Everything Will Be OK – 61

Ki-Chan gets stuck in questioning for tax fraud while Kayoon’s family tries to help Jung-Eun’s family settle the child custody issue. In the end, Dalja does not listen to reason and the power shifts from Heejung to Dalja.



The prosecutor notes that the accounting papers differ from the actual amounts that went into Ki-Chan’s company’s accounts. He tells Ki-Chan to write down all of the cash flows that he can remember.

They pause when Ki-Chan gets a call. The prosecutor tells Ki-Chan to answer since he will be in questioning all night but Ki-Chan ignores the call from Daeho… Instead, Ki-Chan texts back that he’s going on a vacation.


Meanwhile, Kayoon tells Grandmama and her father. Grandmama gets angry that the couple divorced without settling the child custody issue and tells the other two to figure it out.

At the same time, Jingook and Dalja also discuss the issue. Dalja tells Jingook that she’s going to end it in one move. But then Dalja nervously pauses when Jung-Eun comes in to announce that Grandmama wants to see Dalja. At first, Dalja pretends that she’s busy but Jingook answers for his mother that Dalja can go the next morning.


Back at the station, the prosecutor angrily hands over a copy of Ki-Chan’s account which differs from Ki-Chan’s internal accounting. He demands to know where all the money went.

The next day, Dalja stops by Kayoon’s house and invites Grandmama and Kayoon to visit. Grandmama asks if Dalja is going to take the matter to court and Dalja answers that she only wanted to give Heejung a scare…


Soon-Im arrives and Grandmama tells everyone to settle the issue among mothers. Dalja tells Soon-Im that she does not even know her own daughter since Soon-Im has no idea that Heejung had tried to seduce Hyunjoon prior to Jingook. Grandmama tries to keep Dalja on topic but the seed of doubt is planted… Dalja adds that there is a reason that Heejung stays in Hyunjoon’s company…

As for Hyunjoon, he and Kayoon meet with his father. The CEO asks when the two will hold their wedding since it would be an automatic PR boost for the new project. Hyunjoon tries to keep his father satisfied by offering to take the brand on television shopping instead.

Daeho stops by at home to find that Ki-Chan never came home. Then the people from the prosecutor’s office arrive and he runs out the back.

The questioner explains why they are after Ki-Chan and Daeho…Money went through Daeho’s accounts as well. Ki-Chan denies knowing anything and the prosecutor tells Ki-Chan directly that they are after YB Foods not Ki-Chan or Daeho… He asks Ki-Chan if Ki-Chan does not know anything about a slush fund.

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Ki-Chan excuses himself for the bathroom and calls Heejung. She tells Ki-Chan to stay silent and begins by calling the manager in accounting. When the manager does not help, Heejung runs to the CEO’s office. She gets stopped outside the door due to a meeting and panics. Heejung calls Kayoon and asks Kayoon to pull Ki-Chan out since Hyunjoon probably called it in.


Kayoon immediately asks Hyunjoon and Jingook about it. Hyunjoon pretends not to know anything and notes that Heejung was the one in charge of Ki-Chan’s signature stamp and accounts…

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Ki-Chan washes his face and ignores Kayoon’s worried calls. He goes back to the questioning and realizes that Heejung was caught in a larger scheme. He confesses to everything from creating the double account books, slush funds and using his father’s accounts.

The news spreads like fire with Daeho telling Soon-Im and Dongsook telling Mansoo. Dongsook asks Mansoo to bring it up with Hyunjoon. Mansoo answers by telling Dongsook to keep silent.

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Jingook tells his mother about everything as well. Dalja calls the CEO and notes that she can tell the press about how the slush fund that the CEO asked Heejung to maintain was caught. She offers to keep it a secret if Heejung gives up custody to Minwoo.

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The CEO calls Heejung in and gives her two choices; she can either give up Minwoo or go to jail with Ki-Chan. Heejung stares back in horror but the CEO does not care about her delicate sentiments since he feels insulted that Dalja even had the fodder to blackmail him.

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So, Heejung goes to Dalja where Dalja demands that Heejung kneel as soon as Heejung walks in. Then Dalja tells Heejung to write a declaration that she gives up all custody to Jingook… Heejung does so as she cries.

Meanwhile, Kayoon worries about Ki-Chan and remembers how he had sent her home to family. Ki-Chan thinks about the same scene in questioning… Then the prosecutor comes in and tells Ki-Chan that he’s free to go since YB Foods apologized for their accounting errors and paid the full amount of taxes owed on the slush fund.


At the same time, Heejung sobs in her car as she sees Hyunjoon get into his. She accelerates and stops right before hitting Hyunjoon’s car.


She gets out and tells Hyunjoon that he screwed up twice about his son and one day, he’s going to regret it…

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Ki-Chan goes home to find Kayoon cleaning his office. Kayoon asks Ki-Chan if Heejung is okay and Ki-Chan snaps at her that Heejung had no involvement. Kayoon immediately apologizes and pauses… But Ki-Chan opens the door and tells her to leave since they are done. He yells that he does not want her to see how low he falls and he does not want to see her.


Dear, dear Heejung. What does fate have against you that you seem to have ten times the suffering that Kayoon has to go through. No matter how many times Kayoon shows up at Ki-Chan’s office to clean up and gets turned down, her suffering cannot equal the same as Heejung who has to give up her child to someone who has no biological ties to her son… Of course, Heejung could just argue that Minwoo is not Jingook’s child biologically but I am not comfortable with Korea’s family law to opine in whether Jingook would still have rights if Minwoo was born after Heejung married Jingook…

Returning to my main point, Kayoon’s impression on the viewer seems so shallow compared to Heejung’s impression due to the lack of suffering or development. Kayoon has not shown us that she has any passions other than Ki-Chan. In contrast, we know that Heejung cares about her son and revenge against Hyunjoon… There are two things that always seem to be at play, motivating her. Therefore, each setback hurts more… We can’t help but to root her on more. Here’s to Heejung getting a break in the future episodes!

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