Sweet Home, Sweet Honey – E06

Maru’s family learn to be scrappy while Bom’s mom stresses about Bom’s father’s left behind debt.


Bom snaps at her mother for doing nothing but brood about her husband. She tries to tell her mom to move to be able to get over his death faster. Her mom snaps back that she never expected Bom to get into a huge company in the first place since Bom neither has a great resume or is pretty. With that complaint, Bom’s mom goes home to brood more while Bom takes care of the lunch business by herself.


Bom’s uncle comes home to find his sister staring at the bill. Surprisingly sweet, Bom’s mom complains that Bom’s dad made his two daughters suffer, including Bom…

Bom comes in to complain about having to deal with lunch alone. Her uncle tries to explain that there’s a bigger issue by showing her the bill. However, Bom’s mom snatches it back and yells at Bom to leave.


Meanwhile, Jian, Maru and Jung-Gi get kicked out of their motel room for not paying. So, they sneak back home only to find that the debt collectors took everything. Jiah takes this the worst as the debt collectors even took the purse she hid away…

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So, Maru goes to a friend to ask for a favor. His friend begins by agreeing to help out since he was helped by Maru in Boston. But, the friend sighs that he can’t hire Maru since even people with MBAs intern at their company while Maru didn’t even get his degree.

At the same time, Bom wonders why Maru is not coming for his ring. She tries calling him to ask why he has not even contacted her. However, Maru is still smarting from his friend’s refusal and hangs up.

Jiah’s aunt calls and apologizes that she can’t help… She doesn’t elaborate but it turns out that her husband had an affair and they lost their house as well…


She whines about being hungry but Maru saves the day with food bought from the friend’s money.


The next day, the uncle gets bad information. If Bom’s mom gives up her inheritance, she would not be on the hook for the debt but then she also loses the house and restaurant as well.


Meanwhile, Taeho walks in on Ahran listening to music. He softly confesses that she must be having a hard time if she’s listening to music and he had wanted to help her but he can’t…

When he leaves, Ahran takes off her earphones and it is unclear if she heard him.


Then Taeho goes to meet the Chinese CEO. He hears that they just checked out and forcibly stops the car by running in front of it. He brings them to the original location for PoongGilDang and gives them a tour of the traditional wine making facilities. Taeho’s hard work appears to pay off as the Chinese CEO’s expression lightens.


When Taeho comes home, his mother asks if he heard about their meeting from Ahran. Taeho responds by asking his mother to stay out of his engagement. Sun-Young accuses Taeho of telling her off at Ahran’s request. Taeho just sighs at goes to his room.

At the same time, Jung-Gi’s mother-in-law is hard at work. She tells the housekeeper to go home for a vacation as she will take care of the household.


When Gookhee comes home, she finds food on the table with a note from the housekeeper that the housekeeper will be back. Gookhee begins to eat but then gets up when her mother-in-law shows up and declares that it was her cooking. She goes into her room and calls someone to pick the mother up.


At Bom’s mom’s restaurant, a customer makes a fuss about the food. So, Bom jumps in to defend her mother. However, her mom responds by hitting Bom on the head.


Bom runs out and when her mom follows cries that her mom hates her…she notes that her mother always favored her little sister and never liked her. Bom’s mom answers that Bom can leave if she wants.

Bom’s mom goes back into the restaurant as Bom goes home to pack. While packing, Bom remembers how her mom used to give the ice cream to her little sister only… Likely just one example out of many.


Bom’s mother’s brother comes to the restaurant to visit and nags when he hears that his sister reamed into Bom again. He reminds her that Bom is the one keeping the family afloat… She was the one who got a student loan and paid off her father’s debt when he suddenly went bankrupt so that they could keep their house. He leaves after reminding her that if she does not pay off her husband’s loan, it has to go somewhere.

Obviously, he means that it would go to her daughter but Bom’s mom gets happy that she can just make Bom take responsibility for the loan. So, she quickly goes home but Bom’s already left.

Bom’s little sister runs in to scream at her mother for being too much. Her mom runs out.

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Bom decides against taking the bus. She goes back to look at the restaurant one more time but leaves again. At this point, her mom sees her and runs after her. She manages to find her at the bus stop, pulling Bom into a hug and calling her “daughter.”


I was wondering whether this drama would have an evil side since most daily dramas have someone you can hate. Here, Bom’s mother seems to be the likely candidate. Even though she is not a bad person, she does resent Bom for being a child out of wedlock and getting all of her husband’s love and attention. She also has a strong sense of survival, which does not include Bom… The storyline looks like it is going to shift all of the debt onto Bom through her adoptive mother.

Meanwhile, another interesting character might be thrown into the mix. In this episode, Sun-Young randomly complained that she misses her younger son who is in Vancouver while nagging at Taeho’s. Could it be that another conflict will not be a love triangle between Bom/Taeho/Ahran but that Taeho’s little brother is going to fall for Bom and we get the Taeho/Ahran couple with Sun-Young’s and Kilsoo’s blessing v. the underdog couple of Taeho’s little brother/Bom?

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