Everything Will Be OK – 53

An unexpected meeting of the parents occurs and Daeho and Mansoo duke it out.


Daeho shouts for Kayoon to call her father but Ki-Chan quietly tells her to go in. Kayoon hesitates for one minute before running in and Ki-Chan tells his father to please calm down.


Mansoo hears the ruckus but goes to see Hyunjoon’s father instead. Hyunjoon’s father happily comments that this is an unofficial meeting of the parents and compliments Mansoo’s cooking. Kayoon excuses herself with the excuse that she’s going to get dessert.

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Right before she comes out of the restaurant, Ki-Chan gets rushed off by Jingook who tells Ki-Chan to leave before Hyunjoon comes out. So, Ki-Chan sees Kayoon come out but she doesn’t see him as Hyunjoon runs out right after… Hyunjoon apologizes for breaking his promise about pushing off the meeting and asks Kayoon to save his face in front of his father once… Kayoon agrees and walks back in.


After Hyunjoon and his father leave, Kayoon tells her father that they can’t just trust Hyunjoon and his father. She brings up the fact that Hyunjoon switched seafood suppliers but Mansoo replies that Kayoon is the reason Hyunjoon keeps reacting.


Before they continue, Jingook and Dongsook interrupt. Jingook opened the wrong gas valve and they lost the full tank. She tells Mansoo to give Jingook a stipend instead of having him work and lose money.


Hyunjoon and his father also arrivr back at the company. The CEO tells his son to create a larger franchise because YB Foods will invest in the franchise. He encourages Hyunjoon to try his best and win over his brothers.


Later, Jingook meets up with Heejung and asks for his jacket back. Heejung refuses on the grounds that Minwoo refuses to take it off because it smells like his father. Jingook asks if Heejung won’t let him see his son and Heejung does not answer.


Meanwhile, Dalja brings over a bunch of food to Grandmama to show her gratitude for approving the marriage. Grandmama answers icily that she never approved of the marriage and still does not like Jingook.

Dalja changes the topic and asks Grandmama if Grandmama cannot do something about Heejung who is making life difficult for Jung-Eun. She brings up how Daeho crashed the meeting of the parents and warns that Kayoon is probably still seeing Ki-Chan. Grandmama tenses at these words and dismisses Dalja before leaving herself.


Ki-Chan goes back to his sister’s place because his mother calls for a meal. Over tea, he confesses that he ran away with Kayoon but came back. He confides in his mother and asks if anything will change in five years when nothing changed in the prior five years.


At the same time, Kayoon and Mansoo come home. Mansoo asks Kayoon if she has still been seeing Ki-Chan. Kayoon confesses and Kayoon demands to know if Kayoon ran away with Ki-Chan the other night. Grandmama sees a large fight brewing and drags Kayoon up to her room.

Kayoon cries to her grandma that she did run away with Ki-Chan and wants to come clean to her father. Grandmama hits Kayoon and tells her to keep quiet… That it will hurt Mansoo more if he finds out. Grandmama then tells Mansoo to just believe that Kayoon was off wandering alone and focus on marrying his daughter off well.


Mansoo tries calling Ki-Chan but Heejung has Ki-Chan’s phone because he went off to buy medicine. She ignores the call and Mansoo leaves to ask Ki-Chan himself.

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However, before Ki-Chan Mansoo does not find Ki-Chan in his office as Ki-Chan is still on his way back. Instead, he finds an irate Daeho who just heard from Heejung that Soon-Im is sick from worry because Ki-Chan went to the beach with Kayoon. The two end up getting into a fight out of their frustration for their children.

In the resulting brawl, Mansoo falls and hits his head against a toolbox. Daeho freezes in shock and Ki-Chan walks in.


From a different perspective, I’m starting to wonder why Ki-Chan and Kayoon cannot be together. This is not because they have amazing chemistry as I still don’t see it when the two are on the screen together. Rather, taking out the fact that Jung-Eun and Heejung are the first and second wives of Jingook, there really is no reason that the characters know which should keep these two apart. Additionally, there is not much chemistry between Hyunjoon and Kayoon. Theirs would not be the first family where members can’t really stand each other.

It’s disappointing that I even have to ask this question since it means that the plot has become meandering and boring. We are all waiting for a catalyst to get us back on the edge of the couch, waiting to watch the drama on a binge watch.

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