Everything Will Be OK – 54

Everyone looks out for their own interest and Ki-Chan agrees to give up on Kayoon.



The cops bring Daeho into custody as Mansoo undergoes emergency surgery. Ki-Chan calls Kayoon who runs over. Ki-Chan explains what happened and tells her that everything will be okay.

The surgery ends well and the doctor explains that they have to wait until Mansoo regains consciousness. Kayoon asks about Daeho and Ki-Chan tells her that the paramedics called the cops and are holding Daeho. Kayoon tells Ki-Chan to take care of his father but Ki-Chan answers that he wants to wait to see Mansoo wakes up.


Kayoon then calls Jung-Eun and Jingook calls Hyunjoon. He also rushes to the hospital and glares when he sees Ki-Chan. Hyunjoon snipes that Ki-Chan’s father is the aggressor implying that Ki-Chan does not have a right to be there. So, Ki-Chan goes to the side and calls Heejung.


Heejung runs to the police station. She tells the police officer that Mansoo intruded and attacked first; so, it was self defense. The officer replies that Mansoo still has not woken up after brain surgery reminding them how serious the accident was.


Meanwhile, Mansoo gets wheeled out. Kayoon dismisses Jung-Eun to go home and tell Grandmama. She also tells Hyunjoon that he can go as well.

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Back at home, Jingook lies to Grandmama that nothing is wrong but has to run to the bathroom when his mom calls. She tells him to encourage Grandmama to prosecute Daeho for the accident so that they can bring home Minwoo. Jingook answers that this isn’t the proper time when Mansoo has not even woken up and Grandmama overhears.

Grandmama falters downstairs in time to see Jung-Eun return home. Jung-Eun is in tears worrying both Grandmama and Jingook. She sniffs that her father’s surgery went well and Grandmama falls into the couch with relief.


On a side note, Young-Tae tells Dongsook who grabs her jacket to rush to the hospital. However, she stops when Young-Tae warns her that she won’t be able to see Mansoo since she’s not part of the family.


At the same time, Dalja decides that it’s her opportunity and drops by Heejung’s home and demands to take Minwoo. Soon-Im tells Dalja to leave before she calls the police. So, Dalja responds that she can’t leave Minwoo at the home with a mother who is never at home, a gangster of a father and a grandmother who is not legally related to Minwoo since she was never legally married to Daeho. Dalja threatens to look through all of the nurseries to find Minwoo. Soon-Im does not back down and calls the police to report a kidnapping, which finally gets to Dalja and she leaves.


At the hospital, Mansoo finally wakes up and Kayoon tearfully apologizes. Mansoo tells Kayoon that it was all his fault and asks about Daeho.

Before long, Grandmama and Jung-Eun’s couple arrives right as Soon-Im also drops by. Soon-Im apologizes and Grandmama dismisses her since their families are enemies.


Grandmama goes in and snaps at Mansoo like her normal self. She sighs that she lived too long when she has to even take care of her son-in-law. Kayoon feels relieved that family would care for her father and goes back to the restaurant.


Kayoon also texts Ki-Chan who is able to let Daeho know. Daeho sighs with relief and sighs that his friend has gotten too weak in his old age. Ki-Chan asks why the two father’s fought and Daeho answers that he’s not sure… Just that talk about the children turned into the brawl.


At the same time, Hyunjoon arrives with a police officer. Mansoo tells him to dismiss the officer but Grandmama stops him. She sighs that Hyunjoon must have had it hard knowing what he did but still covering for Kayoon. She promises to end everything once and for all. With that, Hyunjoon and Jingook file a charge against Daeho.


Ki-Chan tries to go to Mansoo but is unable to see him. So, Ki-Chan goes TO Grandmama. She tells him that the only way to drop the charge is for Ki-Chan to break up with Kayoon and to declare in a formal declaration that he will never see Kayoon again. Faced with no other choices, Ki-Chan agrees.

By the time that Kayoon comes home to help, it is too late.



For the first time in several episodes, I feel like I’m hooked again and I can’t wait to see the next episode. This is a great subarc that plays into the already established storyline. Neither Mansoo or Daeho are unreasonable. Both had their tougher days and assumed that neither would get severely hurt even if they went into a brawl… Unfortunate luck and the fact that Daeho spent his time in jail exercising while Mansoo only cooked resulted in a situation both did not expect.

However, regardless of the reasons, it does add another reason that seems to condemn the connection between the two families. Additionally, it gives practical people like Grandmama a chance to do something about the thorn in everyone’s side – Kayoon and Ki-Chan.

The horrible non-choice presented to Ki-Chan finally made me feel sorry for him and empathize with the couple. Now all we need is chemistry. Really, I can’t harp about this enough. Now that the plot is getting to a point where we are getting some sympathy for the characters, we need the actor/actress to step it up and show us some more passion – make us believe that they are in love.  So far, all I have seen is a muted sense of caring or “jung” but not love.

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