Everything Will Be OK – 59

The writer begins to drop hints about the Hyunjoon/Heejung relationship but no one realizes the TRUTH except for Heejung, who’s content to hide it for now.



Ki-Chan loads the boxes of shrimp into his truck and drives it back. Meanwhile, Hyunjoon eats at Kayoon’s place as they have some of the shrimp dish as well.

At the same time, Dalja tells Jung-Eun that the family does not care about Heejung… All they care about is Minwoo. Dalja warns that as long as Heejung has Minwoo, Jung-Eun has to share Jingook with Heejung.


The plot thickens when Hyunjoon and Kayoon speak separately. Kayoon asks if Ki-Chan hit Hyunjoon because of Heejung. Hyunjoon looks surprised and answers that it was because Ki-Chan was fired.


Kayoon quietly goes back to work and runs into Ki-Chan. He tells her that she needs to confirm that the shrimp tastes the same. She confirms but Ki-Chan demands to know why she promised to buy the grandmother’s factory when he does not have money to buy the factory. Kayoon answers that she has some money saved up.

Ki-Chan tells her angrily that all of their promises are off. Kayoon replies that the shrimp is a going away present and warns him to sell it all in two days.

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So, Ki-Chan, Daeho and Young-Tae run off to sell the shrimp to all of their old customers. Meanwhile, Daeho buys jar and brings it to Soon-Im and Minwoo.

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As for Jung-Eun, she runs into Heejung in the cafeteria and demands to know why Heejung is using Minwoo to manipulate Jingook. Heejung angrily yells that she’s not manipulating Jingook but then sees Nari at the door. Quickly, Heejung pretends to tear up and cries that she did not even call Jingook when Minwoo was hurt… She adds that as a single mom, she cannot leave the team and Jung-Eun needs to have mercy on her.

Nari goes out and tells the other employee so that both of them start to wonder why Jung-Eun is being so harsh on Heejung. The secretary tells Hyunjoon and he goes to the CEO. He asks his father to take Heejung out of their team since she’s out to tear the team apart.


Heejung is too smart to get kicked out like this. She interrupts the meeting and announces that it’s great news that Mansoo’s sense of smell returned. The CEO throws his papers into Hyunjoon’s face after dismissing Heejung. He announces that he cannot trust Hyunjoon so he has to keep Heejung on the team.


Hyunjoon stalks out and tells Heejung that he does not care about her anymore and they are strangers. Then Hyunjoon gets called away by Dalja. He and Kayoon meet up at the restaurant where Dalja gives Kayoon a handmade jewelry box. Dalja smiles and notes that they should fire Heejung.

Kayoon apologizes that she feels bad about her sister but a mother should be able to raise her child. She notes that she will stay out of it.


Hyunjoon goes back into the office and asks Jung-Eun how she really feels. Jung-Eun answers that she wants to bring Minwoo over even if they have to fight for him in court. Hyunjoon gives Jung-Eun a business card for his company’s lawyer and tells her to keep it a secret from Kayoon.

Meanwhile, Mansoo orders Grandmama around because he’s unable to walk. Grandmama suggests that Mansoo remarries since both of his daughters are about to get married. Mansoo replies that he does not want to remarry… So, Grandmama calls Dongsook.


They fight like little kids but then Dongsook sits down to give Mansoo a drink. He matches all of the ingredients and she happily notes how she was worried.


Good news continues! Ki-Chan is backed behind with orders from all of the places they gave free samples to. He happily walks off before pausing with his phone… He starts creating a text but ends up not sending it.

At the same time, Kayoon starts to type a text asking about the shrimp but she holds back as well.

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In Ki-Chan’s office, Daeho happily tells Young-Tae to call Mansoo. Young-Tae sighs that Mansoo needs to stay stable and Daeho orders him to call Kayoon instead. He does and Kayoon hears the good news.

But trouble is on the horizon. Nari shares the shrimp at her office and awkwardly tells Jung-Eun and Hyunjoon that she cannot sell jars to either of them. Hyunjoon asks why and she sheepishly answers that Ki-Chan is the one selling the shrimp. Hyunjoon remembers that he tried shrimp at Kayoon’s place and tries the shrimp to confirm that it tastes the same.

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Meanwhile, Kayoon deletes Ki-Chan’s number from her cell phone as Ki-Chan looks at her restaurant. In the end, Ki-Chan leaves without going in but Hyunjoon sees Ki-Chan’s car. Hyunjoon angrily stomps in to ask if Kayoon made the shrimp that Ki-Chan is selling and if they didn’t really break up.


Is shrimp distribution the way that Ki-Chan will stand back up? Daeho explained to Soon-Im in one of the side scenes that it only takes around ten dollars of ingredients to make around 40 dollars of shrimp. So, there’s definitely a margin that Ki-Chan can profit from as long as he has a lot of customers… Which his seafood supplying history helps him in finding. Let’s hope that we see Ki-Chan independent and successful soon because I am tired of him having to be bailed out by Heejung because he’s just barely puttering along.

As for Dalja and Jingook, they are definitely manipulating Jung-Eun. The original deal was that Heejung would raise Minwoo because she is Minwoo’s mother. By taking Minwoo from Heejung, they are forcing Jung-Eun to mother Minwoo whether she realizes it or not…

Finally, poor Hyunjoon. The guy protects Kayoon and her family in every way that he can. Yet, all Kayoon is interested in is helping Ki-Chan even if it means giving up her life savings which was what she planned to by a restaurant with. Something about this just rubs me the wrong way. Does Kayoon not have any identity outside of Ki-Chan? It’s like she has no dreams or fears outside of helping a guy… Which is not healthy or a good character model for women to be watching as the main character.

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