Everything Will Be OK – 67

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Ki-Chan knows what the meeting is about and directly states that Kayoon made the recipe for the shrimp but she gave it to him as a breakup present. Grandmama scoffs at Ki-Chan’s audacity in using Kayoon’s recipe for his venture but pauses when Hyunjoon walks in with Kayoon. Hyunjoon plays the better man by smiling that Kayoon’s cooking has no rival and noting that he’s met Ki-Chan a few times at the television station. Grandmama and Mansoo look at the two in surprise that Hyunjoon is aware but decide to let Ki-Chan go since Hyunjoon does not seem to care. However, Hyunjoon makes the announcement that he and Kayoon are planning to get married at the end of the month.

Ki-Chan goes back to the office to drink himself into a stupor. Young-Tae tells him to stop drinking so much and mentions that he heard from their driver that Jingook is working with an acquaintance of the driver… But that the acquaintance is shady.


Just at the moment, Jingook meets with the guy and signs the papers without seeing the delivery of the meat. He lap accepts a 20% incentive on the contract through a deposit into his account. When the funds arrive, Jingook calls Heejung noting how it freaks him out. Heejung replies that it’s normal and tells Jingook to save the money to buy a house.

At home, Daeho begs Soon-Im to let him stay over the night and gets a weak smile. He starts celebrating the success and even brags to Heejung when she comes home.

Meanwhile, Dalja reams into Jung-Eun about Kayoon marrying into a rich family while Jung-Eun and Jingook barely make enough money to pay rent. Jung-Eun stays silent through the verbal abuse and runs into the kitchen when Jingook comes home. Jingook asks his mother if she’s been mean to his wife and gets a denial. He does go to hug Jung-Eun even if he’s not really helping her…

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At the same time, Young-Tae calls Kayoon and tells her that he found out she was the one who developed the shrimp recipe. He announces that he’s going to play cupid again and notes that Ki-Chan is drinking alone at the office when there’s no heating…


Kayoon takes the bait and goes to Ki-Chan’s office with the scarf that he gave her. Yet, she is unable to go into the office when she gets there. She drives off with the scarf and puts it on the bench where Ki-Chan first wrapped it around her.

She walks back to her car before running back. Except her scarf is not on the bench. Ki-Chan is wearing it.


Ki-Chan sees her and mumbling asks her if she regrets it once she threw it away. He notes that it’s how he feels…he was the one who pushed her away but hearing that she’s getting married makes him regret it. He continues that he knows it’s better for her this way since she would only suffer next to him. He thanks her for returning for the scarf and promises to live well. Kayoon starts to sob as Ki-Chan walks away.

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Heejung goes to report about the preparation for the investor meeting to the CEO. She notes slyly that they need to prepare a backup plan.

The CEO responds that they should focus on happier events. He smiles that his son is getting married at the end of the month because he wants to see grandchildren soon. Heejung freezes for a second before congratulating him and leaving.

Once outside, she fumes that the CEO is craving grandchildren when he sent his secretary to erase her child. She’s still fuming when Kayoon arrives and snipes at Kayoon for preparing for a wedding without getting over Ki-Chan.

Kayoon sighs that her relationship with Ki-Chan is over and goes into the office. The CEO hands over some money and explains that it’s allowance; he promises to keep it a secret between him and her so she can use the money the way she wants. Kayoon replies matter of fact that she does not want to keep any secrets from Hyunjoon, receiving the CEO’s approval.


At the same time Mansoo stops by Dongsook’s office and apologizes for Grandmama dismissing Dongsook so rudely. Dongsook asks if it was about Ki-Chan shrimp. Daeho sighs that it was but the issue has been resolved. He asks for something to give Hyunjoon’s father since she sells nutrition drinks.

Daeho goes stomping into Ki-Chan’s office. He calls Jingook and demands that Jingook drop by or he will see Dalja himself. He tells Ki-Chan that Jingook is trying to set up house with Heejung even though he remarried.


Jingook goes to Ki-Chan’s office due to the threat and finds Ki-Chan alone. He explains to Ki-Chan that he went over for Minwoo but Heejung’s stomach pains started up again… He sighs that he’s weak against Heejung’s tears. Jingook even notes that this is how the whole relationship started because he saw Heejung crying… Then he doesn’t remember much other than that one night until he found Heejung fallen over on a school bench…


Ki-Chan picks up on the discrepancies. He remembers how Heejung had told him that she told the father of the child who rejected her. Once he confirms that Heejung never told Jingook about dating Heejung, he starts to remember all of the clues.

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Ki-Chan goes to Heejung and demands to know the truth. When Heejung denies it, Ki-Chan threatens to take Minwoo and Jingook to the hospital for a DNA test. Heejung falls to the ground and confesses that she lied since Hyunjoon was born from the other woman as well… She begs Ki-Chan not to tell Hyunjoon since she has no idea what the family might do especially when the CEO now wants a grandchild.


Back at the restaurant, Kayoon finishes up closing the accounts and walks out with Kayoon. However, they are met outside the restaurant by Ki-Chan. Ki-Chan pulls Kayoon to his side and tells Hyunjoon to leave Kayoon.


Ah, now it looks like the plot is becoming interesting! Ki-Chan’s character has just been dumped in the middle of the ocean because now he knows everything. He knows about the truth of Hyunjoon/Minwoo and Heejung/Jingook. To complicate the matters, he has different interests than his sister since he still loves Kayoon and see how this would hurt her I’d she fell for Hyunjoon and found out later… Yet, for him to tell Kayoon everything would be to betray his sister and his nephew… Oh the internal conflict!

Onto the next episode!

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