Everything Will Be OK – 47

Heejung reels from the knowledge that Jingook is moving on without her while Jung-Eun seamlessly fits into Jingook’s family.  On the side, Kayoon decides that she cannot live without Ki-Chan and proposes that they secretly date.



Kayoon spots Heejung first. The love birds are too busy looking at each other lovingly to notice. But Jingook spots Heejung just as Kayoon pulls Heejung away. To make things worse, Heejung and Kayoon run into Nari who had lied that she had a doctor’s appointment to take the day off.

Kayoon pulls Heejung away and Nari calls Ki-Chan. Heejung yells at Kayoon for keeping her in the dark. Kayoon responds that Jingook told them that he told everyone…She knows that Heejung’s parents are away as well.


Heejung only  continues to yell that she does not understand how Mansoo could have approved of Jingook. Mansoo walks in at the moment and tells Heejung that she should not speak ill of her ex-husband as he is still the father of her child. But Heejung snaps that Jingook is nothing to her now.

Ki-Chan manages to arrive after Mansoo. Mansoo sees him and accuses Kayoon of still being in contact with Ki-Chan. Then he slaps Ki-Chan. This snaps Heejung out of her reverie and she runs to block Mansoo from Ki-Chan. Kayoon also yells that it is not Ki-Chan’s fault, during which Heejung and Ki-Chan leave.

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Jingook sees Heejung running away and asks how she knew. Heejung just answers that Jingook will never see Minwoo again. She tells him to leave before his bride finds out and Jingook does return but unknown to all of them, Jung-Eun saw it.

As for our main couple, Kayoon sees Ki-Chan get into his truck and even runs after it. But Ki-Chan never realizes and continues to drive on…Only to pause at another light and run back to her. He yells at her for running all the way there after him instead of calling him.


Kayoon pouts that she was worried about him since Mansoo hit him. Ki-Chan replies that it was inevitable since Heejung made another ruckus.Their happy reunion is cut short by a call from work.


Kayoon returns and tells Jingook to hash it out with Heejung or she will. Jung-Eun overhears in the dressing room and broods about the scene that she saw earlier. She’s still gloomy when Kayoon comes in but she lies that she’s just tired.

Soon-Im calls Heejung hearing that Heejung dropped by the wedding. Heejung accuses her mother of hiding the wedding from her on purpose but Soon-Im answers that she thought Heejung knew…and did not want to bring it up. Then Minwoo takes the phone and Heejung breaks down in sobs when she hears her son…


However, she then picks herself up and goes into the office. She announces to her team about how Jung-Eun is getting married to her ex-husband. She comments that it is something worth putting on the firm website before going into her own office.


Hyunjoon brings her coffee and offers an apology for being harsh on her on the past. He even asks if they could be on friendly terms again. Heejung smiles that she would be happy to accept his offer of peace…but then, after Hyunjoon leaves, she pours the coffee into the trash can remarking that her life was ruined because of him.


Afterwards, Hyunjoon gives the buffet restaurants to his father and only asks that he gets his independence to start off on his own. His father laughs that he never expected his son to either succeed or readily give up the fruits of his efforts. But, true to his word, he agrees to approve of Hyunjoon’s union with Kayoon and let him start off on his own.

Hyunjoon walks away with his secretary who sighs that Hyunjoon has become poor for one girl. As luck would have it Heejung overhears.

Soon-Im tells Daeho, who makes a ruckus that Heejung did not even make a big enough scene for Jung-Eun to see. He then unleashes his fury on poor Young-Tae who joined Ki-Chan’s company.


Meanwhile, Jingook brings Jung-Eun home and tells her to rest as he returns his clothes. Jung-Eun just asks if he’s going to meet his “wife.”

Jingook looks surprised that Jung-Eun knows. She beings to cry and answers that her sister and father would be hurt to know that she knew. But then she calms down when Jingook tells her to beat him up and tells him to apologize to Heejung.

This melts Jung-Eun’s anger and she tells him to go talk with Heejung.


Jingook happily goes to Heejung to apologize for not telling her before. He tells her that he’s getting married but nothing will change. Heejung snaps back that if Minwoo goes to Jingook’s place, Minwoo will see the wedding picture with Jingook and Jung-Eun…she refuses to teach her son about remarriage.

Jingook tries to reason with her that Minwoo is also his child. However, this just sounds to Heejung like Jingook is threatening to fight for custody. They end the conversation.


Jingook goes home to wait for Jung-Eun and Dalja snaps that she’s going to train Jung-Eun next. Jingook asks her mother to be nice but Dalja ignores him.

Jung-Eun brings a bag and tells everyone that she brought a present for Dalja. Dalja frowns and begins to snap that Jung-Eun did not even wrap the present. But when Jung-Eun brings out a pretty night gown and asks Dalja to wear it with her, Dalja changes her mind since she never had the chance to wear nightgowns before…she had been too scared of her mother-in-law.


Back at home, Hyunjoon visits. Mansoo congratulates Hyunjoon on his successful business endeavor. Hyunjoon answers that he received his father’s approval of Kayoon. Mansoo smiles and notes that Kayoon ended it with Ki-Chan… It’s now up to Hyunjoon if he wants to marry Kayoon.

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The next morning, Jung-Eun wanders into the coffee room only to run into Heejung. She pauses but Heejung offers her a cup of coffee and bids that Jung-Eun lives happily.

Meanwhile, Kayoon prepares all of the bride gifts that Jung-Eun needs to bring but then thinks of how many days she has been with Ki-Chan. She gets depressed and goes to see Ki-Chan.

The first thing she asks him is how many days they have been together. Ki-Chan answers that it’s been 1873 days since they first met. Kayoon asks him to date her secretly.


Ki-Chan agrees with her idea and they kiss!


Well, we now have a more determined Hyunjoon and a secret relationship between Kayoon and Ki-Chan. So far, the writers have done such a great job at sticking Kayoon and Ki-Chan together that I am not sure how they will convince us that there is even a threat from the Hyunjoon/Kayoon ship. Any guesses out there?

Meanwhile, things seem to have settled down for Jingook/Jung-Eun’s situation as they are happily married and Jung-Eun does look like the perfect daughter-in-law for Dalja. Jung-Eun spent most of her life at home and looks like she would not terribly mind taking care of the house with Dalja. I look forward to seeing what the next story arc brings.

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