Everything Will Be OK – 66

Home shopping launches two new products but Heejung is back on the prowl.



Ki-Chan opens the door to retrieve what he forgot and sees what looks like Kayoon and Hyunjoon staring at each other lovingly. He turns around and leaves. However, he stops outside and sees Kayoon when she comes out. He coldly tells her that he’s only there to retrieve his stuff and goes in.


Hyunjoon is a happy victor and warmly congratulates Ki-Chan on the successful showing. Ki-Chan answers coldly that he knows Hyunjoon stole Ki-Chan’s time slot. Hyunjoon does not answer but does address Ki-Chan’s accusation that Hyunjoon played with Heejung. Hyunjoon tells Ki-Chan that Heejung is the one who played with two guys and lied about her son being Hyunjoon’s. This shuts Ki-Chan up in shock and he leaves.


Kayoon’s group’s donkatsu sells out in fifty minutes. Meanwhile, Ki-Chan’s product only sells enough to make their margins.


Kayoon and Hyunjoon happily go off to grab drinks after congratulating Mansoo. Kayoon thanks Hyunjoon for helping her family. Hyunjoon just smiles that he feels weird that his proposal that he’s been preparing for five years happened so quickly and without any pomp and circumstance. Kayoon teases him back and it looks like the two are getting closer.


Jingook interrupts asking Kayoon for the safe’s keys. Kayoon goes back to help and also asks Jingook to make a PowerPoint of Mansoo’s secret recipes for the franchise presentation. He agrees.


Then Heejung calls Jingook to pick up the rest of Minwoo’s stuff and gets ready. Heejung is in her role. She plays up to Jingook’s pride by emphasizing how important Jingook is. Jingook answers by complaining about how much work he has.

Heejung sees a chance and insists that she can make the PowerPoint for Jingook. Lazy Jingook agrees after a few feeble protests. Then Heejung suddenly pretends that she’s having ulcer problems…

Jingook takes Heejung into her room and even prepares porridge. So, when Daeho and Soon-Im come home, they find Jingook in an apron in Heejung’s kitchen. Daeho beats Jingook up and Soon-Im kicks him out.

Heejung comes out and Soon-Im quickly tells Daeho to leave. Alone with her daughter, she tells Heejung to stop whatever she’s planning as society will see her as the homewrecker. Heejung cries back that she’s so frustrated about how she’s the only one losing and Jingook is the easiest to manipulate.


Later that night, Kayoon’s family also happily discuss the successful sale on homeshopping. Then Kayoon quietly announces that she’s getting married in the spring.


The next day, Dalja brings Minwoo to Mansoo’s restaurant. She also stops by Mansoo’s office to ask about a raise. Mansoo is cornered when Dongsook enters and quickly supports Mansoo. She tells Dalja that Jingook created a mess so Mansoo had to call her back in to clean up.

Dalja asks what right that Dongsook has to join the conversation. Dongsook immediately snaps that she’s the one who’s going to marry Mansoo. Jingook comes in and pulls Dalja out…

Afterwards, Mansoo asks Dongsook what she’s planning. So, Dongsook answers that she’s trying to win him over. She even asks Kayoon if Dongsook needs to get Kayoon’s permission to marry Mansoo. Kayoon smiles that she’s in full support but Dongsook will need Grandmama’s approval.


Jingook goes back to Hyunjoon’s company where Heejung asks for a minute. She thanks him for the other night and asks about the conversation she overheard between him and Jung-Eun about money. Jingook answers that Dalja insists on sending Minwoo to an English kindergarten, which is impossible with his salary.

Heejung’s eyes literally sparkle at this new opportunity and she tells Jingook that he can make money on the side if Mansoo is not paying him enough.

The group begins their own debriefing meeting. Everyone’s happy about the success when Hyunjoon gets called into the CEO’s office.


The CEO asks if they can’t just speed up the wedding to sometime that year… He explains that he needs to get some treatment for cancer in the new year. Hyunjoon begins to worry about his father and Kayoon agrees.

The CEO smiles and invites them to live with them after marriage. He explains that he doesn’t have any grandchildren since his first son has cut ties with his father and lives abroad.

The two walk out when Heejung is about to are the elevator. She pauses to glare at the happy picture.


Dongsook is also trying to move her relationship along. She decides to meet with Grandmama to apologize for not coming to the restaurant the other day for a chat. As a token of her feelings, she brings a jar of Ki-Chan’s shrimp.

The talk goes… Well goes. But then Grandmama hears that the shrimp is being sold by Ki-Chan and remembers the shrimp that Kayoon was making. Grandmama realizes that Ki-Chan is selling the shrimp that Kayoon developed and quickly dismisses Dongsook to call Mansoo and Ki-Chan.


Well, there goes the secret. A part of me thinks that Grandmama and Mansoo are overreacting when Kayoon and Ki-Chan have already broken up. However, I can understand how they might suspect that the two are secretly dating since that’s what the two did the last time.

As for the Hyunjoon/Kayoon marriage, it worries me. There’s no chemistry so far. The actors are still stilted and I can’t tell if that’s what the writers/producers want. If it is, it’s a shame since Hyunjoon never breaks out of the second lead, nice but selfish guy mode. He’s just there to let the circumstances force Kayoon into marrying him instead of the real male lead.

Finally, WHAT IS UP WITH THIS DRAMA AND EVIL HEEJUNG? It almost feels like any time there is a lull or the plot is not moving forward, Heejung turns evil to put pressure on everyone. Yet, whenever things calm down, she returns to being human. In this case, Heejung looked like she amended her ways when Ki-Chan forgave her without another thought for making him lose his business because of her shenanigans. Only a couple episodes later, she’s manipulating Jingook. Can we have some other conflict other than Heejung?

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