Everything Will Be OK – 62

The fates pour down bad news on Ki-Chan while Heejung decides on revenge.


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Ki-Chan continues with the heartless words that he does not mean and Kayoon ends up leaving. Meanwhile, Heejung goes home and tells her parents to go to Ki-Chan as he should be set free. They immediately leave without asking how she set Ki-Chan free… So, Heejung goes to sob next to Minwoo alone.


At the same time, Kayoon grabs a drink with Hyunjoon at her house. The boy is definitely trying. He tells her that she should stop suspecting him of calling the cops on Ki-Chan and his father when it would get his own father in trouble.

Kayoon agrees and apologizes for suspecting him. She tells him that she knows he was always there for her, helping her out whenever she needed him.


As for Ki-Chan, he stops by Heejung’s first. He asks her why she would give up on Minwoo… Heejung answers that she has no evidence against Hyunjoon and she was the one who did the dirty deed… All the while, the CEO thinks that Dalja was the whistle-blower.

Jingook also hears a summarized version of the news that Heejung gave up custody of Minwoo. Jingook asks his mother if she’s not afraid of Heejung getting revenge. Dalja smiles that Heejung won’t be able to do anything as long as they have Minwoo, whom they get in two days.

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They tell Jung-Eun together and Dalja lies that Jung-Eun has nothing to worry about… Dalja promises to raise Minwoo while Jung-Eun just enjoys her honeymoon.

Daeho, Soon-Im and Young-Tae all prepare for Ki-Chan’s return. However, when he comes home, they really awkwardly act like they know nothing. But the act is too obvious and even Ki-Chan seems awkward…

At night, Soon-Im sees Ki-Chan sleeping and hears him muttering, “no, don’t…”


The next day, Ki-Chan hears the torrent of bad news. All of their suppliers call to cancel their contracts. Ki-Chan decides to take the day off and play with Minwoo while Daeho decides to take matters into his own hands. Daeho and Young-Tae head to the streets to sell their goods.

Kayoon’s family is walking on thin ice of normalcy when Jingook stops by. He tells Kayoon how they obtained custody and asks her to tell Mansoo and Grandmama. Kayoon refuses to break the news to her family but agrees to attend the group meeting in Jingook’s stead.


Kayoon asks Jung-Eun what she’s thinking. Jung-Eun answers that she wants to do what’s best for Jingook and Minwoo. Kayoon hugs her when Heejung interrupts.

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Heejung snaps that Jung-Eun is lucky to have a caring sister and Kayoon pulls Heejung to the side. Kayoon guesses that Heejung got caught doing something wrong by Dalja and Heejung sighs in confirmation.

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Hyunjoon also drops by his father’s office to ask about the outcome and runs into Heejung on her way out. She’s determined to get her revenge even if it means pretending not to be furious. Heejung bows and apologizes for being an inconvenience to the CEO. She promises to do better at whatever the CEO asks of her.

The CEO asks if Heejung did not have a relationship with Hyunjoon for her unexpected reaction and determination to stay with the company. Heejung cries that she’s hurt at the suggestion when Hyunjoon is her husband’s friend.

The whole group has a tense meeting where everyone agrees to wait until the first samples are produced by the factory. Afterwards, Hyunjoon asks Kayoon out on a dinner date and she agrees.


Things start to go south when the neighborhood bullies try to take Daeho and Young-Tae’s hard-earned money. Of course, Daeho does not take this lying down and he beats the crap out of the other side.


This results in Daeho and Young-Tae being arrested and the bullies asking for $10,000 in settlement funds. Ki-Chan calls Heejung who agrees to send over money.

Meanwhile, Jingook and Kayoon get their pay. Jingook tears up with happiness and Mansoo sternly tells him that Jingook caused around $7,500 worth of damage to the restaurant but he didn’t take it out if Jingook’s pay for Jung-Eun’s sake.

Dongsook drops by the restaurant and announces that Ki-Chan’s distributors all deserted and Daeho got into another scuffle that resulted in a $10,000 settlement. However, Kayoon still leaves for her date with Hyunjoon.

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At the same time, the secretary reports that the samples will be out soon. He asks about whether the latest maneuver was not a failure since Heejung neither went to jail or got fired. Hyunjoon answers that his father thinks that Dalja told the tax department about the slush fund and Heejung has been effectively declared so he’s satisfied. They leave patting themselves on the back when Hyunjoon notices the lights still being on in Heejung’s office and sees her on the floor.

Hyunjoon rushes in to see if Heejung can regain consciousness. A call to Kayoon tells us that Hyunjoon took Heejung to the hospital. Hyunjoon even waits by Heejung’s bedside.


Meanwhile, Kayoon worries about Ki-Chan and finds herself in his neighborhood. She decides against going into his office and sits down at a pojang macha where she proceeds to get drunk.


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