Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E05

Bom’s happiness is dashed by her very own sister when her company fires her for not attending the mandatory training program. Meanwhile, Maru’s family tries to deal with losing Maru’s mom and their wealth.



The snappy and happy intro music finishes to show us the family moving on. The uncle and the daughters eat while the mom lies in bed and refuses to eat. She even snaps that her daughter has no sense of loyalty having an appetite so soon after her father passed away.

Bom answers that they have to continue to try their best. But then the mom even snaps that Bom’s strong attitude sucked all the good karma from their family causing Bom’s father’s death. Having heard enough, Bom yells back that she’s not going to listen to her mom verbally abuse her any more.

Meanwhile, Jung-Gi, Maru and Jian hide from the loan sharks by pretending they are not at home. They wait until it’s quiet to try to run but the loan sharks were only waiting. The loan shark yells that Maru even signed the declaration so he should pay. Then the loan shark plops down on the couch promising not to leave until their paid.

Jung-Gi covers the two men with a blanket so that the three can run.

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They end up at a nearby convenience store eating one dollar rice balls and sharing one water bottle. Jiah gets angry at her father and yells at both him and Maru for not having a backup plan… Leaving them with nothing but some cash since all of their cards and accounts were frozen.


Bom also comes home with some of her mom’s favorite pastry. But her mom is moody because they don’t have a lot of money and they just lost one source of income.

Bom then finds her father’s death certificate registration. She yells at her mom for filing it so soon. However, her mother answers that they need to file it as soon as possible to get their insurance mom.


Then Bom’s little sister runs out making a fuss about everyone being loud. Bom runs after her and brings her home. She puts her little sister to bed and promises to make enough money so that her little sister can go to college.

We have a short time jump and it’s Bom’s first day at work. However, the company tells her that she has been fired because she did not the mandatory training program. Bom tries to explain that she could not participate because of her father’s funeral and wake.


Gookhee and her entourage walk by when they hear Bom begging. Kilsoo and Ahran go over to handle the matter. When they hear Bom’s story, Kilsoo seems ready to make an exception for Bom but Ahran holds firm that they can’t give anyone preferential treatment. They forcibly kick Bom out.

Meanwhile, Maru goes by the construction site and finds his mom’s stuff. He hugs it and begins sobbing for his mom. Then he goes to the river where he broods over the diamond ring.

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Bom watches him brooding over a ring and sighs that everyone has a scar whether it’s love or financial. Just then, Maru drops the ring into the river and runs into the river to find it.

Bom sees him and believes that he’s trying to suicide. So, she runs in to help him. Once they get back out, she takes the ring and tells him to get a grip on life and come back when he gets his head straight… Not thinking if suicide just because a girl dumped him. She walks off with the ring with Maru following.


Meanwhile, Kilsoo broods over Bom’s resume. He remembers how the investigator found out that Bom’s dad has two daughters but no trace of an adoption… So, he goes to visit Bom’s mom’s restaurant with a condolence gift.

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The next day, Sun-Young visits PoomGilDang to meet with Ahran. She demands to know what Ahran is thinking by bailing on the engagement party. She even reminds Ahran that when Ahran was considering engagement with Taeho, Taeho had several offers from different families.

Ahran offers to reconsider the marriage. This makes Sun-Young back off immediately. Instead, she passive aggressively tells Ahran that she understands Ahran… Ahran is only acting this way because she never received love and attention from her mother.

Ahran angrily gets up and leaves. She goes to her office only to be attacked by one of the directors who makes a fuss about Ahran not doing work well and not having a lot of power.


Ahran responds by asking him what he means… Then Ahran stomps into her mother’s office to yell about her little sister having more shares in the company than she does…

After Ahran leaves, Gookhee leaves to deal with her stress as well. They go to countryside where Gookhee sighs about how they all suffered in the past. Kilsoo answers that he is only thankful to her for taking him in as a penniless teenager. However, Gookhee remains lost in thought as she muses that she succeeded with her company but she lost one daughter and might be estranged from her other daughter.

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As Gookhee walks off, we turn to Kilsoo’s flashback. Paran is flitting around her mother who is busy trying to develop new rice wine. Kilsoo sees this and tells Paran that she can play with him. So, Paran ends up seeing Kilsoo hand over Gookhee’s recipe book to a strange man.

Later, Kilsoo takes Paran to a convenience store for a treat but Paran asks Kilsoo why he gave her mother’s treasure to someone else. Kilsoo freezes. Then he tells Paran to go buy ice cream. When Paran returns, Kilsoo is gone hiding in the corner.


Gookhee goes home to find her mother-in-law cleaning out Paran’s room. Gookhee puts all of the dolls back and demands that her mother-in-law leaves. However, the grandmother holds onto Gookhee’s leg and cries that she’s sorry but she wants to live with her only daughter in law.

At the same time, Bom’s mom gets a letter from a creditor… Her husband had debt when he died.


Soon, Bom comes home and pours her mother soju and promises to help her mother through it all. Bom’s mom starts drinking and loses herself in her memories… In them, she tried to kick Bom out… As her husband only loved and paid attention to Bom only.


It has to get dark before the morning so that we can appreciate the light. However, we need something to help us along as everything falls apart and watching Honey Pot leaves the viewer gloomy.

On a more objective level, the writer, actors, directors all did a fantastic job. I feel gloomy about the future but I don’t want to stop watching. Instead, I wish had more time to watch more. One thing that Honey Pot does really well is developing all of the story lines simultaneously without making it skewed which Everything Will Be OK has difficulties with. Here, we are able to learn more about Gookhee, Ahran, Bom, her mother, Kilsoo, and Maru in what feels like approximately the same amount of screen time. Kudos!

FYI – I used to name this series, Our Home, Honey Pot because it felt right but then KBS World is releasing subs under Sweet Home, Sweet Honey. ^^ So, I changed the name of my recaps.

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