Everything Will Be Ok – E49

Our next conflicts are set up.  Hyunjoon finds out that Kayoon is still seeing Ki-Chan and Jingook falls asleep at Heejung’s apartment…



The newlyweds and Grandmama arrive. Mansoo tells Grandmama that they left her room alone and welcomes her back.

The kids come down in traditional clothes to officially bow to Mansoo. Grandmama follows protocol and has Mansoo say a good word, which he uses to tell the two to be happy. Kayoon receives her bow next and Grandmama checks to see that Kayoon prepared everything well.

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Jung-Eun runs off to call Dalja to report that they gave their bowls which gives us the chance to see that Dalja is in the bathroom. She sighs that Jung-Eun does not need to call her anymore that day and hangs up.

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Meanwhile, Jingook goes off to call Heejung to tell her that they arrived. He asks about Minwoo but Heejung refuses to let him see Minwoo.

At the same time, Minwoo refuses to eat and even throws up. Soon-Im brings him to the hospital where we all find out that Minwoo has a fever.


Jung-Eun arrives with presents just as Heejung runs off to see Minwoo. Heejung accuses her mom of forcing a child to eat against his will. Ki-Chan jumps in to tell Heejung not to blame her mother when Heejung is the one who created the mess by not letting Jingook see Minwoo. Heejung sighs and asks her brother to take their mother out for some fresh air.


Later Ki-Chan goes to see Kayoon in the park. He sighs and apologizes for not being able to go on actual dates with Kayoon. Kayoon answers that it’s fine because they can still see each other.

Jung-Eun arrives with Hyunjoon and he tells Jingook about Minwoo being sick. Jingook gets worried and runs off.


Heejung snaps about what Jingook told Jung-Eun and Dalja. Jingook answers by calling his mother to ask for an alibi.

Daeho hears that Soon-Im is at home at tells the two boys to stay out late. He runs home and finds Soon-Im asleep. Carefully, he goes out to cook her a meal but then drops something, which wakes her up. Soon-Im accepts the meal but things fall apart.

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Daeho begins in great spirits and brags that he’s a great cook. But Soon-Im angrily answers that it does cover the fact that Daeho took over five years to put Ki-Chan on his legal family tree registry. She even asks what the point of being on the registry would be now that all of the children are over… And all of the harm is done. This triggers tears from Soon-Im and Daeho angrily gets up.


Jingook gets tied up at Heejung’s place by Minwoo so Kayoon’s family starts to eat first. Over dinner, Jung-Eun announces to the parents how Hyunjoon gave his family the successful restaurants, which appeased his father since his father received approximately the same amount of money as he would have from an arranged marriage with another corporate family.

At the same time, Jingook falls asleep with Minwoo. Heejung comes walks into the room in time to see Jingook getting a message from Jung-Eun. She begins to call out for Jingook to wake up but stops when Minwoo puts his arm around Jingook. She mutters to herself that Jingook might not be Minwoo’s father but he’s someone Minwoo currently needs.


Hyunjoon arrives at the restaurant to see Kayoon. He notes how Grandmama suggested that the two get matching rings since both parents approve. But Kayoon answers that his overtures are burdensome for her since she does not feel the same way. She explains that to her $100,000 from Ki-Chan is more precious than $10,000,000 from Hyunjoon.

Hyunjoon leaves nursing his hurt heart but waits in his car to follow Kayoon.


Kayoon goes straight to Ki-Chan’s office. She hugs him and asks him to go on a trip with her since the restaurant is closed the next day. Ki-Chan smiles and agrees.

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Hyunjoon’s snooping is successful since he sees Kayoon with Ki-Chan… Of course, Ki-Chan looks up after walking Kayoon to her car and sees Hyunjoon as well.


One thing that’s interesting about this drama is how it shows us two happy mother-in-law/daughter-in-law couples (Kayoon/Soon-Im & Dalja/Jung-Eun), which I appreciate. It goes against the mold that uses the inherent tension in the phenomenon called becoming direct family with your in laws.

The fact that this drama can be entertaining even though there are two such happy relationships is a breath of fresh air. It’s also especially cute because we know how bad Dalja can be and it’s fun to see how she’s basically wrapped around Jung-Eun’s finger. Because even though Jung-Eun is not very independent, she does handle her people well by using her charming dependence.

Heejung’s declaration when she let Jingook sleep was interesting. She specifically said that Jingook is still a person that Minwoo needs. I wonder if the writer was trying to explain that Heejung was separating Jingook from Minwoo partially because of her hurt feelings and partially because she wanted to groom Minwoo to be a part of Hyunjoon’s family…

Unfortunately for Heejung’s character, she seems to be lacking in emotional intelligence. While, she does not particularly have a loving relationship with her own parents, most children form unbreakable bonds with their parents. By forcing Minwoo to accept Hyunjoon and his father, Heejung might turn everyone including her fsmily and her son against her.

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