Everything Will Be OK – 55

Kayoon gets engaged to Hyunjoon and Daeho is released.


Kayoon tells Ki-Chan that she just heard about pressing charges. Ki-Chan answers that Grandmama agreed to drop the charges and excuses himself as he’s busy.

Kayoon asks if Ki-Chan wants to get a drink with her since both of them had a hard day. However, Ki-Chan refuses, coldly reminding her that his father is still in jail.


So. Kayoon goes home and demands to know what her Grandmama did since her father had no intent of pressing charges. Grandmama shows her Ki-Chan’s paper and tells Kayoon to read it for herself. Kayoon replies that a piece of paper won’t keep them apart and that she will get Ki-Chan to change his mind. Yet, Grandmama just notes that Ki-Chan is the type to keep his promise…


Kayoon goes to Ki-Chan’s house but Ki-Chan does not open the door. She texts him and tells him that she will wait until he comes out. However, Ki-Chan just tells Young-Tae to turn Kayoon away when he comes home. Young-Tae helps but gripes to Ki-Chan for asking him to do such a cowardly thing.


Instead of going home, Kayoon goes to Ki-Chan’s office and stays there. However, in the morning, Ki-Chan sees Kayoon’s car and leaves. Young-Tae goes in and tells Kayoon that her acting like this is hurting their business since Ki-Chan can’t come in.

Jung-Eun and Jingook go to work together happily. When they arrive, they run into Heejung. Jung-Eun awkwardly walks away to give them space and Jingook tells Heejung that he lied about losing the jacket.


Heejung responds that she does not care and will keep his secret depending on how Jingook behaves. She then goes to the CEO who asks her to join Hyunjoon’s team as the representative of headquarters. Heejung answers that she doesn’t care if her CEO wants her to.


She crashes the first meeting. Hyunjoon tells her that she cannot be the representative but Heejung turns the question to the couple. Jingook timidly answers that it’s fine and Jung-Eun follows suit allowing Heejung to stay.

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Heejung’s day is not over as she hears about how her father is still in jail and Ki-Chan had to write the declaration. She immediately calls Kayoon and yells at her to control the situation. Heejung reminds Kayoon that Daeho might have to go to trial if he’s not let out by the night and tells Kayoon to leave her little brother alone.


Kayoon goes to ask her father to officially drop the charges. Mansoo asks her in return what happened that night that she did not come home. When Kayoon does not answer, Mansoo notes that he heard everything from Grandmama and he knows that Ki-Chan will keep his promise. He asks Kayoon to make the same promise. However, Kayoon refuses. Mansoo tells Kayoon that he believes Grandmama did the right thing seeing how Kayoon is reacting just as Hyunjoon walks in.

Mansoo declares that it’s perfect timing and tells Hyunjoon to get engaged to Kayoon. He adds that he won’t drop the charges until the two are engaged. Kayoon glares at her father and vows to testify on Daeho’s side that Mansoo was the aggressor.

Hyunjoon pulls Kayoon out of the room and asks her what she is doing. He reminds her that she just betrayed her father when even Ki-Chan gave up.

After Kayoon leaves, Hyunjoon goes back in and finds out that Mansoo lost his sense of smell.


At the same time, Ki-Chan finds out that his father has still not been released because the Geum family is waiting for Kayoon’s declaration. He dejectedly goes home where his mother is preparing dinner. She tells him that she knows Daeho is in jail.

Ki-Chan confides that he agreed to break up with Kayoon in exchange to get his dad freed. His mother asks how Kayoon took it. Ki-Chan answers that Kayoon came over first to his house and then his office…he sighs that Kayoon’s family won’t drop the charges until Kayoon agrees to break up, too. Soon-Im answers that it’s fine, they can get a lawyer.

Ki-Chan’s shoulders begin to shake as he cries that he does not know what to do… A part of him wants Kayoon to give up so his father can come out soon…a part of him wants Kayoon to hold out until the end.


Soon-Im decides to help and goes to see Kayoon at the restaurant. She tells Kayoon to give up since Ki-Chan has moved on and holding on is tough on both of them.


Kayoon walks over to Ki-Chan’s neighborhood and sees Ki-Chan brooding in the park. So, she goes to the hospital just as doctors are there to take Mansoo away for some more testing. When she finds out that her dad has lost his sense of smell from Hyunjoon, she falls into Hyunjoon’s arms.

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Ki-Chan gets a call from the police to inform him that Daeho has been released. At the same time, Hyunjoon puts the ugly ring on to Kayoon’s finger… And Daeho happily leaves jail.


The feels… Ki-Chan’s expression full of tears just as Daeho comes out was perfect. Especially since Ki-Chan’s tears are juxtaposed to Daeho’s naive happiness, we get a more powerful punch to the gut. We all know that Daeho’s happiness is the result of Ki-Chan’s relationship being cut off with finality. I could not stop myself from wishing that Kayoon and Ki-Chan could be together in that one moment.

Some viewers might gripe about how Kayoon and Ki-Chan broke up for their families. However, I think it’s realistic. How many of us could continue to date someone if it meant that a parent will go to jail? Additionally, how many of us won’t do anything that our father asks if we know he’s just about to lose one of his biggest joys in life such as cooking was to Mansoo?

Now that the two are apart, time to see if the writer can drum up some chemistry between Kayoon and Hyunjoon!

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