Everything Will Be OK – 57

Hyunjoon feels happy enough to see Heejung’s mask fall and bits of her vulnerability.



Kayoon and Ki-Chan silently stare at each other across the lobby until Hyunjoon arrives. Ki-Chan quietly turns away and Hyunjoon takes Kayoon into his father’s office.


Hyunjoon’s father encourages them to quickly pick a date and implies that he wants grandchildren soon. Meanwhile, Heejung awkwardly excuses herself from the office.


At the same time, Ki-Chan meets with the manager of the cafeteria about the food poisoning. He tells the manager that he supplied the same food to six different places and there was no problem. He asks if it was not just an allergic reaction. The manager smiles wanely and apologizes that the decision from the higher ups was to change suppliers so there is nothing he can do.

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Ki-Chan gives up and leaves. He meets Kayoon and Hyunjoon in the elevator. Surprisingly, Hyunjoon is feeling magnanimous and offers to leave first so that Kayoon and Ki-Chan and speak alone.

Ki-Chan refuses on the grounds that he’s busy but Kayoon asks him for a minute. At a bench, she brings up the shrimp factory. Ki-Chan flippantly answers that he does not have money for a new venture and tells her to throw away the scarf since it was a fake anyways. Kayoon stands up and thanks him for confirming that this is right. She angrily walks off but twists her foot and falls.

Ki-Chan goes over to ask if she’s okay but Kayoon has already been hurt enough. She limps off tearing up.


Meanwhile, Soon-Im tells her other daughter that she needs to take herself out of her second husband’s legal family tree. The girl tells Soon-Im that she expected something like this and apologizes for not being able to pay back her loan. Soon-Im smiles that it’s not an urgent issue and promises that she’s still Soon-Im’s daughter.


Then Heejung also gets the news that Ki-Chan got fired when the manager from accounting brings her the account records with details about the money laundering. She tells the CEO and notes that hr needs to find another cover if he wants to continue to launder his money through her.


Young-Tae goes off to spread the word. There’s no secrets in this drama. He tells Ki-Chan that Mansoo lost his sense of smell and Kayoon is limping. Ki-Chan only pauses for a second before he runs out to go see Kayoon.

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As usual, he’s late since Hyunjoon is already there wrapping Kayoon’s ankle with some bandages. He even carries Kayoon out so that she doesn’t put any weight on the ankle… Which Ki-Chan sees.

But when Hyunjoon tries to get in a goodnight kiss, Kayoon turns her head. Hyunjoon grimaces but leaves her alone.


The next day, Ki-Chan tells Daeho and even gives Daeho an envelope of money to give to Mansoo. Luckily, the doctor tells Mansoo that the brain had swelled up and depressed the nerve related to smells. He tells Mansoo that Mansoo can smell again when the swelling goes down.

Daeho arrives right after worrying about Mansoo’s sense of smell. However, Mansoo tells him that his smell will return and tells Daeho to leave. Daeho sighs with relief noting that he did not want to ruin Mansoo’s life but happily leaves now that Mansoo is okay.

Kayoon also arrives at the hospital and meets Ki-Chan who is waiting for his father. They exchange terse greetings when Hyunjoon arrives and sees them.


Ki-Chan leaves and Hyunjoon goes with Kayoon to see Mansoo. After he leaves, he runs into Heejung in the company parking lot. She’s a mess and about to cry.


Hyunjoon asks her what is wrong and she cries that Minwoo fell off the stairs. So, Hyunjoon takes her to the hospital. Thankfully, Minwoo is fine and Hyunjoon drives them home. He even tells her to take some time to rest before coming back to work. Heejung promises to return in thirty minutes.


Heejung sees Hyunjoon off. In the parking lot, he sighs that he feels bad seeing Heejung as a mother…He did not expect this softer and vulnerable side of her. He apologizes for being so harsh five years ago since Minwoo is the child she threatened him with.


Heejung is not happy to hear these words since she knows that Minwoo is Hyunjoon’s child. He should be worried about Minwoo as much as she is and Minwoo should be receiving all of the benefits of being a child of a rich family. She ends up responding to Hyunjoon’s sudden understanding and generosity with a slap.

Unbeknownst to the ex-couple, Ki-Chan sees everything.


Looks like the drama is cutting off Ki-Chan’s wings again. This poor kid needs a break. First, he has to give up and go to the army just as his romance is about to begin. Then we are told that he had a business that went bankrupt. He barely gets back on his feet as a seafood supplier that might bring him on the verge of middle class when now he lost all of his main clients and probably has trade debt! Come on drama, build him up. I’m not watching this story to see a couple get together just to suffer with each other. I don’t need to watch drama for that when I can watch the news… I’m watching drama such as a daily drama to see the Korean phrase play out that evil will get punished and good will triumph.

Other than that, it was nice to see the two father’s spending time with each other and not fighting. These two would be a great bromance line if the messes at the children’s level could just be sorted out… That and poor Dongsook. Is she going to get together with Mansoo or is she just wasting her time always helping his family out?

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