Everything Will Be OK – 60

Dalja moves and blackmails Heejung into giving up Minwoo.



Kayoon confirms that she created the shrimp but asks if Hyunjoon cannot trust her. She explains that she contracted prior to breaking up with Ki-Chan and just gave him what she made prior to breaking up. Hyunjoon shouts back that he cannot feel happy about Ki-Chan selling the fish that Kayoon made when Jung-Eun quickly interrupts.

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Jung-Eun pulls Kayoon into another room saying she will bring drinks. There, Jung-Eun asks why Kayoon did not run away. Kayoon answers that she tried but Ki-Chan sent her back to her family and notes that they are done.

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Meanwhile, Heejung gets the last round of fake accounting books from the accounting department about the slush fund. Hyunjoon’s secretary sees the accounting manager leave the office and goes in to check where he sees the papers that Heejung stuffs into a drawer. She pretends that it’s nothing.

Heejung goes home to find Ki-Chan already there. He asks her why she insists on working in the same company. Heejung answers that she wants revenge. Ki-Chan warns her to stop since she could get hurt in the process and leaves. Heejung waits until he’s gone to cradle her stomach as she’s getting pains again due to stress.

Hyunjoon and Kayoon go home where Hyunjoon hands over the franchise contract. Grandmama asks if Hyunjoon’s father isn’t encouraging them to get married sooner. Hyunjoon smiles that they can get married after the first franchise is opened to give Kayoon time. He then apologizes to Kayoon for blowing up earlier.

As for Ki-Chan, he tells his father and Young-Tae that they won’t be seeing any more shrimp. But within minutes he gets a call from a home shopping channel that wants to sell their shrimp because it was so popular. Ki-Chan tells him that it was an one off thing and then tells his father that they should focus on their original business.

The next day, the secretary reports to Hyunjoon about Heejung’s involvement in the slush fund using Ki-Chan’s company. Hyunjoon tasks him to get evidence.


The whole group goes to Mansoo to close the deal. Heejung bluntly notes how there’s a new penalty clause added in case Mansoo loses his sense of smell again. Mansoo pauses for a second but laughs it off as Heejung doing her job well.


Randomly, Dalja is busy as well. She goes to meet Hyunjoon’s father about Heejung. She asks him to fire Heejung since Heejung dated Hyunjoon in college and implies that Heejung is a gold digger. The CEO tells her to be careful about her words and Dalja pretends to cry.

Dalja effectively switches to the sympathy tactic. She begs him for help and even offers to kneel, which Hyunjoon’s father barely stops.

Dongsook meets with Soon-Im for a girl’s chat. She happily wonders why she gives him so much attention when Mansoo does not return the attention. They get interrupted when Kayoon arrives as her father’s substitute to give her thanks. Dongsook sulks that she’s not going to accept Kayoon’s gratitude orders for her products; Mansoo has to come himself.

Kayoon and Soon-Im go off together where Kayoon offers to give her life savings to Soon-Im so that Ki-Chan can sell the shrimp on television. Kayoon offers that she won’t tell Ki-Chan and Soon-Im can pretend it’s her own money. Soon-Im refuses telling Kayoon gently that she cannot throw away her son’s pride like this.

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Soon-Im goes home to receive official service that Jingook is requesting custody of their child. Jung-Eun is in Heejung’s office when Heejung gets the call and Jung-Eun explains that she cannot let Jingook continue to always visit Heejung’s apartment. Heejung runs out in shock and leaves the keys to her drawers still in the lock.


Heejung goes straight to Jingook to demand to know if he’s really going to fight over their child. She reminds him that she still has evidence of his affair and how Dalja attacked both Heejung and Soon-Im. Jingook answers condenscendingly that they can see what happens.


Ki-Chan meets up with Kayoon on her way to the restaurant. He also asks Kayoon if that’s what Kayoon’s family wants to do to Jung-Eun – to make her a mother. Kayoon asks him not to fight but Ki-Chan responds that there’s no reason for them to continue to hold back.

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Kayoon goes to the restaurant where she encourages Jingook and Heejung to settle the issue. Jingook leaves refusing to even try and Heejung tells Kayoon to ask her family to stop this before Jung-Eun has to raise Minwoo. Kayoon asks her why Heejung is so harsh to Jingook and Dalja, which forced this whole mess. Heejung answers that she cannot answer and Kayoon wonders out loud why Heejung gets so evasive about Minwoo and Hyunjoon.

At the same time, the home shopping representative meets with Ki-Chan. He explains that he tried to buy straight from the factory but the grandmother refused to sell to anyone but Ki-Chan. Ki-Chan apologizes that he has neither the intent or resources to do mass sales on television.


Back at the company, the secretary finds out that Heejung went home early and goes into Heejung’s office. He takes pictures of all of the slush fund accounting papers. When he gives them to Hyunjoon, Hyunjoon orders that they hand over the evidence to the prosecutor’s office.

The secretary warns that the CEO will also get hit. Ki-Chan laughs that their father won’t be too hurt since he can get himself out and he needs to handle Heejung.


The next thing we know, the prosecutor’s office has barged into Ki-Chan’s office and take Ki-Chan in for questioning.


Aw man. Ki-Chan gets knocked over again and again because of circumstances beyond his current control. Speaking within the bounds of fictional drama world, I wonder if Ki-Chan should not have seen this coming when his sister took his signature stamp and account books…

This is the plot point where the character getting cornered needs to realize that he cannot win by addressing the obstacles that show up in front of him… Rather, he needs to establish some sort of control over the origin of the problems or Heejung’s and Hyunjoon’s fight. By not knowing anything about his sister’s revenge other than that she is pursuing it or how she’s maintaining her boss’s favor, Ki-Chan stays vulnerable to situations where he is thrown under the bus like this.

Hopefully, we see Ki-Chan rise up above this somehow… Somehow showing us that he can play the game or beat the game without playing it against Hyunjoon and Heejung. If he cannot, I don’t see how he and Kayoon could ever happily stay together unless one side cuts off his or her family.

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