Everything Will Be Ok – 50

Jingook barely wakes up in time to spend the first night at his in laws and Mansoo starts to pressure Kayoon toward Hyunjoon.



Ki-Chan locks eyes with Hyunjoon but does not react so that he can save Kayoon from the same worries. Kayoon drives off happily oblivious.

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Hyunjoon runs over after Kayoon leaves and demands to know if meeting in secret like this was so important to the couple. Ki-Chan asks Hyunjoon not to tell Kayoon’s family. Hyunjoon answers by scoffing that he’s not a rat… He adds that even without his intervention, things would blow up since Jingook is at Heejung’s place.

Kayoon goes home to find that Jingook is not at home. She tries calling Dalja who lies that Dalja was sick and Jingook accompanied her to the emergency. When Kayoon asks to speak with Jingook, Dalja gets caught in the act and Dalja promises to bring Jingook home.


At the same time, Ki-Chan goes to Heejung’s apartment and Jingook wakes up. Jingook haphazardly walks into the living room just as Dalja walks in through the open door. Dalja accuses Heejung of calling Jingook away and then pulls her son away.


Jingook comes home to find the living room empty instead of the pajama party that they had been planning. He asks Kayoon to keep it a secret and Kayoon reluctantly agrees.


Having put out the immediate fire, Jingook goes to apologize to Jung-Eun. At first, Jung-Eun refuses to look at Jingook for lying to her. But then Jingook explains that Minwoo had a fever and Jung-Eun immediately forgives him. In fact, Kayoon and Jingook overhear the couple giggling and laughing shortly afterwards and sigh at the immature couple.


The next day, Jingook and Jung-Eun take the dishes that Kayoon prepared so that Jung-Eun can prepare a great first meal for the family. Jung-Eun successfully plates all of the dishes and delights Dalja.

Dalja is in such a happy mood, she shows the couple Jingook’s new room which has been completely outfitted by Kayoon.


At the same time, Grandmama and Mansoo praise Kayoon for her efforts in helping Jung-Eun’s wedding. Mansoo even gives her an envelope of money to buy new clothes so that she would look right next to Hyunjoon. Kayoon bristles at the mention of Hyunjoon and cries that she wants to live comfortably. She stands up and leaves.

Grandmama and Mansoo brood about Kayoon before Mansoo declares that he’s going to force Kayoon for her own good.


Meanwhile, Heejung produces a whole show in front of the staff as she wishes Jung-Eun well and thanks Jung-Eun for being understanding about Jingook…


As for Ki-Chan, he gets the official notification that YB Foods is dropping their company as the seafood supplier for the buffet restaurants. Young-Tae freaks out but Ki-Chan just tells him not to tell Daeho.

The two boys lie to Daeho that the restaurant’s are closing for several days… And then Young-Tae leaves to tell Dongsook.


As Ki-Chan is seeing impending bankruptcy, Kayoon gets tied up by her father and misses their usual bank date. It turns out that Mansoo’s guests are Hyunjoon and the newlyweds. They all tell Kayoon that Hyunjoon’s next project is to turn Mansoo’s restaurant into a franchise.

Although Mansoo usually hates the idea of expanding beyond his means, Mansoo agrees to force Kayoon to work with Hyunjoon. Mansoo even tells Hyunjoon to set up a meeting with Hyunjoon’s father to discuss business.


Heejung goes home to find Minwoo wearing his father’s jacket. He misses his father so much that he asks his mother if his father is not coming back to pick up the jacket.

Heejung tells her son to go put the jacket away. Then Soon-Im asks why Heejung is being so harsh on her daughter. Heejung responds by crying that she hates her son since he won’t let Jingook go.


At night, Kayoon tells her father that she is not planning to go to the business meeting with Hyunjoon’s father. She reminds her father that she did everything he asked her. Mansoo angrily responds that Kayoon is only reacting this way because she cannot get over Ki-Chan. To drive home his point, he calls Hyunjoon to change the business meeting to an official meeting of the parents to discuss the wedding.

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Hyunjoon also goes to check on Ki-Chan. He tells Ki-Chan that he can save Ki-Chan’s business if Ki-Chan gives up on Kayoon. Ki-Chan laughs that he won’t ever give up on Kayoon as long as he’s alive… Bold words…


Kayoon does some crying in her room before driving to Ki-Chan’s office. She asks him to go on the trip with her that night instead of the next day.


And, so, the focus shifts back to the Hyunjoon/Kayoon/Ki-Chan love triangle. I have to say the atmosphere is very different with this love triangle as its a more understated sorrow keeping the two love birds apart.

It also does not help that we have not seen much chemistry between Hyunjoon and Kayoon before the show put all of its money on Kayoon and Ki-Chan. The current direction of the plot is to alienate Kayoon and Ki-Chan by rallying all of the characters in support of the Hyunjoon/Kayoon union. It’s unclear if this can provide a decent amount of dramatic tension as its still at the point where all Kayoon and Ki-Chan have to do is leave their families.

[Apologies for the week of no recaps! I was traveling but will hopefully catch-up this week!]

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