-in-law because she was married to Jingook. He smiles that there is no reason for him to hold back anymore.

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At the same time, Dongsook asks what Mansoo is going to do about her proposal. Mansoo looks up asking her how that was a proposal when she announced that she does not love him. Dongsook replies that he should not expect a declaration of love from her.

So, Mansoo tells her that she’s a great general manager and will prepare an adequate retirement amount. He also promises to let Nari get married at the restaurant.


Soon-Im also quits since Mansoo’s family is preparing for a wedding. However, she tells Mansoo that she cannot tell Ki-Chan to stop seeing Kayoon since she was never there for him.


Jingook and his mother drop by Heejung’s house so that Jingook can tell Daeho and Soon-Im. Dalja takes Minwoo out for food while Jingook tells the adults in the Ki-Chan.

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Daeho explodes by first beating Jingook and then beating his own son. Hah! Then Daeho runs out to slam Mansoo.

At the same time, Dongsook tells Kayoon that she’s not leaving immediately. She smiles that Kayoon can learn from her slowly. But the moment gets ruined when Daeho runs in yelling for Mansoo.


Dongsook runs out as Mansoo runs in. Daeho announces that Kayoon’s family made Heejung cry tears of blood, he cannot look on Kayoon fondly. Ki-Chan steps in to ask the parents to think of them but neither are ready to listen.

Ki-Chan pulls Daeho away. Kayoon goes back to ask why her father is also making things worse when it is reasonable for Daeho to be angry. Mansoo yells back that he does not care about Daeho… He’s afraid of what Heejung might do when she finds out. He adds that Kayoon should stop seeing Ki-Chan, which only adds to Heejung’s family.


Kayoon cries and agrees.

Back at Heejung’s place, Jingook apologizes to his son. Heejung opens the door and hears Minwoo tell Jingook thay he knows his father is divorced. Jingook pulls his son into a hug and promises to see him often.


Heejung pulls Jingook out and tells him that he can see Minwoo on Wednesdays only. However, she warns that she will never let Jingook see Minwoo if Jingook gets remarried. So, Jingook decides not to tell her.

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Later Ki-Chan calls Kayoon and sobs that they shouldn’t be calling but he could not stop. Kayoon also cries but notes that they should wait to see their fathers calm down.


We get a short time jump and Heejung hears at a meeting with Hyunjoon and the CEO that Jung-Eun is about to get married. She glares ominously.

Last thing we know, Heejung shows up at the restaurant.


First thing that was weird was that the tearful second separation between Kayoon and Ki-Chan lacked any emotional reaction. While, I feel involved in the Jung-Eun/Jingook/Heejung triangle, the Kayoon Ki-Chan scenes feel like filler. They are there to move a subplot along.

Not sure how the writer will fix this, but we need some serious changes if we want Kayoon and Ki-Chan’s relationship to be the main relationship. The first thing we need is some more direct development or conflict and not circumstantial reactive development. Otherwise, as a viewer, we cannot emotionally relate. We spend the whole episode emotionally involved with one couple and then get less than five minutes of the other couple, which is just a phone call…It’s not going to work.

However, I think there’s still a possibility… We just need Kayoon and Hyunjoon’s relationship to develop more… Meaning some dates? Kayoon’s heart moving somehow? And then for everyone to find out about Minwoo.

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